Ninja JaJaMaru-kun – Sakura-hime to Karyu no Himitsu (JPN) 3DS Cheat Codes

On the Nintendo 3DS, the time-honored platforming gameplay is given a new lease on life. Grab hold of your shuriken, because you’re going to need them for the journey to save princess Sakura. The game is broken up into a total of 5 chapters, and each of those chapters is comprised of 3 stages. Clearing the stages will unlock the bonus stages, where you can earn additional coins. Begin with the very basic ones before moving on to the more complicated ones like bamboo forests and castles that are on fire. You need to be proficient in all of the different ninja moves. You can scale walls, sneak up on your foes, and engage in combat with monsters that are several times your size. Slide your touch pen across the screen to perform jumps and dashes. Your touch pen is your ally in this game.

Cheat Codes here:
[999999 Score]
002B75A4 000F423F

[99 Lives]
202B75B2 00000063

[99 Scrolls]
202B75AD 00000063

[Max Life Bar]
202B75AE 00000005
202B75B1 00000005

[All ninjas found(beat a level)]
002B75B8 00FFFFFF

[Unlock Characters]
002B7638 00011111