God of War Ragnarök Guide – Reunion

Kratos and Atreus are finally brought back together in the God of War: Ragnarok’s Reunion. On the other hand, you are aware that Atreus may have created a bit of a mess. It is time to clean it up at this point. The presence of garm causes rips to appear in the fabric of time and space. You have to put a stop to him. So it is that you will descend into the bowels of Helheim.

One of the realms that makes up Ragnarok that is relatively easy to navigate is Helheim. The Lake of Nine does not exist in this location in any form. Despite this, there are still a number of valuables to acquire, as well as a few ravens to slaughter. If you follow this guide, you should be able to complete the Reunion quest having amassed all of the valuable items that can be discovered in this hostile realm.

The first thing you will do is proceed through the gate and head in the direction of Helheim. After you have arrived, climb the wall and go through the opening. As soon as you hop down, a whole squad of Hel-Walkers will be waiting for you to fight them off. Begin by taking out the one that is higher up; given that they have a projectile, it will make your life much simpler if they are eliminated. Eliminate them, and then make your way up to the platform where the Hel-Walker that was throwing projectiles was located. At this point, you will be able to see a number of those glowing spots that need to be eliminated with your spear. After you have detonated all three, another group of Hel-Walkers will appear before you to do battle with. After you have vanquished them, you will be able to scale the stone wall and enter the room.

Once you have reached the peak, you should search for the raven. After you have taken care of them, you should search the area for the chest. After you’ve finished cleaning up this area, head into the cave and continue on your journey. As soon as you leave that area, you will find yourself in front of one of those portals. When you are ready, Atreus will put the seal on it. On the other hand, this will also kick off the fight sequence.

###The Gleaming Bale
When you have given Atreus the go-ahead, he will immediately begin closing the rift. You will engage in combat with Hel-Walkers until Atreus finishes performing the ritual. As soon as that takes place, any Hel-Walkers that are still alive will perish instantly. Shimmy your way across the stone bridge that has been severely damaged. Soon, you will come to a gate that has a wheel on it. Have Atreus release a line of sigil arrows in front of the wheel before you turn it. After you have turned the wheel all the way, hurl your axe at the hex on the far left to set off a cascade of freezing effects.

As soon as you go through the gate, there will be a number of Hel-Walkers waiting for you on the other side. After you have vanquished them, you will make a slight advancement, and then you will be immediately confronted by a second group that is accompanied by Nightmares. Always begin by removing the Nightmares from the battlefield. Now, there will be a place to drop down to your left, so keep an eye out for that. Do so. You will have a clear view of the location at which you must aim the spear that you are carrying in order to get across the chasm. You should look to your left to find it. It will be necessary for you to eliminate a few more Hel-Walkers down here; once you have done so, climb back up and proceed across the chasm.

As soon as you make it across the gap, another group of Hel-Walkers will appear to attack you. There will be Hel-Walkers to your left and to your right, both of which will be launching projectiles at you. Remove them from the room first. After you have eliminated them, proceed to the bridge and fight the Hel-Walkers there. After you have finished dealing with them, head back to the spot where you landed after jumping the gap, and then open the Legendary Chest there (this chest holds the “Tame The Beast” Runic Attack). Now that you are on the other side of the bridge, jump down, and climb up to reach the next area. You will come across Garm, but he will try to escape from you. The only thing that will be left is a relatively difficult skirmish with two Hel-Walkers.

There will be a fight between two Hel-Vikens in this one. These are the particularly powerful Hel-Walkers that are armed with the enormous weapons. You won’t have to worry about these foes posing much of a threat because they move too slowly, but the space in which you will do battle with them is extremely confined. This situation has the potential to become quite precarious. You are going to want to make use of your Blades of Chaos because with them you will be able to strike both of them at the same time. On top of that, the one can initially only take damage from weapons that use fire as their primary element, so you don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Keep an eye out for those parries, and do your best to steer clear of the attacks that can’t be blocked. If it is at all possible for you to do so, you should make every effort to keep both of them in view at all times. If you fail to do so, you run the risk of being hit by an attack that removes half of your health.

