Medarot Dual – Kuwagata Ver. (JPN) 3DS Cheat Codes

New components are being added to the Medarot series. Designed for the Fight: Once upon a time a popular JRPG, this series now takes a swing into action terrain like it has never done before, likely mirroring the influence witnessed from the anime’s bouts. The surprising comeback of the popular media franchise Medarot comes in an entirely new form. Lovers of Medarot can still agree on the extensive customisation, which is one of the wonderful characteristics that has kept this series relevant since 1997. Despite this modification, fans of the series may still reach this consensus. Innovative Tactics and the Adaptable Fighting Capacity of an Individual: Alter the characteristics and look of a Medabot by swapping out any one of its many pieces; the head, arms, and legs all function as slots for limitless customization. Determine the course of the conflict and devise tactics that can adapt to a shifting landscape when new components are obtained after a win. The emphasis of this Kuwagata Version is on battle at close range; by selecting the appropriate components, a Medabot may be transformed into anything from a combo-dealing powerhouse to an armoured titan — it’s all about choice. Over one hundred additional, one-of-a-kind Medarots have been added to the series, and Medarot Online: Medarots Dual has a long single-player campaign with more than 120 individual objectives. There is also ad hoc and wifi four-player co-op; from narrative mode to team vs mode and exchanging components, players may learn new methods or show off their existing ones online.

Cheat Codes here:
[Max Money]
004ED100 000F423F

[Rank 1]
204ED104 00000000

[9999 Medals]
104ED106 0000270F

[All Parts x99]
C0000000 00000AE9
204EE23B 00000001
DC000000 00000001
D1000000 00000000