God of War – Find a way to the Hammer, Traveler Champion, Seasons puzzle solution

###Find a way to the Hammer
Following your conversation with Sindri, you will need to devise a strategy for navigating your way across Thamur’s Corpse to the giant’s hammer. This is going to be your means of shattering the ice and gaining access to the Chisel on the lower level.

Find the glowing red gems that are woven into Thamur’s large braids of hair to advance the game. Because they are red crystals, a shock arrow will cause them to burst into fragments when it hits them. They also have those discs on either side of them that you can hit with your axe to spin them, although you do not need to spin the first one of these discs.

You can cause some disruption by shooting a Shock Arrow at the nearby red crystal to cause it to explode. This opens up the ability to target the subsequent crystals along the braid.

The next one requires you to hit a disc first to spin the crystal round so that it is visible for another shock arrow, and then you need to quickly follow up with a Shock Arrow as soon as you do so (it will spin all the way round, so you need to time it right). After that, you need to hit another disc.

Because of this, the entire thing is knocked out of the way, and you can proceed by leaping across to the location where the braid was just before. Climb up the ledge in front of you, open the chest guarded by Hacksilver, and continue to platform your way around the side of the large stone tower until you reach some large doors, at which point you should enter the area.

###Traveller Champion
A miniboss known as a Traveller Champion can be found inside. This adversary is a tough, armoured dead knight who carries a massive sword and shield on his back.

You can defeat him by learning when to dodge his attacks and when to launch your own. He basically has two types of attacks: one that can be blocked (indicated by a yellow warning circle), and another that cannot be blocked and requires you to avoid it (red circle). If you time your dodging correctly, you may be able to deal damage to him after an attack by striking him while he is vulnerable.

Be on the lookout for ranged foes that appear and eliminate them as quickly as possible. However, you should not bother throwing your axe at him at all because he is immune to it until a certain point in the fight, which is when he raises what looks like a glowing skull above his head. Aim for that with the next throw of your axe, and do it as quickly as you can. If he manages to successfully charge this attack, it will deal a significant amount of damage. If you throw your axe at it and hit it, it will deal a significant amount of damage to him.

When he has a low amount of health, his helmet will fall off, and he will become more vulnerable to harm as a result. Keep waiting for the right moments, and when they arrive, bait him into an attack when his back is turned to you. At that point, he is immune to attacks from you until he lunges, so use this time to your advantage by dodging and countering his attacks until he is defeated.

He will drop some good loot, including some items that are not available anywhere else, and it will also initiate a new Kill Labor mission called Travel’s End.

Find your way to the western wall of the room and pull the large rock back until it is completely centred in the room. This will reveal an exit. You can access a small chest on the eastern side of the room by pulling it as far as it will go and then climbing on top of it to get to the ledge.

You’ll need to push it back to the middle of the room, and then you can use the large golden statue of a sword to get to the Legendary chest that’s there. Climb onto the stone cube, spin the disc to the right of the sword by hitting it with the sword, jump on, climb up, and shimmy to the right in order to jump down onto a ledge that contains the chest. After that, descend back into the room and leave through the hole in the wall that you created by initially pulling the stone away from it.

Look up!
Perform some platforming outside and make your way around to the right by following the golden hand markings on the large stone pillar that is in front of you. From there, climb up onto the platform where you will see a huge buckle in front of you, with a red crystal attached to it.

Even though shooting it will, as expected, cause it to detonate, you will need to swing this enormous thing in order for the explosion to have any effect at all. Proceed toward it, respond to the prompts to interact with it, and then give Atreus the command to fire when it is swinging away from you. It’s going to take you a few tries, but if you time it just right, the ice wall in front of the hammer will crack and almost cause it to fall!

It would appear that in order to complete it, you will have to ascend all the way to the very top.

Climb your way to the top of the Hammer.

You will need to swing and shoot another large buckle to break some ice in order to access the next coffin chest, which contains solid Svartalfheim Steel inside of it. You can do this by heading to the end of the platform to your right.

You can now climb up that buckle using the gold markings if you jump onto it and start there.

If you proceed in the direction of the hammer’s handle and follow all of the gold markings as you go, you will eventually reach the very top of the hammer. This is a fairly straightforward process.

Unbuckle the shoulder strap.

When you reach the highest point of the hammer, give the strap a good shove, and it will roll down, but not for very far. Because it is now wedged against the other wall, you will need to give it another push in the opposite direction.

Find a way to get to the head of the hammer.

Go through the enormous doors that are directly in front of you where you landed, and as soon as you do, immediately open the coffin chest that is located to your left to obtain a Rare piece of Waist Armour that favours Runic abilities.

A challenge awaits you up ahead, along with some intense combat.

###Seasons puzzle solution
In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to rearrange the symbols on the wall so that they represent the different seasons. You’ll be able to move forward once you get them in the correct order.

First, you’ll need to break the box on the right in order to create a small tunnel for Atreus to crawl through so he can reach the gold panels up ahead.

He will get to another sand bowl, which indicates that the puzzle has started. To get the correct seasons to appear on the four rectangular gold panels, you need to activate the spinner discs that are located underneath each of the panels by hitting them. We won’t waste any time and jump right in (if you want to figure it out for yourself just skip ahead a few lines).

Seasons puzzle solution

Moving from the left to the right.

Autum (leaf) (leaf)
Summer (Sun) (Sun)
Spring (flower) (flower)
Winter (snowflake) (snowflake)

Step on the floor once that problem has been resolved and Boy has written the appropriate rune into the bowl; it will magically correct itself at that point. It will begin to rise, and Atreus will have to continue writing the word into it in order to keep it rising; however, there is a problem with this…

Enemies! You must now wipe out all of the foes in the area as frequently and as quickly as you can in order to prevent Atreus from becoming sidetracked while he is writing the rune in the bowl.

Make use of everything at your disposal to maintain order in the crowd; for example, attacks with a wide area of effect are likely to be more effective than axe throws with pinpoint accuracy. At the same time, make sure to keep an eye on the progress bar at the top of the screen. If that bar falls all the way to the bottom, it’s game over for you! Continue to clear waves in order to top it off.

You shouldn’t have any problems as long as you save your Spartan Rage for when things are really looking dire, like when the bar is getting close to the bottom, for example.

When you have reached the top, immediately give Boy the order to shoot the two red crystals that are blocking the exit to clear a path, and then immediately jump for the crack that has been marked in the rocks so that you can climb up and escape.

Hammer on the nail.

Now, I really hope that this is the final part of the hammer-driving that you have to do. Climb your way around to the hammer, give it a shove, and ride it to the next objective on your list.