After you have defeated the two Vikens, proceed through the broken wall and into the next area. After that, descend to the level below, and once there, open the chest that is to your right to obtain its contents. On the bridge, you will engage in combat with two more Hel-Walkers right now. These two will fight you with their fists, but they are easy to subdue and bully because of how weak their defences are. On the bridge, there is a space that you have to jump over that is to your left. After that, descend to the level beneath you. There is a coin purse right here next to the dead body. You are about to enter the next zone, which is called the Shipyard of the Fallen.

###Shipyard Of The Fallen
You are going to start off by engaging in combat with a Hel-Traveller right away. These foes, similar to the regular Traveler, provide you with a significant amount of time to parry their attacks. Just watch for opportunities to parry, sidestep their attacks that can’t be blocked, and back off when they start charging their diving attack. They are all so slow that there is a good chance that you won’t be hit very frequently, but if they manage to land one of their attacks, it will deal an absurd amount of damage to you if it does. They do have a lunging attack that is of a moderately fast speed. However, they will always hop backward before attempting this attack; accordingly, you should get ready to sidestep to the side as soon as you see them hopping backward.

As soon as you have defeated the Hel-Traveller, you will be presented with a second wheel-turning puzzle that is very similar to the first. At this point, you will need to use your sigil arrows to line the log that is above the gear with hexes. After that, when you have turned the wheel all the way, use your axe to hit the hex showing, and then proceed through the gate. There will be a chest that is red and it will be on your left. Continue forward, descend to the level below, and navigate your way through the cave system. You will do battle with a few more Hel-Walkers in this section. After you have defeated them, there will be some coin purses for you to collect in this area (including one in the nearby cave). After taking a few steps in the opposite direction, you should be able to locate the notch in the wall where you should place your spear. Throw your spear at it, and then use it to hop across the gap.

When you have completed the obstacle course, you will find a coin purse and a Legendary Chest waiting for you on the other side. Shimmy your way around the ledge, and once you’re there, hop down and engage the Hel-Walkers in combat. After you have vanquished them, you will proceed to the next area and make an attempt to chain Garm. Things won’t go very smoothly. You are about to engage in combat with the Legion’s soldiers. After you have vanquished them, proceed forward while grabbing the chest to your right.

As soon as you enter the subsequent area, there will be a location available for a spear. Toss a spear from across the room while hooking around the room. After that, make use of it to hop up. You are about to engage in combat with Nightmares, Legion Troops, and a Revenant. First, you should concentrate on eliminating the Nightmares, and then move on to the Revenant. Just have Atreus rain arrows down on her and open fire on her from a distance.

###Boss Fight: Garm
You won’t actually engage in combat with Garm. Even though this enormous wolf has a number of powerful attacks, the majority of them can be blocked. So at least we can take solace in that. During the beginning of his phase, Garm will launch a series of bite attacks against you. These can be blocked with a parry, but dodging is also an option. However, when Garm pulls back and lets out a growl, he will immediately lunge forward with an attack that cannot be blocked, and you will need to avoid it. After this attack, you will be able to hit him, which will cause him to become dazed and give you the opportunity to deal damage to him. He also possesses a projectile that allows him to send a wave of icy air in your direction. This one is a fairly simple one to parry.

After you have dealt enough damage to Garm, he will begin to vertically swing his chain at you more frequently. Because you cannot defend yourself against this attack, you must sidestep to the side. After you have successfully sidestepped it, you must first immobilise the end of the chain and then seize it. You will have the ability to bring Garm crashing to the ground, rendering him helpless and leaving you open to attack. This will usher Garm into his second phase when it is complete.

The Second Phase of Garm
In the second phase of his evolution, Garm learns a few new moves. To begin, he will launch a second projectile at you; unlike the first one, this one cannot be blocked in any way, so you will need to roll away from it. In addition to that, he will start horizontally swinging his chain at you. This attack can be defended against. If you choose to block instead of parry, the second swing won’t be able to reach you in time to hit you, which means that even though you missed the first parry, you can still hit the second one. Last but not least, the speed of his bite attacks has increased, and he will now launch his icy wave projectile at you multiple times in a row.

