God of War Ragnarök Guide – Hel Tear Location

The story of God of War: Ragnarok centres on Kratos and Atreus’ journey through Fimbulwinter as they attempt to stay alive after spreading Faye’s ashes across the world. You will run into Hel Tears at various points throughout the game. These are essentially portals through which enemies will continue to spawn indefinitely until you have successfully sealed the Tear.

You will receive resources as well as Frozen Sparks if you are successful in closing the Tears. These are important components for crafting, and they are required to upgrade your Leviathan Axe. In order to find the Hel Tears, you will need to look in each of the nine realms’ different areas. If you have access to Mystic Gateways, you will be able to enter the area without going through any intermediary rooms. In God of War: Ragnarok, the following is everything you need to know about the Hel Tears.

###Where To Find All Hel Tears
There are nine realms, each of which is home to one of the six Hel Tears. A number of Hel-Walkers will emerge from the Tears, and you will have no choice but to engage them in combat. You will receive multiple Essences of Hel, Dust of Realms, Hacksilver, and a Frozen Spark whenever you successfully close a Tear.

#Hel Tear 1: The very first Hel Tear can be found at the beginning of the primary story mission known as “Reunion.” When the first Heal Tear begins to open, you will be playing the role of Atreus at Sindri’s House. You will undergo a transformation into Kratos and take on additional foes once you have completed the first half of this section.

You will be able to acquire a Frozen Spark once you have successfully completed this scenario.

The second Hel Tear can be found in Helheim’s The Gleaming Bale, which is also the location of the first Hel Tear. As soon as the Tear begins to open, hostile creatures will begin to emerge from it. You must hold off the enemies until Atreus seals off the Tear in the Dimensional Door.

You will receive a Frozen Spark and a Grip of Healing Harmony if you are successful in defeating the foes (Axe Attachment).

The third Hel Tear can be found in Svartalfheim’s Aurvangar Wetlands, which is also the location of the second Hel Tear. After arriving at the boat dock, continue past the geyser until you reach the top of the wooden platform, where the zipline is located. Fly through the air toward the Tear in the distance on a zipline. You will receive a Frozen Spark once you have vanquished your foes.

#HelTear4 The location of the fourth Hel Tear in Vanaheim can be found to the north of the Mystic Gateway to the Southern Wilds. If you start from the Mystic Gateway and head slightly north, you should be able to spot a Tear off in the distance. After you have successfully sealed the Tear, you will be given a Frozen Spark.

The Well of Urd in Midgard is the location of the fifth Hel Tear, which can be found there. As you get closer to the marker on the map, you will enter a zone in which you can use your Blades of Chaos to Grapple up multiple times. When you have climbed all the way to the top, go through the small opening in the wall, and you will come to the Tear. After the seal has been closed, obtain an additional Frozen Spark.

#HelTear6: The sixth Hel tear can be found in Alfheim, close to where The Strond Mystic Gateway can be found. When you leave the Mystic Gateway and head in the direction of the South, you will come upon a Tear on the ground below you. After you have sealed the Tear, go ahead and grab the last Frozen Spark; these two will eventually come together to form a single Frozen Flame.