God of War Ragnarök Guide – Jarnsmida Pitmines

###Jarnsmida Pitmines
When you reach the point where you enter the mines. You are going to hop down, take a left, and then use one of Atreus’ sonic arrows to destroy the green stones that are in front of you. Take hold of the Hacksilver. Proceed at this time to the enormous water wheel. It is being soaked with water as it comes gushing out of a trough nearby. Set your sights on the end of the trough itself when you swing your axe. This will result in a frozen barricade, which will stop the water from becoming cold.

After you have completed the short hop, you will come upon a Nornir chest. In order to complete this task, you will need to light the braziers that correspond with each letter. The location of the first rune can be found to the left of the chest. After lighting it, descend to the level below and continue fighting. You should open the chest that is located to your left in order to obtain some rawhide. There is another rune located under the water wheel; for the time being, you should disregard it. Get your axe back (if you haven’t done so already), and then pass through the space under the massive object that you were able to lower earlier by stopping the water wheel. You will notice the second rune sitting on the opposite side of the space between them.

After you have reached it, light the brazier, and then read the Lore Text that is located on the wall nearby. Return to the other side of the chasm, stop the waterwheel, and light the brazier that was sitting underneath it. Instantly, the lock on the chest will be removed! Crack it open and take the Horn of Blood Mead for yourself.

Keep going along the main path and assist Atreus with his ascent; look for a piece of wood leaning up against the wall that has white paint on it; this is where you will give Atreus a boost from. Get Atreus to turn the wheel, which will cause the platform opposite of you to descend and ascend; once the platform is in the correct position, you should stop the gear from moving. You’ll need to jump over that gap as well as the one that comes after it. Now, make use of your Blades of Chaos to seize the structure that is retaining the trough to your right, and then pull it to the side in order to move the other large stone.

The next step is to hop down, then jump onto the stone platform, then unfreeze the water in the trough, and finally hop over to the entrance gate. Raise the barrier and proceed into the following zone. It is possible for you to hop over to the right, where you will find a water trough that appears to be suspiciously movable; however, you should not worry about any of that right now. Continue moving forward, push the cart to the side, and have a conversation with Sindri. He will provide you with some lights to assist you in fending off the darkness.

After that, engage in combat with some Grims, and when you’ve finished with them, make a U-turn and return to the area from which you came, but this time on the other side. This location contains a chest containing Hacksilver. Ignite the exploding cask, which will cause the rubble to be destroyed. Grab the movable water trough with your Blades of Chaos, and then yank it in the direction of the giant crane. This will cause the crane to turn around, carrying the massive stone. You will now be able to rotate around with the stone as it moves around with you if you climb up on top of it and freeze the water in the trough. Next, jump across the chasm as soon as you have stopped moving. Up here, you will receive an additional Kvasir Poem in addition to a legendary chest that contains an enhancement for your Blades of Chaos.

The next step is to descend the rope that is nearby, catch up with Atreus, and then enter the mines. You can obtain a Shattered Rune by bringing down the bucket that is suspended from the ceiling. After dispatching some Wretches in the mine, descend into it and use Atreus’ arrows to remove the green stones from the chamber. Proceed at this time into the cave that has a low ceiling. When you enter the chamber, the Bergsra Mother will be there to meet you and welcome you. This enormous creature is only capable of attacks that cannot be blocked.

However, it is also slow, gives away all of its attacks by telegraphing them, and the range of its attacks is very poor outside of its acid spit. You should just hammer it with your weapons (switching them to get the added damage bonus for opposite elements) and roll away every time that red circle appears around it. This is the best strategy for defeating it. It is in your best interest to make frequent use of your Blades of Chaos because doing so will allow you to deal damage to the Wretches even as you concentrate on eliminating the Bergsra Mother. After you have finished cleaning out the room, you can board the boat and continue your journey down the canal. You are about to enter The Applecore at this time.

###The Applecore
Speak with Sindri, and then continue along the path. You will find something that looks like green metal that shimmers on a wall made of wood; use a sonic arrow to shoot it. This will unlock a small room on the other side of which is some Lore Text written on the wall. You will see a trough that has water moving through it in a continuous stream. First, shoot an arrow at the obstruction, and then use the freeze ability on the section of the trough that is located after the waterwheel section to cause the water to overflow. Because of this, the wheel will begin to turn. Once you have raised the submerged crane, you will be able to use the grappling hook to cross to the opposite side of the room.

