God of War – A New Destination, Go the Serpent’s Horn

###A New Destination
After you have successfully reanimated Mimir’s severed head, it is time to embark on your journey to Jotunheim, the home of the giants. Mimir will be your guide throughout this epic journey.

Bring the Witch the severed head of Mimir.

To begin, walk forward along the path that is directly in front of you and just to the right of where the bridge leading to Jotunheim has recently appeared. You will find a Cipher chest immediately on your left as you make your way down that mountain path. This chest contains the third of four Muspelheim Cipher Pieces.

Keep an eye out for a small nook in the wall that conceals a wooden Hacksilver chest as you make your way down the path to the front of the mountain where it overlooks the red forest.

In a short while, you will arrive at a new Mystic Gateway, which will take you directly to Brok’s Shop, which is located in Tyr’s Temple, which is located at the bottom of the Lake of Nine. You can get there right now by going through the gate and continuing to follow the path that leads ahead of you in the strange realm where you can fast travel, all the way around, until another door opens up ahead of you and spits you out in front of Brok himself.

Have a conversation with Brok to improve anything that can be improved and unlock any additional skills that are available, then head out onto the bridge, make your way down to the small boat, and paddle back towards the Witch’s Cave, which is just next to the statue of Thor.

The riddles of Witch’s Cave are unravelled.

When you come back here, you’ll probably remember a bunch of strange obstacles that, the first time you went through, you weren’t able to figure out very well.

Now that you have the ability to create light bridges and destroy red sap, you will be able to unlock and solve a pretty wide variety of brand new puzzles, as well as receive some very useful rewards. Visit our walkthrough for all of the solutions to the puzzles in The Witch’s Cave, and when you’re finished with them, follow the link at the bottom of the puzzle section on that page to return to this page and continue with this quest!

###Go to the Serpent’s Horn
After you have finished solving the puzzles in the Witch’s Cave, you can leave through the chimney-like chamber where you found the first Nornir rune. On the way out, climb up past some other written runes in the wall that Atreus can decipher with the rune reader.

You will emerge on the surface right in front of the Witch’s house. There are more puzzles to play with in this area, but only half of them are currently solvable, so you will need to return here when you are able to deal with those glowing green orbs (you will know when you are) in order to tackle the remaining puzzles. For the time being, we will continue on with the story.

As before, enter the Witch’s home through the front door, and once inside, you will find a cutscene with her waiting for you there. She seems to have an odd fixation on those leafy arrows Sindri gave Atreus earlier and then throws them into the fire, which is very strange.

After you have finished conversing with her, re-enter her cavern and observe that the name has been changed to Freya’s Cave now that you are aware of her true nature (she is a god!). and make your way down to the boat that is located at the base of the lift.

Proceed to the Horn of the Serpent.

Paddle out once more to Tyr’s bridge, but this time climb up and head to the centre of the bridge itself. There, you’ll find a lever that can take you up to a massive horn that’s on the opposite side of the bridge.

When you interact with it, Mimir will sound the horn and have a conversation with the enormous World Serpent itself.

This quest is now complete, and your next objective is to locate a Magic Chisel; however, before you can do that, the enormous snake must first nudge Tyr’s bridge in a different direction.