God of War Ragnarök Guide – Aurvangar Wetlands

Now that we have left the frozen wasteland that is Midgard, we are going to venture into the world of Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok. This is the beginning of the quest line known as “The Quest For Tyr.” Additionally, the Dwarves call this place their home. Paddling is going to be a significant part of this trip, so we really hope you’re up to the challenge. Our entry into Svartalfheim also marks the beginning of one of the most prominent aspects of Ragnarok, which is the game’s extensive collection of conundrums. You are going to navigate through this watery world by stopping geysers in their tracks, turning gigantic water wheels, and so on.

However, there is no need to panic, you bloodthirsty gamers; there are still a great many things to kill. You will not give up your bloodthirsty ways, but from now on, rather than using your axe on the more recognisable Raiders, you will be aiming it at the more dangerous Grims. Additionally, there are a variety of collectibles hidden throughout Svartalfheim that you can look for. During the course of your travels, you can count on us to point you in the right direction!

###The Quest For Tyr
As soon as you have arrived, you will immediately begin your journey by defending yourself against a horde of Wretches. These creatures, which resemble lizards, are both swift and quite small. Your light attack combo with the Blades of Chaos will be your best bet for dispatching these creepy crawlies as quickly as possible. Just make sure that more of your focus is directed toward the ground. There is also one of Odin’s ravens here to say hello to you. It is situated high up on top. You can greet it by hurling your axe in its direction.

The next step is to get into the boat and start paddling. If you notice a golden shimmer on the water’s surface, this indicates that there is something there for you to grab. You will have the opportunity to purchase some crafting supplies using this method not long after you have set off. To obtain a small amount of Hacksilver, you should also make your way into any barrels that you find floating in the water. A chest containing Hacksilver can be found on a small beach if you stay on the left bank the entire time. You are free to paddle around all you want, but eventually the river will take you to a large water wheel that needs to be turned. To accomplish this, you will need to disembark at the beach not far away from your ship.

###Turning The Massive Wheel
You will come across a geyser that prevents you from jumping to the other side of the valley. You are going to need to freeze it with your axe in order to proceed. Treasure awaits you to your right in the form of a Nornir chest. You will not be able to access these unless you first destroy the runes that are identical to those on the chest. The first two runes are right in front of you; all you need to do is aim your axe at them. The third one requires you to stop the geyser from erupting, which is blocking the platform above. When you make your way up here, the third rune will be waiting for you beneath a tree. In addition, there is a relic in front of a dead body that is not far away. After you have the rune destroyed and the relic in your possession, descend to the chest below and retrieve the Idunn Apple. Your maximum health pool will be permanently increased as a result of this!

Once you have returned to the main path, ascend the wooden structure. After that, hop down and engage in combat with the terrifying Grims. These creatures deliver a very powerful blow. They are, however, extremely vulnerable when it comes to the parry. You merely need to become familiar with the timing of their flying swipe attack. Remember that the Grims will attack in waves, and that you shouldn’t consider the battle won until Kratos and Atreus’ experience points start to appear on the screen. After you have finished off the Grims, look to the sky. You will see a chest that is glowing red and is located above you. Climb to the top of it and take the Forged Iron and Hacksilver from the chest there.

Proceed to climb the ascending chain until you reach the upper platform. There is a chest containing Hacksilver atop this location. After you have climbed to the top of the chest and taken it, use your Blades of Chaos to turn the wheel. After that, all you have to do is descend to the beach below, and you will be right back where you started. Get into your boat, and navigate through the break in the wheel to reach the other side. You are going to go underneath a bridge. Stay on the left side of the path and take the Yggdrasil Dew (it looks like a teardrop hanging from the branch of a tree).

###Lowering The Dam
A beach can be found to the right of the bridge that you just passed under. On this beach, there are Grims that need to be killed, a bucket that needs to be broken, and a Hacksilver chest that is covered in brambles. After you have finished removing everything there, ascend to the top of the area, set fire to the brambles, and then descend to the bridge you were on earlier to claim another chest containing hacksilver.

After that, get back in your boat and paddle away from the bridge; you will find yet another beach here. You will need to kill some more Grims and Wretches, just like you did for the previous one. You should come across an odd dome made of metal. After you have opened it up, you will notice that there is a geyser underneath it. The geyser is required to turn the waterwheel, but it is not in working order at the moment.

