God of War – Magni and Modi boss fight

###Magni and Modi boss fight
Hop down from the brief bit of platforming you were doing to get here from the Dining Hall, and just as you think it’s time to snag a bit of the Chisel… Magni and Modi – the sons of Thor and a pair of demigods – appear in front of you, and they’re not very nice. Time for a fight!

The good news is that, despite there being two of them, Magni and Modi tend to only really attack you one at a time, and their attack patterns are relativel easy to predict and counter.

Focus on the larger of the brothers, Magni, first, as he’s the slightly easier target. He lacks a shield, so is very vulnerable to your ranged axe throws – especially to the head – and also dishes out the most damage when he catches you with heavy attacks, so is the better one to get out of the way.

Once he’s down to two thirds of his health, he’ll go down for the count, crouching down and no longer being vulnerable. Then it’s time to turn to his brother, Modi.

This guy blocks your attacks with his shield first, so you need to wait for him to attack – bait him by letting your shield down for a moment – and then counter, either with a well-timed counter-block from your shield, or a dodge to the side to let you hit him from behind.

He’ll shield-bash himself after you get about halfway through a combo, so just chip away patiently for now, using Runic attacks when suitable, and he’ll soon get down to two-thirds HP too.

When both of the brothers reach that two-thirds mark, they’ll start chanting and blind you, turning the screen white until it fades and you’re somewhat trapped. You now can’t attack or really move other than turn around to face different directions – that’s what you need to focus on!

Listen very carefully and watch for the red attack indicator to appear on-screen, and immediately turn in that direction and block as quick as you can. Magni or Modi will come running out of the cloudy fog around you to attack, and it’s your job to block in the right direction when they do so. If you block too early though, they’ll stop attacking and approach from another direction, so time it right!

When you’ve successfully stalled them through that part of the battle, your vision opens up again and it’s back to more scrapping.

This time, they’ll start to use their thunder-charged attacks, which are harder to avoid.

Start by focusing the big lad Magni again, using all of your Runic attacks and Runic summons, seeing as he’s so unwilling to block anything.

Modi will start tossing little blobs of electricity up in the air, which land near you and explode like grenades, so dodge them when you see them and generally keep moving.

Magni, meanwhile, is now much harder to block – his sideways swipes will break through your shield and damage you too, but his vertical slams can be blocked. Keep dodging back from him, poking him with ranged attacks and runic abilities, and eventually he’ll go down again.

Then turn to Modi, and the main threat here is his ability to charge a bit of electricity and explode it outwards from his body in a burst. As soon as you see him sort of “suck in” electrical power, dodge backwards, as you can’t block it!

Otherwise he goes down in the same way as before – countering his attacks or hitting him when Boy stuns him with arrows – and it’s time for another round of shield-flipping in the dark, again the same as before.

After that, it’s time for one last round of slugging it out, and once more you should focus the big man.

Here, they’ll start using a range of electrical attacks, most of which have to be dodged. The ones you can block are Modi’s beam of lightning that he shoots straight forwards at you, and Magni’s wave of lightning that he shoots forwards through the ground, and his massive wave that he charges up by holding his sword above his head (the more circular, faster area of effect one, in close range, you have to dodge).

Watch out for when they lob one of the brothers up in the air and then at you, too – it deals plenty of damage – and just keep circling the arena picking up the healing orbs that spawn, and focusing on Magni – it’s much easier when one of them’s down.

When they’re both down to minimum health, it’s time for another cutscene, and Atreus absolutely loses it, going to town on Modi as you finish Magni for good.

Modi escapes, but the victory came at a cost. Atreus is sick again, weakened by his absolute fury in that last battle.

###The Giant’s Chisel
When the battle’s over you’ll unlock a new area: The Giant’s Chisel, as well as some nice loot on the ground – remember to pick it up before you go!

Head over to the big glowing orange structure to mine away some of the Chisel with your axe, and now you can almost get to Jotunheim – but more importantly, you can open those locked doors to Hidden Chambers and other lovely secret things.

Start by opening the one nearby – you need to hold the Chisel to the door and wait until it starts to really fizzle and the controller vibrate, then press R2 when it does to chip into the lock.

Do it a couple of times and the door will open for you, and you can continue!