God of War – Baldur boss fight, how to beat Baldur, Mother’s Ashes and The Journey Home

###Baldur boss fight and how to beat Baldur
You’ve just been spit out on dry land, listened to some of Freya’s bizarre monologuing, and now here comes Baldur, who has just finished beating the giant World Serpent senseless.

After a good deal of chitchat, it’s time to start the actual brawl. In the very first stage, Freya will make an attempt to separate the two of you by tying you both up in vines. In order to break free of the vines, you will need to repeatedly hit the Circle button, after which you will need to hit Baldur’s face a few times before starting the process all over again.

It’s time for a quick cutscene when his health bar is about a fifth of the way down, and Baldur absolutely hammers Atreus in the stomach at that point!

After a seriously worrying moment, it appears that everything is going to be okay… it turns out that the tiny piece of leafy arrow that you used to patch up Atreus’ strap much earlier in the story is the one type of arrow that has the potential to turn Baldur back into a mortal being; what a coincidence!

Therefore, it is now possible to kill Baldur, and Freya is fuming mad about it. She has made the decision to bring you both back to life by reanimating the corpses of Thamur the Giant.

After being transported to a new location, you will now engage in more traditional forms of combat. Periodically, Baldur will launch an assault, and at the same time, Freya — while assuming the persona of Thamur — will slam their fist into the ground, sending an icy shockwave in your direction.

It is imperative that you defend against the shockwaves and deal some damage to Baldur at the same time. For the time being, you should make use of the chains, as he is beginning to take on a form similar to that of ice and will be immune to the impact of your axe.

When you become entangled in the vines, press the circle button to break free, and then continue beating the living hell out of each other until you enter a new arena and Baldur’s attacks begin to expand into a full roster of boss strategies.

He will use many of the same attacks that he did when you first started fighting against each other, such as darting towards you for a punch that can be blocked (and countered), or sending out shockwaves of ice coming from the ground in a direct line towards you.

You should attempt to time counters when he uses attacks that can be blocked, and then unleash as much damage as you can using your chains on him until he resets, attacks again, and you can continue the cycle.

Another cutscene will start playing when he has about two-thirds of his health remaining, so make sure you don’t exit it too soon! It is imperative that you press Square as soon as the prompt appears; otherwise, Atreus won’t be able to secure the red crystal on Thamur’s hand and you won’t be able to catch Baldur.

You will soon be dropped into a new arena, and this time he will be using attacks based on fire, so it is time to switch to the Leviathan Axe. However, this will only delay him for a short period of time.

Be especially wary of Baldur’s jump-up-and-slam attack while you unleash everything at your disposal, focusing on Runic attacks as soon as their cooldowns expire. In the meantime, throw everything you can at him. If he manages to land it on you, you will sustain significant damage from the fire over time. Make use of the red directional indicators to determine in which direction you should try to avoid being hit.

At one-third of its health, Freya will rip out one of Thamur’s horns and slam it into the ground. At this point, the two of you will need to make a dash up the side of the horn in order to continue the battle.

It’s time for a good old-fashioned punchout up there, so get ready. Make use of the same tactics as you did the last time you fought on a large aerial thing. When he goes to take a big swing, sidestep to the side and immediately start throwing punches in response. Block his attacks when he comes at you head-on, and as soon as the Square prompt appears, press the button repeatedly to have Atreus shoot arrows at him.

The cutscene will continue, and there will be additional quick-time events as you plummet to earth. Atreus will continue to cause a great deal of trouble for Baldur until eventually he grabs the boy by the neck and threatens to end it right then and there. You are aware of the current time…

Now is the time to act Spartan! After activating the Spartan Rage ability, you will be transported to a single, concluding arena where the remaining one third of the fight will take place.

This time, Baldur will switch between his ice mode and his fire mode on the fly, and that means you have to do the same. When Baldur is in his fire mode, you should switch to the axe, and when he is in his ice mode, you should switch to the chains.

He will employ all of the attacks he has employed in the past, but the one that causes him to leap into the air when his health gets dangerously low will be used most frequently. You need to be good at dodging his attacks and then, once he has landed and is open to a few hits, you should focus on hitting him with the appropriate type of attack, either fire or ice.

Remember Atreus’ abilities, as they are really helpful for stunning him a bit and opening up opportunities to attack, and when he’s down to the last segment of health, another cutscene: follow the Square prompts and then mash the shoulder buttons to punch the hell out of him, and then watch the final cutscene of the battle… Remember that Atreus’ abilities are also really helpful for stunning him a bit and opening up opportunities to attack.

That brings an end to the process. The path leading to Jotunheim is now visible in its entirety. If you want to get back to the Realm Travel Room, just follow the waypoint.

###Mother’s Ashes
There are no foes standing in your way at this location. Continue on to the Realm Travel Room and follow the waypoints there. You will need to use Mimir’s head to refract the beam in order to finally open the doors leading to Jotunheim.

Climb the stairs and then walk across the bridge to enter the cavern that is full of enormous statues of giants.

You’ll get Square prompts to read the lore, so do so to drink in the moment as you slowly make your way around the room. The lore is scattered all over the room and can be found in various locations.

Take in the scenery for a while, and then head on out the door.

Spread her ashes about.

After climbing the path with Atreus, you can take in the breathtaking scenery and watch the credits roll.

###The Journey Home
There is, strictly speaking, one more quest to complete before the main story is complete. You can use the Mystic Gateway to quickly return to your house for a well-deserved nap… and to have one last conversation with one of the other characters…