Therefore, you will need to freeze another geyser in order to raise the water pressure to the desired level. When you look up, you will notice a metal pod that is hiding another geyser. Put the geyser that you’ve already found under ice. This will cause the pressure of the other geyser to rise to a point where it will be sufficient to open the metal hatch. Now that you have a better vantage point, climb up onto the nearby platform and take a look around. You can freeze it by throwing your axe at it, which will cause the pressure of the geyser underneath the waterwheel to increase to the point where it will push the waterwheel and lower the dam.

###Opening The Massive Gate
After climbing back into your boat, proceed forward until you reach a massive wall, and then beach your vessel on the nearby beach. There is a Wretch in this area that is yapping. When you get too close, it will run away from you. You need to follow it through the docks, and when it emerges, you should throw your axe at the back of its head. You will be rewarded with some high-end art supplies if you complete this quest. Your axe can be used to cut the chain holding a large platform that is nearby, which will cause the platform to fall to the ground. After that, proceed to cross. By pulling the chain, you can open the gate in half. Move on to the opposite side of the room.

The next chain is located relatively high up. Put a stop to the geyser that’s under the building, then hop over it. You will face off against some Cursed Grims, which are a variant of the Grims that spew projectiles. You need only hurl your axe at them and attack them with your Blades of Chaos while avoiding the acidic spit projectile that they will throw at you. Now you need to uncover the geyser and then freeze the one that you passed over. This will cause the massive water wheel to turn, which will lower the platform. The next step is to pull your axe back, which will cause the block to rise. You will have an opportunity to strike the chain that is holding it as it does so. Follow these steps to lower the platform on top of the geyser.

Now, climb up onto the platform, and freeze the geyser that is located beneath the wheel. This will increase the amount of water pressure that is being exerted by the geyser that is located beneath the block that you are standing on. Because of this, it will function just like an elevator. You will be able to pull that chain down from this location, and you will also receive a Kavasi Poem and a red chest containing forged iron. Get back into your boat and paddle your way into the mighty city of Nidavellir, which is inhabited by dwarves.

###Nidavellir: The City Of The Dwarves
As you make your way into Nidavellir, make sure to take in the scenery. As soon as you have arrived at the dock, you should get out of your boat and begin your exploration. Hidden behind an odd-looking metal door is a chest filled with treasure. We are currently unable to open the chest, but we will attempt to do so in a moment. Stay with Atreus as he leads you into the heart of the dwarf city. If, however, you look to your left and notice a ledge that you can climb, proceed in that direction to find another chest containing Hacksilver.

Sindri will be waiting for you once you make it to the town square and she will greet you there. In close proximity to the statue of Odin is where you’ll also find a Lore Scroll lying on the ground. In addition, one of Odin’s ravens can be seen sitting on top of a nearby roof. You should hurl your axe at it.

If you talk to Sindri, he will enhance Atreus’ bow for you. You will now have access to sonic arrows, which can be used to eliminate those glowing green objects. Take out the waggon that’s parked next to Sindri, then open the chest to get the Hacksilver. After that, shoot the metal gate that is close by. Following that action on your part, a horde of Wretches will emerge. Clean them up, but before you go any further into the hole, head back to the dock and eliminate the obstruction that was there earlier. From within the chest, you will pull out a poem written by Kvasir as well as a fragment of slag.

Move forward and enter the cave that was made accessible to you when you shot the door with Atreus’ arrow. Taking a left turn will lead you to a chest that is being hidden by a glowing green gate, as well as an artefact that is lying on the ground nearby. After you have scaled the wall and traversed the corridor, you will find some glowy green rocks that, when destroyed, will reveal a Grim.

Now, turn around and go back in the direction of the tunnel from which you emerged. As you do so, keep an eye out for a waggon that is parked to your right and contains glowing green rocks that can be destroyed. Now proceed to drive the waggon forward while crossing the bridge. You will then be considered to have arrived at the tavern in a proper manner. You will receive the quest “In Service of Asgard” if you speak with the innkeeper of the tavern.

Move through the tavern to the other side of the building. You should keep travelling along the main path, but when you come to a bridge on your left, you should cross it. After that, go inside the dwarven home through the open door. Inside of this location, you will have the opportunity to acquire a number of different bags containing Hacksilver. At long last, you will arrive at a dock, marking the beginning of your departure from Nidavellir. At least for the time being.