Journey to Kreisia (USA) 3DS Cheat Codes

A teenager named Yusis is suddenly enveloped in a blinding light and transported to Kreisia, a world where fantasy meets reality, while attempting to avoid a homework assignment and meet up with his friends at the arcade.

Soon after, he learns that he has been summoned as a Savior to save Kreisia’s people from the Overlord. Yusis readily agrees to the task of saving the world, believing everything around him to be a dream, and begins preparing for what will inevitably be far more than he bargained for!

Cheat Codes here:
[Quick Level Gain]
003D6154 00000001
003D6158 00000001
003D615C 00000001
003D6160 00000001

[Max Kreisia Points]
003A9794 0001869F

[Max Gold]
003D5E00 05F5E0FF

[Max Battle Coins]
103D5DDC 0000270F

[Infinite Warding Card Time]
203D6126 000000C8