Tips and tricks for Pokemon Legends Arceus

Here are some tips which will help you make the most out of your adventure across the Hisui region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus:

Always be on the lookout for new Pokémon! Whether it’s in the sky, amongst the ocean waves or simply hidden in a forest – Pokémon are everywhere in Legends: Arceus and, if you forget to look up, you might just miss one.
Experiment with different types of Poké Balls. Each Poké Ball type in Legends: Arceus has a specific advantage, such as Feather Balls being ideal for catching flying Pokémon. Learning these advantages and experimenting with different Poké Balls will help you catch them all.
Can’t find a certain Pokémon? Try going to sleep. Certain Pokémon only appear during the day or become easier to catch when they’re asleep at night. By going to sleep, you can quickly jump to a specific time of day and, hopefully, find the Pokémon you’re looking for.
Return to previous locations to fully explore them with Mount Pokémon. As you journey through Hisui, you’ll unlock new Mount Pokémon which will allow you to traverse the wilderness. This means you can return to previous locations and use them to reach areas you might not have been able to reach otherwise.

Keep track of your Pokémon Research Points. Collecting these points allows you to reach the next Star Rank, which will unlock new items, so make sure you keep an eye on them!
Pick up crafting materials whenever you see them. From berries and apricorns to Medical Leeks and Tumblestones, Hisui is full of useful items for crafting. It’s a good idea to gather these items when you see them, so you’re never short on crafting materials.
Upgrade your bag. You can only carry a certain number of items with you, so, when you have the spare cash, make sure you invest into upgrading your bag. This way you’ll be able to gather more items out in the wilds of Hisui.
Remember to complete Requests. Many Requests offer a small reward for completion, but others will upgrade the facilities in Jubilife Village, such as the local shop or farm. These facilities can be incredibly useful in your journey, so make sure you take the time to improve them.
Set up new base camps. As you explore the Hisui region, you’ll be able to assist the Galaxy Expedition Team in building new base camps. Doing so will provide you with greater access to the base camp facilities, such as your item storage, and a new fast travel spot.

Never be afraid to run away from an Alpha Pokémon. These creatures, especially in the early game, can easily knock out both your team and yourself, so, if you don’t want to lose any of your items, be prepared for a hasty exit.
Watch where you stand. Any Pokémon can harm you and, if you’re careful during a battle, you might get hit by one of their attacks.
Gather lost satchels. If a player does faint in Legends: Arceus, then they will leave behind a satchel where they fell. You can gather these satchels and, in doing so, earn Merit Points, which can be exchanged for useful items.