God of War Ragnarök Guide – Creatures Of Prophecy – Recover the Stolen Moon

During the Creatures of Prophecy segment of God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos makes his way back to Vanaheim. However, he is not alone this time as the vivacious Atreus is by his side. This quest, like the one that came before it in Vanaheim, is a lengthy one that features multiple boss fights and a whole host of collectibles that need to be obtained.

As a result, the first half of Creatures of Prophecy will be covered in this guide. This portion of the game focuses primarily on recovering the moon and reawakening Skoll and Hati after they have been sleeping. Don’t be concerned, because even though we are going to try to catch the moon, we will have plenty of time to find some tasty treasures along the way.

###Creatures Of Prophecy
In Freyr’s camp is where the section titled “Creature of Prophecy” will begin for you. You can get there by travelling to the gate that is located closest to the camp and then taking the path that is located on your right. You will find nothing there once you get there. On the other hand, Hildisvini will be there to meet and greet you very soon. If this is the first time you have returned to Freyr’s camp after obtaining your spear, there will be a Legendary Chest in the back that you should claim as a reward. It is not difficult to get there; you just need to hop across the lake and use your spear to break open the crack in the wall.

You should leave the camp by going through the northern part of the camp. You are going to need to stick with Hildisvini as you make your way towards the Eastern Berri Woods until you come up against a rock wall that has one of those fissures in it. You will be able to proceed through it if you use your spear to smash it to pieces. You will first travel in a straight line, then leap over a chasm, and finally squeeze through a crack. After completing this area, you will emerge in the same location where you engaged in combat with the Ancient Guardian. A Stalker will greet you.

###Mid-Boss Battle: The Stalker
The Stalker is an upgraded version of The Huntress, the first boss you faced in the game, who was located in Midgard at the start. However, there are significant deviations from one another. This iteration places an emphasis solely on close-quarters combat. Her primary attacks are a charging spear thrust and a combo in which she takes a number of horizontal swipes at you. Her spear thrust can charge up to a great distance. You should have no trouble deflecting any of these attacks. Particularly noteworthy is the charging attack.

When the Stalker is using her melee combo, she will intersperse an unblockable attack here and there throughout the sequence. This will never be anything other than a vertical swing. You should sidestep this attack by moving to the side. You are putting yourself in jeopardy if you attempt to dodge backward. If you don’t comply, she will attempt to kick you just like The Huntress did. This is an attack that can be parried.

The Stalker will receive assistance from Wisps approximately halfway through the battle. You only need to pierce them with a runic arrow and then throw them at the Stalker in order for them to deal a significant amount of damage, making them a potentially more useful ally for you and your cause than the arrows themselves. Simply block The Stalker’s attacks and strike her when she is not actively attacking you. When the Wisps appear, you should put them to use to complete the task.

###Eastern Barri Woods
After you have finished off the Stalker, you will need to make your way across the water to reach your next opponent, a group of Gulons who are supported by a few Nokken. You should begin with the Nokkens, as is customary, and then remove the Gulons from the inventory in the order listed. After you have dealt with all of them, head to the fissure in the nearby wall, climb up and around it, and then you will be able to access the Legendary Chest that is perched atop the ruins.

First, you’ll need to crawl through the cave, and then you can continue along the path. You will come up against another stone wall that your spear will be able to break through. Now, once you have made the hole in the wall as you just did, look up and to your right after you have passed through the hole. There is a raven perched in the branch of the tree.

You will need to break through the wall of vines that is located to your right. You can cast a hex on it with Atreus’ Sigil arrows, and then you can use your Blades of Chaos to burn the arrows. There will be a Tatzelwurm pair ready and waiting for you when you arrive. In addition, a Nokken has been spotted in this general vicinity recently. Take the red chest once you’ve dealt with those enemies. After you have finished looting the chest, continue along the main path. However, if you take the first left after entering the room, you will find a Nornir Chest and a Lore Scroll. Continue past the Nornir Chest and eliminate the Wulver that is nearby before you attempt to solve the puzzle inside. In order to prevent him from standing in your way.

Once you have defeated the Wolvur, turn around and look in the direction of the Nornir chest. You are going to see a target that is emblazoned with a Nornir rune. You must strike the target with your axe repeatedly until the rune that looks like a C appears. The next objective can be found just to the side of the chest. You can change the rune to one that looks like a F if you hit it. The final (or, depending on how you look at it, the first) target is to your left just before you enter the structure that contains the chest. It is completely overgrown with vines. Therefore, in order to light the hexes on fire, you will need to give Atreus his Sigil arrows and have him lay down a line of hexes. After that, strike the target, and check to see if the rune that resembles a P is currently visible. That will be sufficient. Unlock the trunk, and retrieve your Idunn Apple from inside.

