God of War – Behind the Lock puzzle solution, Jarl’s Port

###Behind the Lock puzzle solution
Go… behind the lock… (see what we did there) and very soon you’ll come out next to a locked gate with runes above it – time to find those runes! (You can continue without opening this if you like, but they’re all nearby so here’s a quick rundown of how to do it).

For all three of these you need to climb the buckles – maybe they’re studs? – that are the large gold squares just to the right of the gate, to climb up to a higher level.

Above the entrance you just came through – climb up the buckles on the right, turn back the way you came and look above where you entered the area. (In the centre of the first image, look very closely at the ray of light!)
Inside a giant mask – again climb the gold buckles and then look North-West for a kind of mask-buckle ahead of you. Through one of the eye holes is the second rune.
Climb up those gold squares once more and then drop down to the platform on the right – look North-West from there, and up, and you’ll see it nestled in the ice.

While you’re up there, look due west to a large red crystal. Explode it once to drop it down, then a second time, when it’s down below, to explode the sap that’s covering a coffin chest to get its loot.

Then drop down to go inside the gate and get the loot (loads of Hacksilver)from the chest in there, as well as a rare item called a Glacial Catalyst, too.

Now, you can climb back up the buckles to continue to the South. You’ll drop into Sindri’s shop, in that Dining Hall you were in earlier – upgrade your Axe while you’re here. Now you can open locked doors though, the exit is dead ahead – through that big Lock on the far side of the chamber.

On the other side is a corridor – to your left is another chest behind some sap that needs exploding, and up ahead is an empty socket for a crystal.

Continue round the corner, and smash some wood in an alcove on the Eastern wall to get to a tree stump with some of that red crystal. Go back and lob it at the chest to open it and get some steel and a Symbol of Menace.

The blue crystal is above your head, held up by some red sap, near where you got the red crystal. Lob another piece at the red sap and zap it to drop the blue crystal, and pop that in the socket.

Shoot it with a light arrow and another Realm Tear opens up, granting you another Dust of Realms item when you interact with it. Now you can continue through the doors at the end of the corridor.

###Jarl’s Port
You’ll come out into an area called the Jarl’s Port, which houses one large but easy to solve puzzle in the way of your exit.

Go to the far right, and boost Atreus up the marked part of the wooden platform.

Then go round to the far left, and throw your axe at the marked disc that’s holding the big pully platform in place.

Use the wheel nearby to wheel it down to the far end to pick up Atreus, then pull it back up to the top – Atreus will kick down a chain for you on the left.

While it’s up at the higher end, throw your axe at the golden wheel above it to freeze it in place, and climb up the chain Atreus kicked down to your left.

Jump onto the platform and recall your axe to have it slide down to the far end, and hop off the platform to your left to collect some Hacksilver from a chest, and jump down across the gap towards another sealed door, that marks the exit.

You’ll come out in the room right towards the start of the entire area, with a short golden chain ahead of you. Climb up it to escape out by that giant’s ring that you first span to enter the entire location, and before you leave, turn to the side to see that locked door that’s nearby. Open it to find another Shrine and unlock a fast travel point.

Then go back outside, continue dead ahead to the boat, and sail back to the Lake of Nine.

Go to Tyr’s Vault

Moor up where indicated, and head right along the lower level, towards another sealed door, to Tyr’s Vault.

Enter, read the Shrine inside, and begin to solve the puzzle…

Modi’s back! He surprises you both in an attack and sparks a bit of Spartan Rage in Atreus himself, who can’t handle it and passes out. Activate Spartan Rage yourself when prompted, beat up Modi, and then it’s time to help Boy, who’s really struggling.

Tyr’s Vault is going to have to wait – it’s time to take Atreus back to Freya, for help.