God of War Ragnarök Guide – Old Friends

It is confirmed within the Old Friends chapter of God of War: Ragnarok that the Ghost of Sparta is no longer relevant information. Kratos be damned, we’re embarking on an adventure with Atreus now! In other words, we are going to take control of the boy himself. And Atreus has a pretty unique toolkit. Even though he has access to a number of tools that are similar to those that Kratos uses, his gameplay feels very different.

To begin, Atreus is a walking, talking headshot machine. Even though he might not pack the same kind of punch as Kratos does, the fact that he can fire arrows in quick succession makes him exceptionally good at targeting those weak spots. This indicates that Atreus is able to deal a shocking amount of damage to opponents when they are stunned. Atreus won’t be able to hunt ravens or collect gear, but he will have ample opportunities to acquire Hacksilver and materials for crafting. During this stage, we will assist you in locating all of the hidden treasure caches.

###Shores Of Nine
You are going to begin this journey by moving forward along a snowy path. When you have traversed all of it, take the chest containing the Hacksilver and then use your weapon to open the gate. After taking the high road on the right, shoot the explosive cask that is hidden behind the wall of debris. Behind it is a chest that contains various items for crafting. Bring yourself back to the main trail. Unfortunately, a statue of Tyr that was knocked over will be blocking your path.

You will need to shoot the glowing green resonance point on the left side of the statue if you want to clear the statue. After you have finished doing that, you should head back up the path so that you can observe everything from a higher vantage point. Now, you should aim your fire at the green resonance point inside the statue. It ought to be possible for you to go through at this point. After you have done so, you will be pitted against a massive horde of Draugrs in a battle. If you aim for the head, you can quickly stun your opponent with Atreus, giving you the opportunity to finish them off with an R3 attack. The attacks that Sindri unleashes are also extremely powerful. Once he has indicated that he is willing to begin assisting, you must ensure that the square is hammered.

After you have dealt with all of the Draugr, open the chest that is nearby, and then proceed to the elevator. You will not have the opportunity to reunite with Jormungandr, the most popular giant snake in the world. After you have finished catching up with everyone, you should proceed through the doors. Now, crack open one more chest, and then go into the cave ahead of you. You will have to contend with a few more Draugr in this area before coming across a chest that is full of ore. It is necessary to destroy the explosive cask that is suspended from the ceiling in order to remove the minerals and access the chest.

After you have severed ties with Sindri, you will travel along a fairly linear path, engaging in skirmishes with Draugr here and there along the way. You will eventually come across a region that has an ore deposit on either side of a wooden structure that is situated in the middle of the region. You can get a shot at the explosive pot on the right if you fire one of your special arrows at the glowing green spot on the wooden structure. This will clear that set of ore. Next, look across the shaft from where the ore was just before it exploded, and you will notice another exploding cask. When you shoot it, a chest will be revealed. You should grab the materials for crafting and then use the hole you made in the wall to jump through. Now climb to the top.

As soon as you reach this area, you will engage in combat with a number of Draugr. On the opposite side of the cliff, some individuals are aiming projectiles in your direction. Simply make an effort to shoot at them whenever you get the chance, but be sure not to ignore the close-range foes that are breathing down your neck. After you have dealt with all of them, open the chest and proceed upward. After you have climbed to the upper ledge, head to the left to find another chest along this path.

As you move forward, you will find yourself in the midst of another fight with Draugrs. A few of these Draugr are carrying shields in their packs. They will fall to the ground if you fire a charged shot at their legs; once they are down, you can shoot them in the head while they are lying there. You will also need to begin defending yourself against Nightmares. At the end of the bridge, once all of your foes have been vanquished, there will be a chest waiting for you.

This is yet another chest that has been encased in ore, but this time there are no explosives to be seen anywhere in the chest. Move inside the nearby building, and take the first right after entering. You will be able to see the backside of the chest that is covered in ore, and on that side, you will find an explosive cask that has been conveniently placed for you to shoot. Come back to the chest and crack it open. Continue to push forward. On the primary path, you will find another chest waiting for you to open it.

You will talk to Freya for a very short amount of time. You are going to be met with a hostile reception, which is very unfortunate. In the end, you will depart from this location with very little to show for it and very few memories to take with you. …with the exception of loot, of course. In connection with the loot, be sure to crack open the legendary chest before you leave the area. You are going to run into a few more Draugrs and Nightmares as you make your way back, and you are going to have to fight them.