After entering the door, grab the chest that’s been marked with a red X, and then crawl through the small hole in the wall and into the small tunnel. You will find yourself on a bridge in the end. You will engage in combat with a few hostiles before making a left turn and attempting to destroy a wall constructed out of planks. This location contains a Lore Marker. Keep up with Atreus as he climbs the winding path. Continue on this path without him and locate the Hacksilver chest at the end of it. He will turn left onto the bridge at that point. After that, meet up with Atreus on the bridge.

You will come to an area that is blocked off by rubble, but if you continue on the section of the bridge that is to the left, you will be able to get a good shot at the exploding cask that is located behind it. After you have destroyed the rubble, proceed through the canal, and you will be confronted by a second Bergsra Mother. Because it will be located higher up, you should make a left turn, hop over the chasm, and climb up to engage it. After you have defeated it, go through the door to enter, then open the chest to retrieve the materials for crafting and take the artefact. You are finished with this region… at least for the time being. Turn around and go back to the bridge.

You will need to freeze another trough and cause the water to spill out onto a water wheel when you reach the end of the bridge; however, before you do that, you will need to hop down to the level below and to your right. Take the Forged Iron that is located in the chest. Climb to the top of the chain and then turn the trough so that it makes contact with the water wheel. Return to the end of the bridge, move the water away from the path, and then hop across. You will need to call your axe back, hop in the elevator, and then freeze the water that is on your right in order to ascend.

Another chest full of treasure can be found to the left of the entrance. Obtain it, and then proceed to the following location. You will find Wretches here; kill them, grab the relic from the dwarf in the wall, and then crawl through the crack in the wall to escape. First eliminate the glowing rocks that are dangling across the chasm, then use the Blades of Chaos to catapult yourself across. After that, descend to the ground level, retrieve the artefact hidden behind the debris, and then go through the door. You will now accidentally enter a Draugr hole and engage in combat with The Hateful.

###The Hateful
The Hateful is a Draugr that wields two axes at once. It can move very quickly, deals a lot of damage, and has some attacks that cannot be blocked that can be very troublesome. The most dangerous of these is when it dashes at you and delivers an uppercut-like move similar to a flying punch. This attack has a very short range, but it kills very quickly, it cannot be blocked, and it moves very quickly. Therefore, you will absolutely have to perfect your dodge roll. You will be able to avoid getting hit by this attack thanks to The Hateful’s ability to give you a warning by stamping its foot before it launches it.

You have the ability to reflect the projectile attack that the Hateful uses, which significantly reduces the amount of damage it does to you. Beyond that, you will want to parry its combo attacks, but keep a close eye on them because you never know when they will mix in an attack that cannot be blocked.

If you take damage, do not be afraid to climb up to the higher platform and take some breathing room there. This is not a terrible method to assist you in regaining your composure. In addition to that, you’ll find a healthstone there. In order to become accustomed to The Hateful’s attack patterns, it is highly likely that you will need to engage in this fight more than once. On the other hand, if you are persistent enough, you should be able to get them in the end. You will be rewarded with a blade attachment, chaos spark, and a variety of other crafting supplies if you complete this quest. Now, you must crack open the legendary chest in order to retrieve the fortified frost knob.

###Finding Tyr
Turn around and go back to the main path; we’ve reached the last water wheel here. Assist Atreus in ascending to the platform located higher and to the left. Then, direct the flow of water into the wheel by hurling your axe at the trough on the left side of the screen. Put Atreus in charge of turning the crank. Because of this, the trough will become clogged with ore, and you will be able to retrieve your axe. At this point, you should freeze the trough on the right. Jump on the platform after you’ve made it across the gap. If you give Atreus the task of shooting the minerals that are blocking the trough, the platform will move to allow you to cross over. Before you go through the door, kill the raven that is nearby, then shimmy along the edge, seize the chest, and unlock the gate (this will take you back to where you fought The Hateful).

Obtain the slag from the chest, proceed through the passage, and engage in combat with the Einherjar that yields the Bifrost. You are going to have to deal with a large number of these individuals, so get used to avoiding the Bifrost attacks that they will use against you. It is not enough to simply avoid the attack; you must also avoid the impact of the Bifrost on the ground when it comes down. After you have dealt with everyone and spoken to Tyr, the path leading to the conclusion of the game is relatively unobstructed. You will engage in combat with a few more Grims and a couple more Einherjar, but before you know it, you will be on your way out of this area.