God of War – Hraezlyr boss fight

###Hraezlyr boss fight – how to defeat the dragon Hraezlyr
When you emerge from the tunnel, you will find yourself in a sort of clearing on top of a mountain, and the sounds that you will hear are of none other than Sindri being harassed by the enormous monster Hraezlyr just up ahead.

Follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen to participate in some suitably epic quick-time events before the actual battle begins. Head up the left-hand path all the way to its conclusion. You will eventually find yourself in a ring-like area, and at that point it will be time to engage in combat with the beast.

To defeat Hraezlyr, just like any other boss, you will need to familiarise yourself with his arsenal of attacks and actions and figure out how to defend against them. The first set of attacks consists of the following: electricity breath, which causes electrified explosions wherever Kratos is standing; a big breath-in, which pulls you towards Hreaelyr, who then swipes at you with a claw; and finally, a classic shockwave, in which Hraezlyr jumps up and slams its feet, sending a shockwave out towards you.

During the electrified attacks, you need to run and grab some of that red world tree sap that you just learned how to use in the cave. Then, while Hraezlyr is electrifying itself, you should throw the sap at it so that it causes a significant amount of damage. If you do it enough, Hraezlyr will be stunned and fall to the ground; once it is there, you can move in and hack away at it, focusing on the eye that has been damaged, to deal additional heavy damage.

Be patient and always keep an eye out for Hrzezlyr’s telegraphing before each attack. The best way to deal with the sucking-in and swiping attacks is to roll backwards and block to avoid them. You can also block the shockwave with your shield.

You won’t have to wait long before you enter the next phase of Hraezlyr’s assaults. After a very brief pause to charge it up, it will now begin firing a proper beam of electric breath at you, and it will also leave a kind of electrified fire on the ground where it attacked as well.

What you should do at this point is grab another piece of sap to throw at the dragon, but you should hold off doing so until the timing is perfect. You need to be close enough to it to reach it, and you need to be quick enough to throw it before Hraezlyr catches you with one of those electric breath attacks, as it will deal significant damage if it does.

There are also some pauses in between those ranged electric-breath attacks, during which Hraezlyr’s claws will be planted on the ground and, in fact, vulnerable to your attacks. During these pauses, the electric breath attacks will continue. It will be difficult, but if at all possible, you should try to get close enough to your opponent so that you can land a few hits with each hack, then quickly block and dodge away to avoid being countered.

If you time everything just right, Hraezlyr will go down, and its eye will be exposed to more of your swipes. Repeat as necessary. When its health metre reaches a point that is slightly below half, on the other hand, it is time for a brief cutscene and a shift in strategy.

Keep attacking Hraezlyr with the red sap, and a button prompt (Square) will appear when it gets to about a quarter of its health, crashing down to the ground again. Follow the on-screen instructions to bring the massive crane located to the right of the battlefield crashing down on the monster, and soon after that, bring the dragon itself crashing to the ground.

Speak with a relieved Sindri to acquire Shock Arrows for Atreus, which can be accessed by pressing Up on the D-pad. Sindri will be grateful for your help. Shoot shock arrows at any red sap that has crystallised to cause it to explode. You will find that in the world, there is sometimes a red crystal already on the sap, and other times, you will need to find a tree stump with crystallised sap that you can then throw at the normal gooey sap, and then shoot with Shock Arrows, to explode it. When you find a tree stump with crystallised sap, you can then throw it at the normal gooey sap, and then shoot it with Shock Arrows.

Perform any necessary upgrades at Sindri’s shop (there is also a new Dwarven Favour sidequest available to pick up here called Fafnir’s Hoard), then put your new mechanism through its paces by commanding Atreus to fire at the crystal on the nearby red sap in order to remove it and proceed with the mission.