God of War Ragnarök Guide – Get The Dragon Scaled Armor Set

You have a wide variety of options to select from when it comes to your gear in God of War: Ragnarok. As you progress through the game, more difficult enemies that deal more severe damage will appear on the screen. When you’re facing foes like these, having the best armour possible makes combat a lot less difficult. Late-game players can equip themselves with the Dragon Scaled Armor, which is widely regarded as one of the game’s top-tier armour sets.

You will have to do battle with several Dragon Bosses in order to acquire the Crafting Components that are required to make the Dragon Scaled Armor. Acquiring this armour can be challenging. The Dragon Scaled Armor is described in detail below for your convenience.

###How To Acquire The Dragon Scaled Armor
You will first need to complete the favours “Scent of Survival” and “Return of the River” in order to be able to collect the Crafting Components for the Dragon Scaled Armor. These components can then be collected. When this is done, the region of Vanaheim known as The Crater will become accessible.

In order to create the Dragon Scaled Breastplate, you will need 14,000 Hacksilver, in addition to a Dragon Claw and two Dragon Teeth.

You will require ten Dragon Teeth and ten thousand Hacksilver in order to craft the Dragon Scaled Bracers.

The Dragon Scaled Girdle can be crafted with ten Dragon Teeth and ten thousand Hacksilver if you have them.

In addition to the nine hunts, you will come across additional Dragons while exploring the nine realms. In order to improve your armour to its maximum level, you will need to defeat them.

###How To Upgrade The Dragon Scaled Armor
#1 Hunt: The very first Dragon Hunt will take place during the Favor known as “For Vanaheim.” You should begin by making your way to The Plains in Vanaheim as soon as possible. You must ensure that the time is changed so that it is nighttime before engaging in combat with The Crimson Dread. You will obtain a few of the resources you need to craft the armour if you are successful in your fight against The Crimson Dread.

The second hunt can be found in the general vicinity of the Mystic Gateway to the Western Plains. Head Southeast, and you will soon come across a dead deer. Kratos assumes something is wrong with the kill, and the Favor “In Plain Sight” start.

You can find another dead animal by travelling eastward from this location. You’ll find a Soul Eater acting like a rock near a pillar if you head in the direction of the west right now. You must vanquish the Soul Eater in order to end the hunt.

#Hunt 3: For the third hunt, you will need to head to the Mystic Gateway in the Eastern Plains. Make it nighttime by using the Celestial Altar to change the time, and then move closer to the enormous area. A wisp is currently attempting to dominate the local fauna in this area. Use your Blades of Chaos to ignite it and make it go back into its spring.

After doing this to the Wisps in the area, proceed to the centre of the room to begin the battle against the Flame Phantom. To conclude the hunt, you must vanquish the Flame Phantom.

#Hunt4: To begin the fourth hunt, navigate to The Jungle Mystic Gateway and then head in the western direction. Get to the location shown on the map, which is the spot where the favour “What Lies Below” can be found. You will come to a region containing two Drekis there. By defeating them, you will be able to conclude the hunt and obtain the materials necessary to craft the armour.

#Hunt #5: This hunt requires you to travel northeast from The Jungle Mystic Gateway in order to complete it. You will need to travel to the location indicated on the map, which is the place where the favour “Trail of the Dead” can be found. You will run into a dragon known as The Corpse Eater when you reach the conclusion of the Favor. Kill the dragon in order to gain access to the resources.

#Hunt6: In order to complete the sixth hunt, you will need to head west of The Jungle Mystic Gateway. Check that it is still daytime when you get there. You should moor your boat in the location that is indicated on the map. The “Path of Destruction” favour will become available as soon as you pass through the breach in the wall. You should move in the direction of the hole in the middle, which looks like an elevator. Proceed downward and unlock the gate located up ahead.

You will come across two hostile creatures in this area. They should not be killed; rather, they should be coaxed back towards the lift and forced to enter it. The creature that is currently on the surface will be enticed by this.

When you have finished doing that, leave this area, board the boat, and travel to the location where the favour was initially given. Now there will be Slag Horn waiting for you. Kill it to acquire the resources that you need.

#Hunt #7: The seventh hunt can be found to the west of the boat dock in The Plains. Before going there, check to see that it is already nighttime. The favour known as “In the Dead of Night” will begin as soon as you reach the location that has been marked on the map. Proceed downward to engage in combat with a Dreki, which will conclude the hunt.

#Hunt #8 requires you to travel west of the Mystic Gateway, near where the Sinkholes Entrance is located. In addition, the location of the Favorite called “Quaking Hollow” can be found here. Sinkholes are there for you to investigate all the way through to their conclusion. You will need to win the fight against Crag Jaw in order to proceed through the Favor. When this is done, the search will be over.

#Hunt #9: For the final hunt, head northeast of the Mystic Gateway at the Sinkholes to find the location of the Favor called “The Burning Skies.” As soon as you enter the region, you will come face to face with a flying dragon known as The Ash Tyrant. When you have vanquished them, you will receive the components you need for crafting.