MapleStory – The Girls Fate (KOR) Cheat Codes

Nexon and Nintendo of Korea are teaming together to develop a fresh new MapleStory game for the Nintendo 3DS. This will be the first video game to be released exclusively in Korea. The Girl’s Fate in MapleStory is an original narrative that is based on the well-known online game of the same name. You take on the role of a young woman who is possessed by a sinister spirit, and in order to rid herself of the spirit, she sets off on an exciting journey.

Cheat Codes here:
[Max Money]
088D3A08 000F423F

[9999 HP]
18C84298 0000270F

[9999 MP]
18C8429C 0000270F

[Level 99]
28C8428C 00000063