God of War – Between the Realms, Gauntlet of Realms

###Between the Realms
Explore the realm between realms

Follow the waypoint to exit out at Brok’s shop. Upgrade everything you can once more, and then when you’re ready, use the Mystic Gateway behind you to travel to the Realm Between Realms. Neat!

Take the Unity Stone to the Precipice

To the right, there’s a ledge that you might have noticed before when fast travelling – this is the spot where Tyr jumped between realms before.

Head over there and follow the prompts to jump off!

Investiate the Jotunheim Tower

Proceed dead ahead to the tower.

###Gauntlet of Realms
Right, inside the tower it’s all pretty simple. Use the central level to pop in the Unity Stone, and then… be ready for a big old fight. It’s time for a gauntlet, wave after wave, of every enemy you’ve faced so far.

Wave 1: Broods

Wave clear is your friend here, so we found the chains most useful. Use everything at your disposal – even Spartan Rage if need be – to clear them out. There are always more Rage stones dropped around the room that help you charge it up.

There’s no trick to this, just kill enemies quickly and remember to use every single skill you have, including the runic abilities of Atreus and all three active abilities of your own, and soon enough the Brood hoarde will go down.

Wave 2: Dark Elf Lords

Remember Svartaljofurr? This is basically two of him, at once.

They use all of his abilities from the off, including the especially hard to dodge charge that slams into the ground nearby.

The good news is that you’re a much higher level than you were back then. Spartan Rage is excellent here, so use Atreus to stun one of them after they lunge at you, then unleash everything – if you have rock-throw ability unlocked, it does enormous damage, so use it often!

Focus one at a time, keep moving at all costs, and remember to dodge those explosive ranged attacks to avoid getting blinded, and you’ll hopefully be okay. Concentration, above all, is the key.

Wave 3: Hel-Viken

A surprisingly easy wave, use the chains against these frost-immune enemies, which are essentially heavy Hel-Reavers.

The main thing to do here again is keep moving – it’s easy to get overwhelmed as the enemy numbers increase. Spartan Rage is also a good shout here as it lets you clear waves with impunity.

Heal up and prepare for the final wave quickly…

Wave 4: Ogre and Fire Troll Daudi Munr

The toughest one, but also the one with the clearest strategy – focus the Ogre, then jump on it and use it to attack the Troll.

The good news, too, is that one can actually damage the other by accident too – if you’re really skilled you can actually bait the Ogre into the path of the Troll’s attacks.

Otherwise, just keep moving and remember to use frost attacks (so your axe) against the Troll, as it’s immune to your chains.

The Troll Dudi Munr goes down like any other really, just beware of his big leap towards you that can be a bit of a surprise, and avoid getting caught in his fire, as it’ll do serious damage over time.

Eventually he’ll go down, and with that, you’re clear! Grab all the dropped loot and healing crystals and then make for the exit – and Tyr’s Bridge back to the Realm Travel Room again.