Simply block the chain swings and ice waves while avoiding the icicle projectile that will be coming your way. You are still attempting to sidestep the unblockable bite attack so that you can follow it up with an attack of your own to knock him unconscious. After you have reduced his health to about half, Garm will finish his horizontal chain swipe combo with a vertical swing once you have him close to death. Put an end to it by freezing it, then drag him back down to the ground. Applying pressure to him once more will cause him to move into the third phase of his cycle.

The Third Phase of Garm
The third form of Garm is extremely similar to his second form. The most significant adjustment is that he will now occasionally blend into the scenery and fire his unblockable projectile from a greater distance. If you break your lock on Garm and run to the side, you can avoid being hit by any of the projectiles he fires at you. Then, when he jumps back into the arena, make sure that you are not in the area that is glowing red. Additionally, make sure your shield is up. Now, keep up the same level of resistance that you were showing earlier. When he uses that vertical chain attack, you should stop the chain and take him down again. You will now put an end to the conflict.

Turning Around to Go Home
After you have defeated Garm, you should make your way back to the main path. There is a treasure chest located to your right as you proceed. You will have to solve another one of those gate puzzles in order to proceed to the next area. Take the opportunity to open the legendary chest that can be found here. Instruct Atreus to shoot a sigil arrow at the stone that is uncovered below the gate. After that, turn the wheel. Next, attach two hexes to the following stone’s surface. After you have completely lowered the wheel, you will be able to throw your axe at the one below it, which will start a chain reaction that will freeze the gear.

###Final Confrontation With Garm
On the other hand, it will become clear that Garm is not yet finished with you! As soon as you go through the gate, the massive beast will begin an aggressive pursuit of you through the forest. Following this, you will take part in a chase scene. Everything is proceeding according to plan. On occasion, you will engage in combat with a modest number of Legion warriors. You will eventually come to a point where Garm is blocking your path; at this point, simply throw a spear at the cuff that is located on Garm’s leg. The climactic moment of the chase scene will involve a second encounter with the enormous wolf.

Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t going to be a real fight at all. Garm still makes use of all of his previous moves, but now he will have a number of weak points that you can aim spears at. If you hit these vulnerable spots, you’ll take a significant amount of damage. Approximately halfway through the conflict, he will begin to heal. After that, Atreus will tell you to assist him in climbing onto Garm. Simply put, you will need to put Garm down one more time, and then press the R3 button close to his collar. After that, there will be a quick Quick Time Event, and after that, the fight against Garm will be over for good.

Following this, you will take part in a sequence in which you will climb around while conversing with Atreus. This is a very linear process, and there is not much that you could possibly miss along the way. When you reach the conclusion of the path, you will emerge into a spacious new area. After you have watched one more cutscene, you will then be finished with Helheim for the most part. After the cutscene has finished playing, you should look to the right of the spot where you need to climb up. Throw a spear into the opening there; it was made for a spear. Next, ascend the cliff face, move to the right, and use your spear to traverse the chasm. You will find a flower, and a new favour will be initiated.

The last of Helheim’s puzzles is about to be presented to you now. You simply need to use Atreus’ sigil arrows to place a hex on both ends of the gear, and then you need to use your axe to freeze the bottom hex. When you pass through the gate, there will be a Lore Tablet for you to read, as well as another raven for you to kill. Taking the right fork will bring you to a conversation with a gigantic bird, who will inform you that you still need to shut down six more gateways across the nine realms. After that, circle back around the Lore Tablet and continue straight ahead. You will eventually arrive at a ledge. Go downstairs and open the chest that’s painted red. The gate is located close by. You can now consider the Reunion chapter of the story to have been successfully finished. In addition to this, you will have removed all of the collectibles and treasures from Helheim.