God of War – Jarl’s Stronghold, Stonebeard King boss fight, Dining Hall puzzle solution

###Jarl’s Stronghold and Dining Hall puzzle solution
After dropping the hammer, climb down from where you landed, platforming across the gold-marked ledges – and stopping for a coffin chest along the way – until you reach another big set of icy doors (you might have overheard some crass chatter from two men, too…).

Dining Hall

This is the Dining Hall, a frozen-over banquet room from another age, and to progress you’ll need to solve a fairly minor puzzle.

At one end, you’ll notice three huge blocks of ice, that house silhouettes of some monsters inside them. You need to smash the ice to exit the room, but that means releasing those enemies too, so prepare for a fight.

First, turn to your right to see a red crystal inside a chandelier. Shoot it with a shock arrow and it’ll swing to the other end and lodge into the icy wall. Shoot it again to crack the ice, and the chandelier will become lodged in a stone wall nearby.

Shoot it once more to drop the crystal out of it – and now you can grab chunks of the red crystal and throw it at the walls you want to crack. Start on the left, throwing the crystal at the ice, shooting it blow apart the wall… and release some enemies.

The left side enemies are special, tougher Wulvers with some dangerous unblockable attacks – keep doding though, and using Atreus to stun them with Shock Arrows like you would a Reaper, and they’ll go down simply enough. Save your Spartan Rage though!

Repeat the crystal-throwing process for the block on the right now, for an Ogre. A solo Ogre’s easy enough to tackle, although this is a pretty strong one, so keep chipping away at it from range, dodge its attacks as always, and when it’s vulnerable after strinking land several axe blows and soon enough it’ll fall.

Finally, the middle block… this one’s a boss!

###Stonebeard King boss fight
The Stonebeard King is the boss waiting for you in the middle block of ice, and it’s another type of Troll – this time of the frosty variety, but that doesn’t seem to limit the damage from your axe, thankfully.

The same rules apply here as for all Trolls, really. Learn the attack pattern (a sideways swipe of the pillar, a vertical smash, and a ranged attack that sends three rows of spiky icicles out of the ground at you that you’ll need to block) and keep poking it down with ranged attacks until Spartan Rage is ready.

It’s nothing too tricky really – you’ve killed plenty of Trolls by now – so hop on when his health is low enough to trigger the prompt and take him down to give you a nice pill of loot to collect.

After he’s defeated, hop up the left hand side of the icy wall you just smashed down, and follow the path round to meet Sindri once again. Note that there’s a chest just past him – throw some of that red crystal at this and zap it to crack it open! – but otherwise make sure you upgrade your gear and prepare for a tough battle.

Smash the nearby Hacksilver chest, then continue out through the doors and do a little bit of platforming ahead, that’s all pretty intuitive, to reach your next objective.