###Recovering the Stolen Moon
After you have finished opening the Nornir Chest, you should make your way back to the main path by taking a left at the intersection. Continue in this direction until you come across Skoll and Hati. They are going to be sleeping, which is unfortunate. And reclaiming the moon is going to be the only way to rouse them from their slumbers. Therefore, you should shimmy across the ledge that is located on the right, and then proceed through the jungle. You will encounter a familiar poison plant puzzle. If you have forgotten how to do this, the solution is to hex the first poison flower with a Sigil arrow and then hit it with your axe; the hex will hold the freeze effect, allowing you to freeze the second flower. If you have forgotten how to do this, the solution is to hit the first poison flower with your axe. When you have finished dealing with the poison flowers, you will come across a small group of Einherjar. Getting rid of them is the first step in breaching the barrier. After you’ve finished reading the Lore Text that’s written on the wall, you can descend.

You are going to have to go on the hunt for the Einherjar that can teleport now. You will cross the water using a swing, and then you will enter a hut. There is a chest full of treasure to the right of you. Follow the path that is off to your left. There is a chest in the area that is red. After retrieving the red chest, you should search for the elevated stone platform. You can start your descent down the rope from here. When you reach the bottom of the slide, you will be confronted by a wall that can be broken through using your spear. If you manage to blow it open, you will find yourself in a battleground. If you continue to move around the outside of the area, one of the Einherjar will eventually ambush you.

One of these Einherjar’s attacks is a teleportation one. Once this assault begins, they will teleport from wherever they are to a position directly in front of you. Simply brace yourself to deflect this blow. You may find it difficult to understand at first, but eventually you will get the hang of it. In addition to that, there is now an Einherjar armed with a whip. They employ a strategy that is reasonably easy to anticipate in their attacks. They will swing their flail above their head, which will make it simple for you to time your parry. Kick the chain down and claim the moon from the centre of the arena once all of the enemies have been eliminated from the arena. That is what we would tell you to do if a sneaky Einherjar hadn’t already taken the moon and teleported away.

It’s time to start giving chase. Stay on the path of the Einherjar. You will find yourself in the company of a second small group. However, you shouldn’t move forward just yet because there is another raven in this area; you should get rid of both of them before you leave. After you have finished off the raven, you should get back on the trail of the Einherjar who was stealing. You will engage in combat with another small group of soldiers. After you have vanquished them, you will notice an air vent across the way that is pleading with you to use your spear to break the stone apart and gain access. Perform the action, and then run across. You will have some more climbing to do before you reach the summit. An Einherjar armed with a flail and a Wyvern will be waiting for you atop this rocky outcrop.

###Mid-Boss: Wyvern
This will be your first encounter with a Wyvern, and you should be aware that these creatures can be quite challenging, particularly when teamed up with a more powerful Einherjar. The Einherjar will each have a second health bar, and the one that protects them from damage caused by fire will be larger. Therefore, in order to defeat them, you will need to make use of the axe. However, other than that, they are just your typical Einherjars, complete with flails in their hands. Even though they appear to be able to withstand a great deal more damage, they are not particularly hardy.

You will need to become familiar with the Wyvern’s various moves in order to have any chance of defeating it. They have two different attacks that involve projectiles. One in which they open their mouths and fire three lightning balls at Kratos, each of which will then lock onto him and home in on him. The other one looks like a flash of lightning. Both attacks have the potential to be blocked. Another one of the Wyvern’s attacks involves it taking to the sky and swooping down on Kratos from above. Even this assault can be defended against with a parry. The final attack that they have is one in which they turn their backs on you and attack you with their beak.

You have likely come to the conclusion that you can successfully defend against each and every one of the Wyvern’s attacks. In most cases, the Wyvern is not a significant threat once you have learned to anticipate its attacks and adjusted to their timing. Before unleashing their homing lightning, Wyverns give a very clear warning sign by raising their beak into the air and causing a yellow light to emanate from it. This happens just before the Wyverns unleash their bolt of homing lightning. This assault shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to you as long as the Wyvern is in your line of sight. And that brings us to the crux of the conflict: while you should begin by eliminating the Einherjar, you must do so in a manner that allows you to keep track of the Wyvern even as you engage in combat with them. As you engage their companion, it will shoot projectiles at you while simultaneously trying to kill you.

As soon as you have successfully vanquished the Wyvern, you will be able to lay claim to the moon as your own. Skoll and Hati are the only ones who can finish this off now. You only need to wiggle your way through the crack nearby to get on the right track to reach them. It will be necessary for you to eliminate another small group of Einherjar, but before you know it, you will be reunited with the wolves. After you have watched the cutscene, you will have accomplished the mission to retrieve the moon. This point in the Creatures of Prophecy portion of the game marks the approximate halfway point in the overall experience.