God of War Ragnarök Guide – Creatures Of Prophecy – Rescuing Freyr

Creatures of Prophecy in God of War Ragnarok tasks you with traversing the entirety of Vanaheim while engaging in combat with a wide variety of challenging foes. This guide will focus specifically on the section that comes after the moon has been retrieved from its orbit. You will have just finished recovering the celestial body, which was an entire thing, and you will have just finished waking up Skoll and Hati before returning night to Vanaheim. This is just a quick review. So, what should we do now? To put it simply, a shocking number.

During this subsequent part of the quest, you will do battle with multiple bosses, take part in a rescue operation, and even take to the air. There is a lot to dissect here, as well as a significant number of boss fights to investigate. Fortunately, we have your back and will make sure that you stay on track!

###Return To Freyr’s Camp
You will make your way back toward Freyr’s Camp after leaving the habitat of Skoll and Hati. However, you shouldn’t anticipate the journey back to be a leisurely stroll. You are going to have to engage in combat with various groups while traversing Einherjar. You will come across some ruins close to the river about halfway there. These ruins are on the opposite side of the area from where you just fought the Stalker Mid-boss. You are in for a rude awakening if you have the misconception that everything will go swimmingly from here on out. In point of fact, you are going to be responsible for both of them.

###Boss Battle: The Drekis
If you think back all the way to Svartleheim, you will realise that you have already faced off against the Dreki who has a bluish tint (the one on your right at the beginning of the battle). This Dreki is the same as the one you mentioned. the same lunging attacks, water projectiles, lightning attacks, and so on are included. The only thing that sets them apart from other enemies is the fact that they can now swim through the water and launch projectiles at you while remaining out of melee range. On the other hand, their collaborator has a fresh plan up its sleeve. The projectile that is fired by this Dreki is a toxin. This indicates that their projectiles, whether they hit their target or not, leave pools of poison in their wake.

That’s not the end of it! As soon as you defeat one of the Drekis, the other one will switch to a more difficult mode. At this point, the electric Dreki will begin to use their attacks that are based on lightning, and the poison Dreki will begin to use their poison breath attack. In either case, eliminating the first is the primary objective of the conflict. Because it is much simpler to engage in combat with a more powerful Dreki than with a less powerful one who is supported by projectiles.

Let’s move quickly through the different kinds of attacks that these creatures might throw at you. To begin, their usual method of attack consists of a three-pronged bite. They will throw their head back before each bite, which should serve as a cue for you to get ready for a parry. The animal also possesses a tail whip. This is the Dreki’s quickest close-range attack possible. You can tell that the Dreki is about to deliver a tail whip when it ducks its head slightly and stops moving for a second. Once you have the timing down pat, not only is it a speedy parry, but it is also a reliable one. These beasts also possess the ability to hop backwards, which is frequently followed by their projectile attack, as well as the ability to leap forward, which is an attack that can be blocked.

In the event that you are engaged in a battle with either of these calamitous beasts, the Dreki with whom you are not currently engaged in combat have a tendency to flee into the water. Once you reach that location, they will begin to launch projectiles in your direction. The fact that the poisonous Dreki’s projectile leaves a pool of poison behind is extremely annoying, but the situation is annoying regardless. It should come as no surprise that this makes navigating the battlefield significantly more hazardous. It is highly recommended that you begin by eliminating the poisonous Dreki. Because of this, the amount of poison that you have to deal with will be significantly reduced. This is especially helpful because close quarters combat compels the Dreki to use melee attacks. This means that if you stay on top of the toxic Dreki, there is a good chance that you won’t have to deal with any poison attacks at any point in the fight.

###Rescuing Frayr
After you have traversed the water, you will find yourself engaged in combat with some Wisps. It should not be too difficult to find your way to the camp from here on out. After you have returned to the base camp, you will trade Freya for Atreus and vice versa. If you follow her now, the path ahead of you should be fairly straightforward. When you reach the boat, you should turn to the right. Dew from Yggdrasil will fall on you as you travel through this area. After you have collected that, continue paddling. In all honesty, there is only one location that you should go to. As soon as you reach the nearby beach, you will engage in combat with a few Wisps. Always start by stunning them with runic arrows, and then finish them off with a good old-fashioned physical blow. Make an effort to throw them into each other.

After moving forward a short distance along the main path, you will immediately be confronted by a Wight. It’s possible that it bothers you that when you fought them as Atreus, they were slightly more difficult. They serve as counterpoints to the Wisps due to the fact that they are susceptible to only physical assaults. A powerful axe throw, on the other hand, will cause the Wight to fall to the ground, exposing it to the onslaught of subsequent attacks. When pitted against Kratos, it won’t last long.

