God of War walkthrough – Witch’s Cave, Lake of Nine, and Foothills solutions

###Witch’s Cave
Below are indications of more to see and explore in this cave (we discuss them at the bottom of the page, but beware of later-game mechanics spoilers there), but for now you can just push on. You’ll have to return later to fully investigate.

New Nightmare opponents demand ranged assaults. They’ll explode and poison you if they go too near. Your axe and Atreus’ arrows will do.

Left and down to locate a container before continuing. Hop across the gap to locate a Faces of Magic.

A chest ahead contains a new Talisman that restores Health when triggered. This was beneficial in boss battles, but not in normal gameplay.

Follow your waypoint to a boat and paddle out to see Lake of Nine.

###Lake of Nine
The Lake of Nine is initially gloomy, but not for long.

the luminous statue

Paddle north toward the bright statue. When asked, interact with it, and hold on…

World Serpent emerges! It bellows a few phrases, and the water level drops, exposing a tower and centre structure in the lake, as well as Thor’s corpse.

Paddle to the white-flagged dock and enter. On the top level, Brok will welcome you (weirdly).

Follow him inside his new store to improve. He’ll also show you the Mystic Gateway, a quick travel spot. Using others brings you here.

Open the waypoint’s metal doors and traverse the outside deck. Atreus’ advanced fighting will be enabled, and you may increase his talents in the menu. Once you’ve eliminated them, there are two Hacksilver boxes each side of the large doors.

Fight the baddies behind the doors. Turn left, shatter the planks, and locate another legend Shrine.

Turn around to continue and you’ll encounter a cloud of deadly gas. You must axe-kill the gas-emitting tower to pass. This mechanism will become common.

Follow the tunnel to a clearing with a new tower and adversary. This Wurm may be challenging, but a well-timed axe throw can freeze it and make it simple to kill.

Freeze the tower to find a chest with a Muspelheim Cipher Piece, commencing The Realm of Fire sidequest. Later.

Another lore tablet can’t be triggered yet. You’ll be able to read it later, so don’t worry.

Climb the wooden structure to reach the Foothills region.

More dwarfs! This is Brok’s much-talked-about brother. Let him fix your axe, then go to the waypoint, where foes will arrive. Kill the Wurms and Reavers, then grab some stuff.

Climb a designated ledge to the east and freeze two poison towers to reach a bifurcation. Left of the toxic cloud is a chest with fresh bracers.

Behind poison is a Revenant. You know the drill: stun with Atreus arrows and hit, but watch for poison clouds. While pursuing, watch your surroundings.

You’ll reach a cave with another mirror-door. A strange green ball is hung on the cave’s masonry wall. Weird! Return.

Backtrack and follow the waypoint to a cloud of gas beneath a cave’s doorway. You’re above this skyscraper.

Continue on on the icy terrain and climb the indicated wall to meet Reavers and enraged wolves. Remove them, but avoid the red pots. Explode on impact.

After clearing the adversaries, utilise the red explosive pots to reach the left chest. First, strike the pot at the foot of the mountain obstructing the chest. Hit the pot behind the mound from a different angle to clear the rocks.

Two poison towers obstruct the treasure. Target the red pot behind the left one to destroy it. Freeze the correct tower to get the Charge of the White Bear Light Runic Attack.

Menu details is available.

###Witch’s Cave puzzle solutions explained
The Witch’s Cave has riddles and rewards, but they’re trapped behind later-game elements. This section contains second-half spoilers. Warning!

There are three coffin chests, a Legendary chest, a Nornir rune chest, a Cipher Box, an Artifact, a wooden Hacksilver chest, a Treasure Map, and a Hidden room (with more) to gather and uncover here.

Most riddles barring entry become accessible after finishing Inside the Mountain, which concludes at The Summit. The Hidden Chamber and its contents are only accessible after finishing the Magic Chisel quest and clearing Hel’s Bramble and using the green orbs. We’ll start with Inside the Mountain content.

Inside the Mountain puzzles

Cipher chest first. From the top level that leads to the Witch’s dwelling, gaze west to see a wall of red sap. Shock Arrow its red crystal.

