God of War – Jotunheim in Reach, The Belly of the Beast puzzle solution

###Jotunheim in Reach and Belly of the Beast puzzle solution
Head into the travel room and then talk to Brok and Sindri, upgrading everything you can while you’re there. You’ll probably have enough for every sill in the book – so unlock and memorise them all!

It turns out… you have to go inside the World Serpent to get to where you need to go, because it swallowed that Statue of Thor.

Head out to the big horn on the bridge again and call the Serpent, and thankfully he’s very accomodating to your needs.

Head down to the boat and… paddle inside the giant snake’s mouth!

Inside, plow on straight ahead for a bit until it gets very dark, sailing over any glittering gold patches to harvest some resources.

After a short while hang left for a small bit of land with a Hacksilver chest on it, then continue dead ahead again.

You’ll soon find a little dock made of wooden scraps to stop at and head onto dry land. To the North-East, look to see a final puzzle contraption: a spinning board and a platform that it moves, on a wooden tower.

Hit the marked part of the wooden board several times, until the platform spins all the way around, then throw your axe at the cog underneath it to freeze it in place.

Smash some rotting wood to the North-West and climb up the markings on the stone pillar there, then across and jump down onto the wooden platform.

Now recall your axe and the platform will swing all the way around to the other side.

Climb up the markings in the stone there and in front of you is a Legendary Chest, with the golden eye you need to stick into Mimir’s head. What a world.

Before leaving turn to the East to spot the final Niflheim Cipher Chest across a little gap you can jump.

Return to Tyr’s Travel Room

Go to the Southern side of the tower and jump off onto the rope to slide down to your boat, and then get paddling straight out of there.

Soon though, things will start to get a little weird…