One Einherjar archer will be located to your left, and the other will be located to your right as you move on to the next region and look up at the ridges above you. On the other hand, there are two of those bulbous poison plants that explode nearby. You have the ability to destroy them, which will remove approximately one-half of the health bar from both of them. After a while, you will also have to deal with a couple of Wulvers who are after you. If you are up on one of those islands and you want to fight it, it is probably best to jump down and do so in an open space; however, if you are certain that you will be able to successfully parry all of its attacks, you should go for it.

When you have finished eliminating the Einherjar and the Wulvers, you will enter a zone containing Nokken and Draugr. Immediately run around the Draugr and head in the direction of the trail that leads from either Draugr. The first Nokken we encountered was lurking up above on the right, but because these rascals are on the move, you shouldn’t count on finding it in the same location twice. However, the other Nokken will always be found hiding in a tree somewhere. It will be hidden by that root that emits a glowing blue light. Kratos’ Blades of Chaos should be used to set fire to the root of the Nokken, which will result in the creature’s death. After you have finished off the Nokken, your only remaining task will be to eliminate the Draugr. Now, in order to make it day, use the bowls that are located on the right side of the stage.

After you have eliminated the Einherjar that are in the following area, continue along the path. There are more to come. On your left, there will be a crack or fissure. To open the red treasure chest, you need to hop up, stab it with your spear, and then open it. You will now proceed through a puzzle involving poison plants that you have seen before (you will need to use the hex from Freya’s Sigil arrow to keep the frost on one plant after you have used your axe to freeze it, and then you will need to use your axe to freeze the second plant).

After this, you will proceed to a new area where you will engage in combat with four Einherjar. There will be three of them total, and two of them will begin with an immunity to fire, while the other will begin with an immunity to ice. Therefore, you will need to switch between your blades and your axe in a fluid manner. Because some of these troops are more robust than others, you should be prepared for some resistance. In the next area, you will have the opportunity to engage in combat with Blatonn, an exceptionally potent Wulver. You are, however, free to simply follow Freya into the next area if that is how you would prefer to proceed.

You are about to enter the zone in which you engaged in combat with the ferocious Nidhogg. Their bloody and mangled remains will still be strewn about the arena. One of those cracks in the wall can be found off to the left of the entrance. After you have thrown your spear into it, you should immediately leap across the chasm. Now go through another stone door, and when you emerge on the other side, there will be a structure that is covered in vines. They will be consumed in flames if you shoot a Sigil arrow hex at them with your Blade of Chaos. Now, in order to return to the nighttime state, use the bowls. After you make your way across the nearby ledge, you will meet the chapter’s main antagonist.

###Boss Battle: Heimdall
You got that right. It is at long last time to square off against the gaming character with the most punchable face. It’s Heimdall, the antagonist everyone loves to hate. This encounter with the boss is pretty unique in that certain phases of it require you to solve some simple puzzles in order to progress. However, the first part of his plan is not particularly complicated.

The initial stage for Heimdall consists of grappling with Gulltoppr.
You will begin the mission by engaging in combat with Heimdall while he is mounted on Gulltoppr. When you see Gulltoppr charging at you, you can bet that the massive beast intends to gore you. When you see the red indicator, get ready to take evasive action. Additionally, Heimdall will on occasion bring about an explosion of Bifrost that will engulf Gulltoppr. This attack cannot be blocked, but it does not pose a particularly dangerous threat due to its range. The key to success in this situation is to sidestep to the side whenever the red indicator appears while Gulltoppr is moving and sidestep in the opposite direction whenever the red indicator appears while Gulltoppr is stationary.

In addition to its attacks that cannot be blocked, Gulltoppr also possesses a basic combo in which it will take a few swipes at you from close range. On occasion, Heimdall will also hurl a projectile made of bifrost in your direction. You shouldn’t have much trouble dodging either attack. Finally, Gulltoppr will start to buck, and as soon as it does, the blue indicator will appear on your screen. This is your cue to begin shield basting. In general, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this stage.

The Second Stage of Heimdall, Also Known as Heimdall Leading the Way
After you have dismounted Heimdall, you will engage in a direct confrontation with him. There are a few different attacks that Heimdall can use. He has the ability to rush forward while delivering a stab attack. He also has the ability to hurl a Bifrost projectile in your direction. However, in this form, he does not display a particularly aggressive demeanour. You should be able to avoid all of those attacks with relative ease. As was forecast, now is the perfect opportunity for your spear to demonstrate its worth. To be successful, however, you must not throw spears directly at Heimdall; rather, you must throw the spears at the ground in front of Heimdall and then detonate them. Once you do, you will stun him. This leaves him vulnerable to an R3 assault. You are going to be unsuccessful in tagging him the first couple of times, but on the third attempt, you will succeed.

