God of War walkthrough – Svartaljofurr boss fight

###Svartaljofurr boss fight – how to bear the Dark Elf boss
Although it won’t feel too bad, really, for the first three quarters of the fight, this one is by far the toughest fight that has been fought so far.

Getting blinded in this location is a nightmare; therefore, you should do everything in your power to avoid getting hit by his explosive attacks.
Svartaljofurr will drop down and attack as soon as you use the sand bowl to try to leave the area. In preparation for the battle, you should have those enchantments that protect against dark elves, as well as perhaps that talisman that heals.

A running charge and stab; a jumping area-of-effect spinning swing of the spear; a ranged shot of three projectiles that blind you if they explode nearby; and finally, towards the end, a tricky, rapid slam into the ground on top of you from range. This boss, like all the other bosses, has a relatively predictable set of moves.

First things first, you need to reduce his health, so you should begin by waiting for his attacks – he can avoid almost everything from range – and dodging at the very last second. Hit him a few times, either by stunning him with one of the runic attacks you have available or simply by slashing at him a few times. But don’t overdo it.

When you successfully land a couple of hits on Svartaljofurr, he will jump back into the air and drop an exploding projectile behind him. This will cause you to lose your vision if you are in close proximity to the projectile. As a general rule, you should fake out his attack, sidestep to the side, land a few hits, and then sidestep back to avoid his disengage attack.

Repeat that over and over again until he has about a quarter of his health remaining. During this time, you should also make a concerted effort to avoid getting hit by his blinding ranged attacks. After he reaches this point, you should focus your full attention on defeating him.

When your health is low, his attacks will change slightly, becoming faster dashes in from a distance towards you that are less telegraphed and deal a significant amount of damage when they hit you. Svartaljofurr will almost certainly be able to kill you with one of these attacks if you are blinded because you won’t be able to see it coming and it will hit you without warning. At this late stage of the fight, you absolutely cannot risk getting hit by his explosive shots.

You’ll need to avoid his sweeping ground-smash a few times and then hit him a few times whenever you get the chance. Eventually, he’ll go down, at which point an R3 propt will appear, allowing you to smash him up Kratos-style, and he’ll mutter something about this being a really terrible idea. Whoops! Oh well, at least he leaves behind some nice loot, such as the Runic Summon Wrath of the Wolf ability (which is a new one! ), an Etched Crest of Courage, and a few other random items.

After that, make your way to the sand bowl, and when you’re ready to leave, ride it all the way to the top level.