God of War Ragnarök Guide – Nine Realms In Bloom Flower Location

The Art of War It is highly likely that Ragnarok’s favour, The Nine Realms in Bloom, will be the very first post-game quest that you come across. Finding any one of the flowers is all that is required of you to get started on this quest. However, while you will be able to acquire some of these flowers at various points throughout your journey, the vast majority of them will not be available to you until after the conclusion of the game.

If you have been a busy bee and have been working hard to complete each and every favour, you will find that it is not too difficult to gather all of these flowers. On the other hand, if you haven’t been completing all of the favours as soon as you find them, you might find that this favour is a bit more involved than the others. In either case, we will provide you with all of the information that you require to successfully finish your horticultural adventures across the nine realms!

###Getting The Seeds
First things first, before you do anything else, you should have a conversation with Ratatoskr back at Sindri’s house. He will give you a number of Yggdrasil Seeds which will help you access new locations.

###Midgard – Murkweed
You must go through the mystical gateway known as the “Sanctuary Grove” in order to obtain the Murkweed flower. Once you arrive, just travel straight. Head past the giant turtle. You are going to come face to face with the murkweed.

###Svartalfheim – Sparkthorn
You are going to go through the mystical gateway known as “Nidavellir” in order to get into Svartalfheim. You are going to have to make your way through the tavern here, and then proceed to the area beyond it where there is a bridge that has been blocked off. In order to reach the bridge, you will have to engage in combat with a few Einherjar. There is a crack where you can stick your spear; therefore, you should do that. If you use your spear to hop over the gap, you will be able to pick up the next flower.

###Jotunheim – Ironbell
You are going to travel to Jotunheim through the mystical gateway known as “Angrboda’s Treehouse.” Which is, to be completely honest, the one and only choice available. After you have arrived, turn left at the first opportunity and continue along the path. The Ironbell flower can be reached without any detours by following the trail.

###Helheim – Soulblossom
Head to Helheim via the “Hel’s Perch” mystic gateway. Now make a sharp turn to the left and ascend the stairs to the next level. You will find a hole on your right; jump down. From this vantage point, drive a spear into the crack that can be found in the wall directly above you and to your right. After you have finished doing that, grapple up to the next level, and then use the spear you just planted to help you leap across the gap. The Soulblossom flower will be sitting beside the corpse here.

###Muspelheim – Ashpetal
Depending on whether or not you have unlocked the gateway to The Crucible, this task will either be easier or more difficult. In the event that you have not already done so, you will be required to acquire both halves of the Yggdrasil Seed. Both halves are located in Svartalfheim at the moment. One half is found in a treasure chest at Modvitner’s Rig in Svartalfheim. The other portion can be found on the beach known as the Dragon. Once you have arrived at the beach, you will need to climb the enormous structure, and then use the swings to get across to the bridge that is located higher up (entering into an area called Alberich Hollow). From this location, you will engage in combat with some monsters and locate the second half of the seed inside of a chest.

Simply head to the mystical gateway labelled “The Crucible” once you have both halves of the seed in your possession. After that, proceed without delay to the blacksmith’s shop. The flower should be lying somewhere in this general vicinity.

###Niflheim – Frostfinger
Mystical passageway known as the “Mist Fields” serves as the entrance to Niflheim. The Frostfinger flower will be positioned where it can be easily seen by everyone. You need only sprint up and seize it.

###Niflheim – Dreamshade
However, our business with Niflheim is not yet finished. Proceed now to the mystical gateway known as “The Raven Tree.” After passing the gravestone of the berserker on your left, continue down the path and you will find an icy bridge on your next turn to the left. This path will take you to the ruins of the Aesir Prison. Unfortunately, the Dreamshade flower is located on the ground floor, where it is being held in a cell. Therefore, you are going to have to engage in combat with a small number of Einherjar as you make your way down.

###Alfheim – Dawnbloom
You will not be able to obtain the Alfheim flower until you have completed the favour known as “The Secret of the Sands,” which will allow you to travel into the western portion of the map. You will earn this favour on your first journey through Alfheim after completing that quest. It is also necessary for you to have finished the favour known as “The Song of the Sands” in order for you to be able to travel to the part of the map where the flower is located. The elf warriors at Frayr’s camp have extended this assistance to you as a favour.

The completion of underground dungeons is a requirement for both of the prerequisite favours. After you have finished these two quests, travel to the most western part of The Forbidden Sands. You will find your reward there. You will come across a ledge that you can climb onto if you look carefully. On the other hand, rather than going in that direction, you are going to travel to the left. You can reach the flower by travelling down a relatively short path.

###Vanaheim – Starblush
If you have already been helping out Vanaheim in exchange for favours, obtaining this flower will be a breeze for you, but if you haven’t, it will be a royal pain in the rear end. You will need to complete the favour known as “Scent of Survival,” which requires you to find and follow Helka, the large dog that is located at Frayr’s camp. You will soon be able to make your way to The Jungle, which is another region located within the city of Vanaheim, from The Crater.

After you have explored The Jungle, you will be able to fulfil the “Return of the River” favour that has been offered to you. This will require you to open sluices, figure out a puzzle (you’re basically just setting fire to those vines by making a path of hexes again), and engage in combat with multiple Vanir. After you have finished the quest, you will be able to access the area known as the Sinkholes by going through The Crater (if you just head to the east it is easy enough to get to The Sinkholes).

Get in the boat, and paddle all the way around to the mystical entrance of The Sinkholes. You should make your way across the bridge from the gateway, then immediately take the first right after the bridge. This will put you on a path that will eventually bring you to the Starblush flower.