God of War Ragnarök Guide – Forging Destiny

After what turned out to be a rather fruitless conversation with destiny itself, Kratos is about to embark on a course that is all too familiar: the path of violence. You will travel through the Myrkr Tunnels as part of the Forging Destiny quest line in God of War: Ragnarok, and it will ultimately lead you back to The Forge. Indeed, this is a quest that will take you to both the heavens and the underworld!

When you go back to Svartalheim, you will have the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of valuables and other items. Naturally, along with all of these gleaming goods, there will also be some vicious new adversaries for you to contend with. You can count on us to help you navigate these challenges while also pointing you in the direction of every hidden treasure.

###Myrkr Tunnels
The Forging Destiny quest will begin for you deep below the surface of Svartalheim, in the tunnels. There will be one of those Twilight Stones over there on your left (the reflective stones you encountered in Alfheim). You will find a treasure chest directly opposite it if you head in that direction. Proceed down the hallway until you reach the opposite end. You will need to cast a hex on the vines on your right with Freya before you can burn them, and then you can crawl into the tunnel that is revealed. Inside of this location, you will have the opportunity to acquire some Hacksilver pouches. Now that you’ve reached this point, exit the tunnel and use your Blades of Chaos to detonate the red barrel. Proceed through the gate’s opening in the wall.

As you make your way through the tunnel, you will come across your first Wicked Grims (two of them). These Grims are incredibly nimble and have attacks that are effective from very far away. In spite of the fact that they can be a nuisance, they are not particularly hardy. Therefore, if you pull them toward you with your Blades of Chaos, you will probably discover that they perish rather quickly. When you have finished dealing with this pair of Grims, the next group of Grims will be just around the next corner.

You will be able to see a wall of vines at the end of the hallway if you look at it from the location where you battled the first group of Wicked Grims. Burning these will open up a second chest. Now, continue walking along the main path, and you will reach a gate that has an explosive device on the other side of it. If you light the flammable liquid that is sitting in the puddle on the ground and set it ablaze, you will be able to blow a hole in that gate. There is going to be a sizable number of Grims that you run into. This region is home to a number of enormous oil drums. If you use a weapon to strike their spouts, oil will start to pour out of them. Start a fire on top of one of these if you find several Grims standing on it. In a similar vein, there are explosive barrels lying around that can be set ablaze to produce the same result.

In the main room where you battled that large group of Grims, there is a chest located on the right side of the room. When you are ready, look to the left corner of the room and you will see a cart blocking your path. First, move the cart, and then at the fork, take the left fork. You will come across a tangle of vines; you must torch them in order to access the legendary chest.

Turn around and go back to the fork in the road. Find the chain, pull it down, and then have Freya use her runic arrows to shoot the gear. Now is the time to throw your axe at the gear, as doing so will cause it to become frozen. Relax your grip on the chain and reorient yourself so that you are looking at the Twilight Stone from an off-kilter perspective. Now, bring back the axe, and Freya’s hex will continue to keep the freezing effect on the gear for a while longer. Position the stone so that it will ricochet off the fence and into the second gear if you aim your axe at it.

Enter The Bergsra

This particular Bergsra, in contrast to the Bergsra Mother that you have already fought, does not give birth to the annoying Wretches. Instead, it exhales a thick haze that, if ignited, would result in a catastrophic explosion. They also have a hard-hitting projectile that is based on fire, which is convenient for them but not for you. Naturally, there will be an explosion if this projectile hits the smog in the event that it does. The takeaway from this anecdote is that we should avoid being in close proximity to the smog. Smog bad. Aside from these two attacks, the lunging attacks that the Bergsra has are identical to the ones that the Mother variant possesses. The fact that this creature deals out a lot of damage while taking very little of it themselves is what gives it its formidable reputation.

After you have finished off the Bergsra, cast your gaze upward; there are two troughs located up here. The item on the left will be the focus of your attention going forward. Just freeze the trough so that it is near the waterwheel. This will cause the water to overflow, which will turn the waterwheel and open the gate. You will now be able to move forward with this.

You will begin this new section with your back to the Norn chest (which will be at the end of the hall). This one shouldn’t be too difficult. Behind some crates and to your right is where you’ll find the first rune brazier. The subsequent rune will be located on the left side of you, in plain view. The last rune can be found at the far end of the room, concealed behind a door. In order to light the brazier, you will first need to create a line of hexes with Freya and then set fire to them. You will now be able to retrieve the Idunn apple from Norn Chest after completing this task.

Now, continue along the main path, and you will come across a Grim who will almost immediately be taken over by a Nightmare. This will render it completely unbeatable. Your objective is to render it unconscious, which will allow you to distinguish the Nightmare from the Grim. So after you’ve buried your axe into it, give it a good beating with your fists. Take a left after you have successfully segregated and eliminated them. You are going to go into a very large room that is full of Grims.

This room contains some hazards that you can use to your advantage, such as a large keg of oil that you can dump on your foes. Fighting a large number of fast-moving monsters in a large room can present a number of challenges, particularly given the fact that many of these foes are armed with projectile weapons. Instead, we propose that you try to lure them into the tunnel that you emerged from. Because of this, it will be much simpler for you to line them up with your axe, and it will be significantly more difficult for them to flank you.

