God of War Ragnarök Guide – Garden Of The Dead

The God of War. One of the many activities that one can participate in while in Vanaheim is the favour known as Ragnarok’s Garden of the Dead. This consists of three different perspective-based puzzles, if we are to take everything into consideration. However, that is not the only amenity that can be found in this region.

Noatun’s Garden is home to a good number of collectibles that can be acquired here and there. In spite of the fact that the primary focus of this guide is going to be on showing you how to find the garden and guiding you through the process of removing the toxic gas clouds from the garden, we are also going to help you fill your pockets with treasures along the way.

###Locating The Garden Of The Dead
The quest known as “Garden of the Dead” can be found in the region of Vanaheim known as “Noatun’s Garden.” You are going to have to row or paddle your boat all the way down the River Delta in order to get here. You will eventually pass beneath a bridge that is in disrepair. When you get to the other side of the bridge, you’ll see a beach on your left. This is the garden that belongs to Noatun. Bring your boat to a stop, and brace yourself for an unfriendly greeting.

###Clearing Out The Gradungrs
You are going to have to engage in combat with a pair of Gradungrs before you can start the favour associated with the Garden of the Dead. There will be a Flame Gradungr among them. One of them. At the beginning of the game, you will engage in combat with the first Gradungr alongside a few Gulons. However, once you have dealt sufficient damage to the standard Gradungr and reached a certain point in this encounter, their fiery brethren will join the fight and begin to assist the standard Gradungr. In order to deplete their first health bar, you are going to need to take that one on with your Leviathan Axe.

At this point in the game, you will most likely have already engaged in combat with this monstrous creature, but just in case… This assault will be carried out twice by the Gradungr whenever it lunges forward and raises its head in an upward thrust. After that, it will lunge at you with its paws and try to bite you. You have the ability to deflect these attacks, but you can also choose to simply maintain your distance if that is more comfortable for you. Regarding the Flame Gradungr, it is armed with a projectile attack and has the ability to cause fire to encircle itself (it shakes it off like a wet dog trying to dry itself). Neither of these assaults is particularly lethal in and of themselves. You need only sidestep the projectile by moving to the side, and if you notice the Flame Gradungr beginning to shake, you should immediately retreat.

###Garden Of The Dead Favor
When you have finished dealing with the Gradungers, you should talk to the spirit that is lurking in front of the large tree that is located in the middle of this area. She will tell you that she won’t be able to move on until her garden is brought back to the condition it was in before she started working on it. This requires the burning of three plants known to be poisonous.

#First Poisonous Plant
This plant will be on your left if you have your back to the water and are looking at it. To defeat it, you need only move to the left of it and strike the explosive pot that is hidden behind the stone wall. This will allow you to proceed. If you break the pot, the contents will spill out and the plant will be destroyed.

#Second Poisonous Plant
The second plant that releases poison is located to the right of the first plant that does so. Climbing the structure that is directly to the right of this one is what needs to be done here. You will be able to get a good look at the chain that is holding the explosive pot if you go up to the roof. If you cut it with your axe, it will fall to the ground, and the hideous plant will be destroyed by the fire. Only one more step remains!

#Third Toxic Plant in the World
The very last plant can be found directly behind the spirit. The structure that she is standing behind contains the jar of explosives. When you are confronting the ghost, look to your left and you will see a gap in the stonework. As soon as you find the hole, all you have to do is hit the jar, and it will explode, causing the last plant to burn to death. Now all that is left to do is have a conversation with the spirit. You will receive 125 XP for yourself and 500 XP for Kratos as a reward for completing this mission successfully. Additionally, an enchantment for your amulet will be recovered by you.

###Noatun’s Garden Treasures
There is a treasure map in the left corner of Noatun’s Garden, which you can access with your back turned to the water. In addition to that, there is a locked gate that conceals a Legendary Chest behind it. You will need to paddle your boat under the nearby bridge in order to get to the chest. This is the same bridge that you went under on your way to Noatun’s Garden in the first place. Always keep to the left until you reach a tunnel made of tree roots; it will eventually come into view. To continue your journey, turn left here, beach your boat, and then continue along the path. You won’t be on that damaged bridge for very much longer.

To access the chest, you will need to leap across the gap. Now, have your partner shoot a line of sigil arrows along the stone wall to your left (leading from the bridge to the strange vines), and then burn the hex that is closest to you to start a chain reaction that will set fire to the vines. After you have accomplished that, hurl your axe at the chain that is located across the room. Jump to the opposite end of the bridge once you have severed it; there is a rope that you can slide down here.

Conveniently, the rope will lead you straight back to Noatuns’ Garden when you pull it. The entrance to the Legendary chest’s dungeon will now be accessible. After you have eliminated all of the Nightmares, the treasure will be entirely in your possession. Now that the first poison plant has been eliminated, you will find a locked gate to the right of the area in which it was located. You can claim another chest by destroying it with your chisel and opening it up.

A Lore Tablet can be found directly to the right of that. In any case, there is yet another Lore Tablet up on the roof of the building where you severed the chain that was attached to the second poison plant. You can also find another chest by descending into the hole at this location and jumping into it. Last but not least, a Family Crest, one of the artefacts associated with this realm, can be found in the upper right hand corner.