After being struck by your weapon, Heimdall will immediately become much more belligerent and learn a series of new moves. He will now begin employing an attack in which he causes a Bifrost explosion all around himself, starting with himself. Therefore, you need to get some distance between you and him when he stops moving and gets ready to thrust his sword into the ground.

Most notably, he will begin to slow down the passage of time. You will, however, have the ability to use this to your advantage so long as you do not repeatedly mash the buttons. As soon as he has slowed down time, he will either use the Bifrost explosion attack, a sword stab that cannot be blocked, two sword slashes that can be parried, or he will backhand you with his horn. Wait until you see what colour the indicator circle is, you will have plenty of time because everything will move at a snail’s pace while you are waiting. You should roll to avoid the explosion from the Bifrost and the sword stab, and you should parry the sword slashes and the horn attack. You will be able to execute a full combo once those parries are out of the way.

After that, you should simply hurl spears at Heimdall whenever he is in a distant position. He will be able to stop the majority of them, but some will get by him. You will quickly string together enough hits to reduce Heimdall’s health by one-third. Now, Heimdall will conjure a Bifrost shield that will envelop him completely and protect him from harm. It is not necessary to do anything more than toss spears in Heimdall’s direction for him to catch them. When he does, go ahead and set them off. This shield will be dismantled in very short order by you. As we reach this stage of the conflict, Heimdall will, once again, become more aggressive. He will begin to chain more of his attacks together, in addition to increasing the frequency with which he uses his Bifrost projectile.

On the other hand, as he continues to attack, he will become a great deal simpler to hit. You will now have the ability to perform a greater number of combo attacks. When he is about a quarter of the way through his remaining life, he will raise that shield once more. However, the approach you took before, which was successful in removing the previous shield, will also be effective in removing this one. It is only a matter of time before his health is completely depleted by your attacks. After this, the final form of Heimdall will present itself to you, and you will have to remove his right arm.

The third phase of Heimdall, in which Heimdall fights you unarmed
During the final phase of the battle, you will face a Heimdall that is both extremely hostile and completely unable to defend against your assaults. This will be a challenge for you. He has thrown away all of his weapons and will now only use his fists to defend himself against you. The punch attack that Heimdall now has is unblockable, and it leads directly into a massive area-of-effect attack. You have some time to prepare for the area-of-effect attack, and if you do, you should be able to shield bash it. As time begins to slow down for you, Heimdall will also begin hurling a large Bifrost projectile in your direction. If you see him pressing his Bifrost hand into the ground, you should stop attacking and get ready to dodge his attack because you already know it is coming. If he does this while you are in the middle of an attack, then you will most likely be forced to just take it on the chin and continue the assault.

The majority of Heimdall’s attacks will consist of quick lunges and punches. One of these is a punch to the head that cannot be blocked in any way, and the other is a series of strikes that can be blocked in succession. Simply keep an eye out for the coloured indicator, and if it is red, get ready to sidestep, and if it is yellow, get ready to parry. This stage will pass very quickly. There is a good chance that Heimdall will knock you down more than once, but as soon as you get a feel for the timing of his punches, you will be able to quickly take him down.

###Regroup With Freyr’s Allies
Even though the major antagonist has been eliminated, the mission is not yet over. After you have retrieved all of the goodies that Heimdall has dropped, use your Blades of Chaos to force open the doors. At this point, you will team up with your allies and engage in combat against a band of Einherjar. After you have dispatched the initial group of these enemies, a truly dangerous Einherjar armed with a massive hammer will appear. This Einherjar will pose a significant challenge to the player. This hulking brute deals enormous damage with his hammer, possesses the ability to teleport, and is armed with a very dangerous projectile. When you observe this Einherjar driving his enormous mallet into the ground, you will notice that a line of bifrost will shoot forward in a line-like fashion. Therefore, you should sidestep this attack by moving to the side.

The most effective strategy for dealing with this enormous brute is to keep your mobility, eliminate the other Einherjar while you do so, and attack him with every stage hazard that you have available to you. It is likely that you will be able to finish him off once all of his allies have been eliminated and you are able to concentrate on just one group. However, you should not underestimate any of his blows because they are all extremely powerful. After you have finished clearing out this arena, you will take part in an exciting quick-time event, watch one or two cutscenes, and then arrive back at Freyr’s camp. You can now declare that the Creatures of Prophecy portion of the game has been successfully finished by you!