Once all of the Grims have been eliminated, go to the left and open the chest to find a treasure, then climb the chain to the right and open the chest to find a red chest. Proceed to scale the enormous chain. You are about to enter a location that contains a wheel that needs to be turned. When you do so, the trough in the room where you fought the Bergsra will switch places in terms of which one has water flowing through it. Now, descend the ladder and make your way backwards until you reach the room in which you fought the first Grim who had been possessed. After entering this room, immediately turn to the left and you will find yourself back in the area with the troughs.

You are now tasked with being the sole individual responsible for rerouting the water. You will want to have Freya aim her runic arrow at the section of the wall that is located above the second trough, which is the topmost trough. Now, throw your axe at it, and even if you retrieve your axe, the frozen dam will still be there because Freya cast a hex. At this point, you should concentrate on freezing the second trough so that it is directly above the water wheel. This will cause the gate to open further.

After making some progress, you will come face to face with two Bergsra. Given how difficult these things are, this fight has the potential to be quite difficult. But this only applies if you fight in an honest manner. Explosives can be found throughout the tunnels in which you encounter these monsters because they are packed full of them. You are going to want to entice the Bergsra into the area where the explosives are, and then you should set them off. Be sure to light the oil that is located on the right side of the tunnel when you first enter it. After that, you should keep running until you come across another oil barrel.

Release the oil onto the ground, and then direct your Blades of Chaos toward the pool of oil that has formed. Put out the fire as soon as the Bergsra comes around the corner looking for you. Behind yet another one of those corners is another explosive barrel. You should proceed in the same manner with that. You will inflict a significant amount of damage if you are able to play your cards correctly. After that, all that is left to do is give them a final shine. At this point, the power of your Spartan Rage should be sufficient to eliminate at least one of them on its own.

After you have finished off the Bergsras, you can reach into the void and pull some treasure out of it. Then, open the gate, sprint all the way to the bottom of the tunnel, turn left, and you will find yourself facing a chest that is red in colour. Now, all that is required of you is to work your way up to the surface. You have been transported back to The Forge.

###Retuning To The Forge
After you have made it to the surface of The Forge, you will proceed to follow Brok. You will run straight into a Nightmare chest as you make your way along the main path. Reduce its size by chopping it down with axe throws. You will then engage in combat with a handful of Golons not long after that. Now, throw open the door, and make your way through the dwarf settlement. Once you have arrived at the lift, proceed to the left and retrieve the treasure chest. Follow Brok’s lead, as you won’t be able to ride the elevator up just yet. After destroying a few more Nightmare nests, you will find yourself confronted with a mammoth puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, you need only follow these instructions. Freeze the geyser that is located under the wheel, jump over it, and then follow the path around until you reach another geyser that was formerly located beneath one of those metal domes. Now, remember where you put your axe, and put a stop to that geyser. Brok is going to take the helm of a wheel that controls the opening and closing of that metal dome now. Get your axe back, then make your way back across the geyser and back underneath the water wheel. Make your way to the left of the elevator. Climb to the top, then tell Brok to unlock the metal dome. You will now have an unobstructed view of the geyser that is located beneath the water wheel. You should hurl your axe at it. That ought to do the trick!

Get behind the gate that just opened and retrieve the legendary chest that’s hiding there. There is a ledge in the immediate vicinity of this chest. You can get this chest by hopping down, stopping the geyser, and then coming down here. In order to clear the lift of Nightmares, you should follow Brok. Next, make your way back to the base of the lift and ride it to the top. Up top, you will engage in combat with a couple of Grims. Now, you should follow Brok into a hole that is located close to the diving bell. Because there is a raven in this area, you will need to make sure to get rid of it.

In order for Brok to make the necessary repairs to the mechanism, he will require your assistance in breaking up a couple of stones. After entering the lake with him, you will first observe a cutscene and then be able to retrieve the Draupnir Spear. When you finally make it to the surface, there will be several Grims waiting for you there. Now would be a great time to practise using your new weapon, if you haven’t already. Give them the opportunity to try it out. After you have eliminated them, you will at long last be able to make use of the enigmatic glowing spots that have been appearing on the walls throughout the entirety of the game. You will be able to ascend further if you aim your spear at the glowing area and hit it.

As soon as you reach the peak, you will have to make your way through a cave and engage in another skirmish with some Grims. You will also destroy some nests that have been used by Nightmares. The same old thing. Keep an eye out for another glowing spot, as it will allow you to make your way through that massive boulder. Continue down the path until you reach another glowing spot in the rock across the way and hit it, which will cause the rock to crumble. You can make the jump across the chasm and get the chest that’s been marked with a red X now.

If you continue to follow Brok, you will eventually come up against a few more Grims as well as some additional Nightmares. At this point, you will need to hurl a spear into the glowing section of the wall that is located to your right and above you. Climb to the top of the structure, and then throw the spear at the glowing target that is located across the way. This will clear the path for you. Then make your way to the void and search there for some additional treasure. In addition to this, you will capture your very first Lyndwyrm.

In the final round, you will engage in combat against a horde of Grims and two Ogres. If you don’t know the strategy behind this fight, it can be very challenging for you. You need to put one of the Ogres into a stunned state as soon as you can. After you have rendered them immobile, you will be able to ride them around and destroy all of the enemies that are in the area. You won’t have any trouble eliminating the other Ogre or the vast majority of the Grims if you use the Ogre. You won’t have to go through as much suffering if you follow this strategy. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about any of the other antagonists. Throw your axe at the first Ogre, and once you have it stunned, continue to hit it with your fists until it is incapacitated. If you are forced to, you should make use of your Spartan Rage. As soon as you manage to put the Ogre to sleep, you will have more or less won the fight.