God of War walkthrough – Ringed Temple, Interior and the Hive puzzle

###Ringed Temple
A new light bridge will have materialised to the West by the time you have dealt with that troublesome Stone Ancient and hacked away at the strangle plant stalk that was nearby.

Return to the Ringed Temple Bridge and cross it.

Stay with Atreus as he leads you across the bridge and into the next room on the other side.

You’ll find a lift inside; ride it, and you’ll end up back where you started, outside the temple by the lake; however, when you get there this time, the entrance to the temple proper will be accessible once more via the light bridge.

Proceed inside the Temple.

You will need to travel across the Ringed Temple Bridge to reach the door, where you will discover that it is, of course, locked.

Find an alternative entrance to the Temple.

Just before you leave, you should make a left turn and proceed down the ramp to a lower level. A chest containing Nornir runes can be found here, hidden by some glowing vines.

First, get rid of the vines; since you need to take out several of them at once, you should try to get the angle right, just like we are doing here.

You can now strike the runes to open the chest; however, because this is a bell-ringing task, it must be completed as quickly as possible. Stand in the middle of the two exterior bells that are immediately adjacent to you from the position from which you would have thrown your axe to cut the vines and finish off those two bells first.

The chest will be unlocked once you get a little bit closer to the doors that you just opened and ring the bell that is inside of that room.

Inside, you will find a reward in the form of a Horn of Blood Mead. Consuming three of these will have a similar effect on your maximum Rage as consuming those special apples would have on your maximum health.

Now retrace your steps back up the ramp and cross the bridge to the other side, where you will find yet another dwarven shop. What is wrong with these individuals?! Talk to Sindri there to finish your Labor (for killing that Ancient) and get her to work on any of your gear that you want upgraded or tweaked.

You and Atreus can read the information behind another lore door, which is located right next to Sindri.

Next, in order to re-enter the Temple undetected, you will need to scuttle through the orange-lit tunnel that is located just to the north. Come down from the ledge, and get ready to engage in combat.

As you make your way down this long corridor, be sure to take out the waves of Dark Elves standing in your way and watch out for the more difficult red-colored enemies who, if they are allowed to remain unattended, will continue to call for reinforcements until they are eliminated.

You will soon see some vines above you; at this point, you need to align three of them in order to proceed.

After that, you will come across some Nightmares; kill them as you normally would from a distance, along with the Dark Elves.

At the very end of the passageway, on the right side, there is a chest that has been covered in vines, and on the left side, there is a spot that, when you look up towards the carved wall in front of you, will give you another prompt to read some runes with Atreus.

After hopping through the opening in the wall in front of you, turn to the right on the far platform to find a spot where you can line up a shot on multiple vines to release the chest that you just saw. After doing so, return to the chest to retrieve your reward (a Runic War Belt), and then proceed further.

If you climb the ledge with Atreus and then climb the wall that has the gold markings on it and then cross it, you will arrive at the next location, which is the interior of the Ringed Temple.

###Ringed Temple Interior
Shimmy along the wall until you reach the ledge in front of you, and then climb up onto the next platform from there.

Discover a way to enter the beehive.

There are a lot of foes in this area, and there will be even more of them if you let the red Dark Elves keep calling for reinforcements, so prioritise taking care of these foes as quickly and effectively as you can. After they have been eliminated, clear a way through the wall by hacking away at one of the glowing red plant stems in the middle of the structure.

After you have crossed the new light bridge, hang a left and eliminate the Nightmares that are in the area. Continue across the bridge until you reach another platform just like the one before it. This one also has some enemies and another red stem for you to hack at.

###Break into the Hive puzzle
Another illuminated bridge materialises. Continue following it across, then up the ramp to the left, and you will arrive at a level with many glowing vines.

Solve the Hive’s riddle, and gain access!

In this area, you will need to line up several shots to clear the vines, but the clearance will only occur if certain vines are hit together. The following is a list of the angles that you need to hit (you can click the images to make them bigger if you need to):

Conduct research on the hive.

To proceed, one must enter the sinister-looking entrance that is located near the strange face that has been carved into the rock. Climb the wall in front of you and follow the button prompts as you make your way through the passage.

After passing through this area, you will come to a new region known as the Light of Alfheim itself.