Medarot 8 – Kuwagata Ver. (JPN) 3DS Cheat Codes

One young man keeps his word and does what he promised he would! The most recent installment in the wildly successful “Medarotto” role-playing game series, with a thrilling detective plot that will have you on the edge of your seat: A fresh outlook on the world and a plot that revolves around the concept of the “detective.” The theme of a “detective” serves as the narrative’s foundation. You’ll be playing the role of Salt, the main character, and you’ll solve crimes by following and listening in on other individuals. The remarkable progression of “Robotl”: Medarotto’s “Robotl” is a fierce conflict between Medarotto. It comes down to three on three in this matchup. The regulations remain the same as they were in the past, and the winning team is the one who removes the leader’s head from the body, but the method has been improved to make it more simpler to participate. The gameplay has also undergone a significant transformation in terms of strategy, with players now having the ability to pick who they attack and how they react when they are assaulted by an adversary. Customizable elements: By modifying different aspects of their characters, players are given the ability to develop a diverse set of playstyles thanks to the game’s customization system. More than two hundred Medarottos make an appearance in this game, considerably expanding the variety of different configurations that may be achieved via customisation. The main character’s level also progresses as the game progresses, and given that the level of the main character is equal to the level at which the Medarot’s growth limit is reached, players are able to engage in a unique kind of training. [There is just one player, however there are two players while they are conversing] (Age rating from CERO is All Ages)

Cheat Codes here:
[Max Money]
0832C180 05F5E0FF

[255 Medagacha Coins]
2832C280 00000000
2832C282 000000FF

[All medaria construction items x999]
2832C284 00000002
2832C288 00000003
2832C28C 00000004
2832C290 00000005
2832C294 00000006
2832C298 00000007
2832C29C 00000008
2832C2A0 00000009
2832C2A4 0000000A
2832C2A8 0000000B
2832C2AC 0000000C
2832C2B0 0000000D
2832C2B4 0000000E
2832C2B8 0000000F
2832C2BC 00000010
2832C2C0 00000011
2832C2C4 00000012
2832C2C8 00000013
2832C2CC 00000014
2832C2D0 00000015
2832C2D4 00000016
2832C2D8 00000017
2832C2DC 00000018
2832C2E0 00000019
2832C2E4 0000001A
2832C2E8 0000001B
C0000000 00000019
1832C286 000003E7
DC000000 00000004
D1000000 00000000

[All consumables x999]
2832C2EC 0000001C
2832C2F0 0000001D
2832C2F4 0000001E
2832C2F8 0000001F
2832C2FC 00000020
2832C300 00000021
2832C304 00000022
2832C308 00000023
2832C30C 00000024
2832C310 00000025
2832C314 00000026
2832C318 00000027
2832C31C 00000028
2832C320 00000029
2832C324 0000002A
2832C328 0000002B
2832C32C 0000002C
2832C330 0000002D
2832C334 0000002E
2832C338 0000002F
2832C33C 00000030
C0000000 00000014
1832C2EE 000003E7
DC000000 00000004
D1000000 00000000

[All Parts x99]
C0000000 000010E4
2832C6F0 00000063
2832C6F1 00000038
DC000000 00000004
D1000000 00000000

[All Medal Max Stats]
C0000000 00000036
0832D922 63636363
1832D926 00006363
DC000000 00000084
D1000000 00000000

[All Medals]
2832D910 00000003
2832D994 00000008
2832DA18 0000000B
2832DA9C 0000000D
2832DB20 0000000E
2832DBA4 00000010
2832DC28 00000011
2832DCAC 00000013
2832DD30 00000015
2832DDB4 00000016
2832DE38 00000018
2832DEBC 0000001A
2832DF40 0000001B
2832DFC4 0000001C
2832E048 0000001F
2832E0CC 00000020
2832E150 00000022
2832E1D4 00000024
2832E258 00000026
2832E2DC 00000029
2832E360 0000002B
2832E3E4 0000002E
2832E468 00000031
2832E4EC 00000032
2832E570 00000033
2832E5F4 00000034
2832E678 00000035
2832E6FC 00000036
2832E780 00000038
2832E804 0000003B
2832E888 0000003C
2832E90C 0000003E
2832E990 00000040
2832EA14 00000042
2832EA98 00000043
2832EB1C 00000045
2832EBA0 00000046
2832EC24 0000004F
2832ECA8 00000050
2832ED2C 00000051
2832EDB0 00000052
2832EE34 00000053
2832EEB8 00000054
2832EF3C 00000056
2832EFC0 00000058
2832F044 0000005A
2832F0C8 0000005B
2832F14C 0000005D
2832F1D0 0000005E
2832F254 0000005F