To the right of the broken sap is an alcove with a shimmering green item. Ignore the green monster for now and open the Cipher chest in the alcove. If you have all four Muspelheim Ciphers, you may go to the optional location via the Realm Travel Room.

Nornir rune chest. The first rune is near the Cipher chest; look up to see it. Destruction!

Back at the Witch’s home ramp, stand to the right and gaze south. You’ll see Nornir and two blue stones. Light arrows on them will create light bridges.

Right is the way down. Drop down the ledge and loop left to the light bridges, heading North. You’ll notice a red sap-covered coffin chest and the second Nornir rune.

Return for the coffin, but destroy the rune. Cross the next light bridge to the Nornir chest, then turn right to find another blue crystal you may blast to make a bridge.

The opposite side has a world tree stump with red crystal to lob at red sap. Go back and loot the Coffin chest you just passed, then return to the Nornir chest and turn left (East) to find additional red sap on a climbable wooden panel.

Crystal and Shock Arrow the sap, then climb over (at the base of the panel on the left is a dead chap with some Hacksilver if you want it).

At the top is a chamber with a Hidden Chamber door, a Hacksilver box, a Coffin, and a Treasure Map.

Third Rune is left, high above. Then hit Nornir’s chest. Later, you’ll open the Hidden Chamber door.

After getting the Horn of Blood Mead from the Nornir rune chest, perform the following. First, return to where you crushed the Rune and turn left.

On your right is Hel’s Bramble; deal with it when you’re ready. In front of you are two Revenants.

After they’re defeated, go for the Legendary Chest.

Down the eastern wall is a pallet with pebbles you may slide along certain rails.

Slide it to the right, then boost Atreus up to the upper platform (your route is blocked by Hel’s bramble, but he can go up to the left).

Wait for Atreus to hop atop the blocks you just moved to the right, then slide them back to the left and hurl your axe at the wooden planks stopping him. You’ll find another sand bowl on a platform near the north end of this region. Atreus can reach it now.

Look to the west of Atreus’s ceiling to see a big golden letter blocked by smashable wooden boards.

Atreus must carve “Fire” runes into the sand to answer the riddle. This lowers Atreus’ platform, letting you to jump on top and access the Legendary Chest to the right, which contains Murder of Crows.

Now, the last step before returning later. Backtrack to the first light bridge by the red sap-covered coffin chest.

On the western wall is another square pile on a slideable pallet. This opens a Coffin chest and an Artifact on a platform in the room.

Stand south of the pallet, grasp it, and push it right. Behind it is a coffin alcove.

Then, return to the pallet and push it away from you until it falls over the cliff. You may now leap to the opposite platform (with a green orb on it) and collect the Faces of Magic Artifact.

Now you’re done. If you got here after finishing Inside the Mountain, check out our guide to A New Destination.

Green orb and bramble solutions from Witch’s Cave

If you haven’t cleared Hel’s Bramble with green orbs yet (you’ll know), continue at your own peril.

You may now use green orbs to enter Hidden Chambers, which contain a Legendary Chest, two Hacksilver Chests, a Coffin, and a Valkyrie.

Start by chaining the Winds of Hel across the chamber, as previously.

Start at the alcove where you discovered the Cipher chest.

Take the wind to the wind trap at the Witch’s house’s ramp.

Take it from the trap west of the Nornir chest ledge, where there’s another trap.

Grab it, descend down, and move it to the trap on the island where you got the Face of Magic Artifact. Then, walk beyond the Hidden Chamber entrance to the pallet you moved last time.

Transfer it from the Artifact’s island to the neighbouring trap.

Move the pallet between the ledges and clear Hel’s Bramble.

Climb the Hel’s bramble wind trap.

Take the wind from the trap on the platform, leap over the pallet, and place it in the trap in the corner to unlock the Legendary Chest.

Use the Chisel to enter the Hidden Chamber to discover two wooden Hacksilver boxes, a coffin, a Mystic Gateway, and the choice to confront a Valkyrie.