Moon Chronicles (USA) 3DS Cheat Codes

Experience Moon Chronicles, a riveting first-person experience in the genre of science fiction created by Renegade Kid, will soon be available on the Nintendo eShop.

Fans will have the opportunity to experience the entire season without any breaks in between episodes because all three of the upcoming episodes in Major Kane’s epic lunar journey will be made available for download on the same day.

Players have the option of purchasing the new content individually, in the form of separate episodes, or they can go for the Season Pass, which includes all three episodes that are still to come and costs less overall.

Cheat codes here:
[Infinite Moun Pistol Ammo]
202F4018 0000000F

[Infinite Quanta Rifle Ammo]
202F4016 0000000F

[Infinite Remote Access Droid Ammo]
202F4015 0000000F

[Infinite Fermion Sniper Ammo]
202F401D 0000000F

[Infinite Lepton Spread Ammo]
202F401B 0000000F

[Infinite Oxid Cannon Ammo]
202F401F 0000000F

[Infinite Seeker Pods Ammo]
202F4021 0000000F