Justice Chronicles (EUR) 3DS Cheat Codes

Kline, a new High Beast Knight, is sent on a reconnaissance mission into Laft, the Earth-Depths, where he encounters Alia, a Battle Maiden who has suffered terrible injuries and is on the verge of death. To assist her, he forms an alliance with the God of Death, Rooselevy. Alia survives, but the young knight must give up his life in exchange…

In a world on the verge of war, the newly acquainted duo must fight destiny itself in order to save the world from the ever-increasing darkness that threatens to consume everything and once and for all restore the world’s balance.

Cheat codes here:
[Kline Max EXP]
080CCA24 0098967F

[Anne Max EXP]
080CD93C 0098967F

[Vil Max EXP]
080CD434 0098967F

[Max Gold]
00E5CBF8 05F5E0FF

[All Items x99]
C0000000 00000471
20E5E241 00000063
DC000000 00000001
D1000000 00000000

[Alia Max EXP]
080CCF2C 0098967F

[Anne Max EXP]
080CD93C 0098967F

[Paola Max EXP]
080CE34C 0098967F