God of War walkthrough – Ogre, Mountain’s Base, and Hel’s Bramble chest

###Defeat the Ogre
Wham! When you try to leave the previous area, you are confronted by an Ogre that is coming straight at you through the large doors.

This is probably going to be the toughest fight we’ve had so far. In addition to having to contend with the Ogre, which is a larger monster that is both more mobile and more combative than the Trolls you have been fighting up until this point, there are also several Reavers strewn about the battlefield.

Maintaining your mobility should be the first priority you address. To create some breathing room for yourself, you should begin by eliminating the Reavers; stunning one of them with an axe throw and then charging in to finish them off is a good way to pick them off one by one; however, you should do this while remaining in constant motion so as to avoid the Ogre itself.

When they have been reduced to a more manageable number, you should focus on the Ogre. In this area, the guidelines that govern Trolls also apply. Distraction, a few well-placed blows, and then retreat. It utilises a variety of attacks, including a ground smash, a flurry of big swinging punches, and some general punches; however, in general, all of these attacks are quite well-telegraphed, making it relatively simple to avoid them. Just make sure that you don’t get caught in that particular barrage of punches.

An R3 prompt will appear once you have reduced its health to a sufficient level; however, this time it will take you up onto the Ogre’s back rather than directly into a finisher quick-time event.

As soon as you reach that vantage point, take control of the Ogre and use the shoulder buttons to take out some of the other foes. By this time, a few more foes will have appeared, but if you keep at it, you’ll eventually bring the strongest of them to their knees.

When you successfully take it down, you will be rewarded with a Rare Enchantment known as the Symbol of Truth, a Legendary Frozen Flame item that can be used to upgrade your axe, and a few other assorted goodies, in addition to the standard rewards such as a new Labor for killing Ogres.

###Mountain’s Base and Hel’s Bramble chest
After you have finished stealing all of the goodies from the Ogre, you should go back through those doors, but this time you should do so calmly, and hang a right.

The chest that is hidden to the right, behind some dense undergrowth known as Hel’s Bramble, is the most important aspect of this location to take note of. According to Atreus, it is not possible to cut or burn the object, and there is currently no way to access it. Come back at a later time when you will be able to remove all of that clutter.

Again, you are unable to access this Hacksilver chest at this time because it is hidden on the right side of the hill further uphill behind the same wiry black bramble. After taking in the sinister setting and story from the cutscene – the Witch is somehow here too! – you should then follow her back down the hill to proceed with the next quest.

The path to the mountain can now be travelled in its entirety.