God of War Ragnarök Guide – In Service Of Asgard

The first significant side quest you will be given in God of War: Ragnarok is titled “In Service of Asgard.” The primary objective is to put an end to production at all three mining rigs. You will engage in a massive brawl throughout the entirety of Radsvinn’s Rig, facing off against oncoming waves of foes. On the other hand, Althjof’s Rig places a much greater emphasis on the combination of puzzles and platforming. In the end, Modvitner’s Rig is a combination of the two. You are free to turn off these rigs in any order that suits your needs. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel as though you have to finish them in the order that they are listed in this guide.

These mining rigs contain a substantial amount of content, which is an important fact to keep in mind. There are Nornir chests to crack open, ravens to slay, and a vast number of valuable items to acquire. And that doesn’t even take into account the extremely generous rewards you get for putting an end to each furnace’s production! We will assist you in navigating these rigs and make certain that you do not become stuck at any point in the process.

###Radsvinn’s Rig
This will be the rig that is furthest to the right in the Bay of Bounty when it is completed. You can get to this rig by following the cloud of smoke that is floating in the air in front of you. As soon as you arrive, you are going to have to contend with a large number of adversaries all at once. This begins with a healthy sprinkling of Grims and will, at some point in the future, expand to include Nightmares as well. After the Nightmares have arrived, you should direct your attention toward them because they pose a significant threat when they are up close. Keep your mobility up here. The rig consists of multiple levels, and the ground beneath it is covered with a large number of explosive casks. After you have eliminated all of the monsters, the fun part of the game will finally start.

This location contains a Nornir Chest. The first rune of the Nornir set is located directly to your left. Start the fire with your Blades of Chaos and the brazier. Proceed along the wall located on the left side of the rig at this time. Destroy all of the debris that you come across as you move along. You will eventually discover, as a result of doing so, that there is a hole in the left wall that was concealed by the junk. After you have successfully destroyed it, you will be able to proceed to the next rune. Continue moving along the left wall as you make your way to the next rune before you go. In the immediate vicinity is a chest as well as a Lore Scroll.

In conclusion, the final rune can be found hidden behind a gate. There is an explosive pot in the caged area with it, even though you won’t be able to get your Blades of Chaos through it. Climb to the highest platform possible, and once you’re there, swing your axe at the crock pot. You will soon be able to open the treasure chest and retrieve the Idunn Apple from within it. Destroying the furnace is the only thing that remains to be done at this point. You will be rewarded with two pieces of Forged Iron, one tonne of Hacksilver, and Nidavellir Ore upon completion of this task. It is imperative that you remove the raven that is perched on the crane before you leave.

###Althjof’s Rig
The Althjof’s Rig is the mining rig that is located the farthest to the north. In addition to that, it is the rig that places the most emphasis on puzzles. As soon as you make it to the upper level of the building, one of Odin’s Ravens will be waiting for you on the floor to your left. Take it out of there. You will now be presented with a massive wheel that can be rotated. Employing it will allow you to lower the platform to a position where the grapple point will be directly above your head. Then, pull the front platform down to the ground by utilising Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. By making use of your Blades of Chaos, you will now have the ability to quickly cross to the other side.

After you have traversed the gap, there will be a chest on the right side of the room. You should see a red door in the area with a barrel sitting in front of it; use your Blades of Chaos to light the barrel on fire so that the door can be blown to smithereens. You are about to enter a room that has a floor made of cracked slabs. That topic will be revisited in a little while. You should look for a place on the wall that is close by that you can climb up. After you have pushed the gate open and dropped down, you will find yourself in a room with three red doors and a barrel. The barrel being detonated will eliminate every one of them. There are three doors in total: one that will lead you to the entrance, one that will take you to the room with the fractured slab floor, and the third door will take you where you need to go. If you climb up, you will be able to bypass the slab. Run right through it. You will engage in combat with some Draugr. After you have dealt with all of them, you can open the chest. In addition to that, there is some lore text written on the wall.

After that, ascend to the main floor above and make your way to the wheel that controls the grappling point. Set it to its lowest possible setting. To reach the chest, you’ll need to jump back down and grapple your way across. Open it and get some more Forged Iron. It is important that you read the lore text that can be found down here, so make sure you do so. Get a good grip on the base of the platform, and then pull it up. Additionally, return to that wheel one more time and adjust it so that the grapple point is now set to the second-highest level possible. You will be able to grapple over to the rig as a result of doing this. You will have to engage in combat with a few Draugrs and one or two Grims before you are able to turn off the furnace and obtain the Nidavellir Ore, two Rawhides, and the substantial amount of coins.

But you aren’t done! You will find a couple of barrels up here that bear that green mark if you look closely. First use Atreus to shoot them, and then quickly shimmy around the corner. Once you have done that, kick the chain down, and you will be brought back to the entrance. In addition, we are going to use that wheel once more for the very last time. Lift it all the way to the pinnacle, then climb back up the chain you just knocked down with your foot. Take a look at the grapple point; you ought to be facing a stone wall with cracks in it. After you have traversed the gap, begin a slow-motion aiming motion with your Blades of Chaos at the wall. You will succeed in breaking through the slab. Both a Lore Scroll and a legendary chest can be found in this location. You will need the Njord’s Tempest accessory for your axe, so make sure you open the legendary chest.

###Modvitner’s Rig
The location of Modvitner’s Rig can be found off to the left side of the bay. You are going to come under attack from Wretches as soon as you step foot on the beach. This is going to be a recurrent point of discussion. After using your axe to destroy the golden target, you can begin climbing the enormous wooden structure by first ascending the platform that is located above it. You will need to kill some more Wretches once you reach the top of the area, and then you will be able to open a chest in order to obtain a Muspelheim Seed Half (doing so will trigger the quest “The Crucible”). At this point, you should be able to hear the lizard that is making the barking sound. While you are standing on this platform, you will have an unobstructed view of them through a gap in the wall. Let your axe fly, friend. Next, descend to the location where the barking lizard was standing, read the Lore Text there, and pick up any items that the lizard left behind.

After you have jumped back up, aim your axe throw at the target that is located on the right side of the giant crane. Perform this action one more time, and it should turn it sufficiently so that it hangs over the gap, providing you with a grappling point. Continue to fight Wretches as you swing across. After you have dealt with them all, you will see a treasure chest on the other side of another chasm. Once more, hit the target on the crane, and then swivel it over to that location. Now all you have to do is hop across, and you will be able to lay claim to some additional materials for crafting.

Climb the chain until you reach the furnace; you will be there already! You will be greeted by a Bergsra Mother, which is very unfortunate. You can just use your weapons to wreak havoc on her, but be aware that there are a number of exploding casks strewn about the area. It’s not a terrible plan to lead her to one and then light it on fire after she gets there. Now is the time to turn off the mining rig and collect your Nidavellir Ore, two Slag Stones, and another substantial bag of coins! When you are finished, Svartalfheim will be completely free of these horrifying monstrosities. Even better, you will have increased the amount of money in your pockets as a result of this action. Nice.