Pokemon Redcurrant and Blueberry – TM List

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Redcurrant and Blueberry by TheBlueZangoose. It’s a GB hack ROM and based on Pokemon Red and Blue.

Obtaining methodLocationAlso sold in Celadon Mart
CutBug50100%20HMidk lol
FlashElectric50100%20HMidk lol
FlyFlying50100%20HMidk lol
SurfWater50100%20HMidk lol
StrengthRock50100%20HMidk lol
Gym prize
Lava GeyserFire44100%10Hits 1-3 timesPrizeBlaine
Sand BombGround9090%10Enemy: 50% spe – 1PrizeGiovanni
Black GasPoison65100%15Status side effect BRN: 30%PrizeKoga
Psionic SlamPsychic75100%10Confusion: 30%PrizeSabrina
Seismic RockRock100%20Seismic TossPrizeBrock
Pressure CutWater100%20Half target current HPPrizeMisty
Mt Moon
Leech BiteBug35100%20Drain: 50%BallMt Moon 1F
DropkickFlying55100%15BallMt Moon B2F
Lens ShiftBug-%15Self acc + 1BallRoute 4 (West of Cerulean)
Leaf CamoGrass20Change user to Grass-typeBallRoute 24 (North of Cerulean)
BurrowGround100%10Heal: 25%BallRoute 25 (North of Cerulean)
Before Surge
DigGround50100%20NPCRocket Thief in Cerulean
TeleportPsychic50100%20NPCbacktrack to Viridian (requires Cut)
SupersapGrass5595%15Drain: 50%BallRoute 9 (east of Cerulean)
SS Anne
CrushNormal100100%10BallSS Anne 1FAlso sold in Celadon Mart
Slime CoatPoison40100%10Countereffect: Status PSNBallSS Anne B1F
Before Erika
SoftboiledNormal50100%20NPCGate south of Lavender (upstairs, Route 12)
Aura ImpactFighting50-%15Guaranteed to hitNPCCeladon Dept Store 3F
Sand ArmorGround-%15Self def + 1NPCCeladon roof girl (Fresh Water)
RaiseHacklesNormal-%15Self atk + 1NPCCeladon roof girl (Soda Pop)
HeadwindFlying100%25Self spe + 1NPCCeladon roof girl (Lemonade)
Before Ghost Marowak
StarfireFire90100%10PurchasedRocket Game Corner
Falling StarNormal9090%10Enemy: 10% spc – 1PurchasedRocket Game Corner
MoonfrostIce90100%10Enemy: 10% atk – 1PurchasedRocket Game Corner
SurprisePnchFighting40100%15Priority + 1BallRocket Hideout B2F
PracticePnchFighting30100%25Self atk + 1: 50%BallRocket Hideout B3F
Shadow CloneGhost-%10SubstituteBallRocket Hideout B4F
Before Sabrina
DazzlePsychic60100%10Flinch: 30%NPCSaffron City My. Psychic
VanishGhost7595%15FlyNPCSaffron City Copycat
StonetailRock7595%15Enemy: 30% def – 1NPCSilph 2F (Hiding woman)Also sold in Celadon Mart
ChilltailIce7595%15Enemy: 30% eva – 1BallSilph 5FAlso sold in Celadon Mart
FlametailFire7595%15Enemy: 30% atk – 1BallSilph 7FAlso sold in Celadon Mart
HydrotailWater7595%15Enemy: 30% spe – 1BallSilph 10FAlso sold in Celadon Mart
Before Koga
TerrifyGhost100%10Enemy spc – 2BallRoute 15 (East of Fuschia)
Mantis SlashBug5085%10Priority + 1; raised critBallSafari Zone East
Ice BoulderIce125100%10Recoil: 50%BallSafari Zone North
Boulder SlamRock7595%10Priority – 1; higher crit rateBallSafari Zone West
After Surf
HemosapPoison9585%15Drain: 50%; requires target status: PSNNPCCeladon (North of the pond, requires Surf)
Clear MindPsychic-%20Self spc + 1BallRoute 12 (South of Lavender, requires Surf)
Static FluffElectric40100%10Countereffect: Status PARBallPower Plant (South)
Ion BeamElectric95100%15Charge; Status effect PAR: 100%BallPower Plant (Southeast)
Omen ScreamGhost9590%10Flinch: 10%NPCCinnabar Lab
EmberskinFire40100%10Countereffect: Status BRNBallPokémon Mansion B1F near first statue
Acid SpitPoison6095%15Status side effect BRN: 10%BallPokémon Mansion B1F end table
Victory Road
WyrmtailDragon7595%15Enemy: 30% spc – 1Ball1F NorthAlso sold in Celadon Mart
Wing StrikeFlying90100%10Priority + 1; Recoil: 50%Ball2F Southeast of Black Belt
Leaf TrapGrass10085%5Priority – 1; drainBall2F Northeast
Lance ChargeFighting12280%5Ball3F Northwest