Medarot 7 – Kabuto Ver. (JPN) 3DS Cheat Codes

The Medarots, sometimes known as Medabots, are meant to become your trusted allies in combat as well as your close companions. The tranquil town of Morokoshi is in jeopardy as a result of a meteor that comes down from the moon. This event exposes the existence of the Moon kingdom as well as the enormous Medarots. Azuma, his Medarot, and his comrades are about to go on an adventure to face these new foes and uncover the mystery that encircles the realm. Before you go into combat, assemble a squad of three Medarots and give each of them a collection of strong components and medals. Use the medals in such a way that they provide the Medarot with a variety of various attacks that are certain to kill them. There are even certain Medarots who have the ability to morph; when they go through this process, check out what new abilities they have. There are differences between the Kabuto and Kuwagata versions of your companion, the Medarots, and the goodies.

Cheat Codes here:
[99 RoboBattle Escapes]
2822F716 00000063

[Max Money]
0822D100 05F5E0FF

[Max Casino Money]
0822D104 0098967F

[All parts you own x96]
C0000000 00000400
2822D10A 00000001
2822D10B 00000060
DC000000 00000004
D1000000 00000000

[All Medal Max Stats]
C0000000 0000003C
2822E1AA 000000FF
2822E1AB 000000FF
2822E1AC 000000FF
DC000000 00000068
D1000000 00000000

[All Medals]
2822E198 00000003
2822E200 00000008
2822E268 0000000B
2822E2D0 0000000D
2822E338 0000000E
2822E3A0 00000010
2822E408 00000011
2822E470 00000013
2822E4D8 00000015
2822E540 00000018
2822E5A8 0000001A
2822E678 0000001C
2822E748 0000001F
2822E7B0 00000022
2822E818 00000024
2822E880 00000026
2822E8E8 00000029
2822E950 0000002B
2822E9B8 0000002E
2822EA20 00000031
2822EA88 00000032
2822EAF0 00000033
2822EB58 00000034
2822EBC0 00000035
2822EC28 00000036
2822EC90 00000038
2822ECF8 0000003B
2822ED60 0000003E
2822EDC8 00000040
2822EE30 00000042
2822EE98 00000045
2822EF00 00000048
2822EF68 0000004A
2822EFD0 0000004C
2822F038 0000004E
2822F0A0 00000050
2822F108 00000051
2822F170 00000052
2822F1D8 00000053
2822F240 00000054
2822F2A8 00000056
2822F310 00000058
2822F378 0000005A
2822F3E0 0000005B
2822F448 0000005C
2822F4B0 0000005D
C0000000 0000003C
2822E1B1 00000001
DC000000 00000068
D1000000 00000000