God of War Ragnarök Guide – Stag For All Seasons Location

A significant number of the main story missions in God of War: Ragnarok revolve around Kratos and Atreus’ travels as they make an effort to thwart Fimbulwinter’s plans. In addition to the primary objectives of the plot, you will also have the opportunity to complete favours for a variety of non-player characters throughout the game. You have been granted one favour by Ratatoskr, which is referred to as A Stag for All Seasons. You are tasked with locating the Stags in Vanaheim as part of this Favor.

Finding all of the Stags will reward you with resources and an attachment for your shield if you do it successfully. There are a total of four Stags. The following provides you with all the information you require concerning the location of the Stags.

###Where To Find The Stags For All Seasons
You will need to finish a few Favors before searching for the four Stags, as doing so will allow you to enter previously inaccessible side areas. These areas will be open to you once the Favors have been completed. The first Favor is called Scent of Survival, and it is what allows you to access The Crater and The Plains in Northern Vanaheim. It also allows you to access the other Favors, which bring you closer to the Stags.

###Winter Stag
Following the conclusion of the Scent of Survival favour, the next favour, known as For Vanaheim, will become available. You will need to defeat Crimson Dread when you are getting close to the end of the Favor. After that, it will be necessary for you to rescue Birgir up ahead.

You will arrive at the location marked on the map just prior to the conclusion of the Favor, and you will be able to spot the Stag of Winter standing to your left close to the Mystic Gateway. When you get close to the Stag, a prompt will appear asking you to give it the food that Ratatoskr gave you.

###Spring Stag
In order to acquire the Spring Stag, you will need to finish the Favor Trail of the Dead. During this time, you will use boulders to kill the Ogres that are preventing you from opening the gate that is directly across from them.

Once the Ogres have been taken care of, you should make your way to the gate and unlock it. Once you enter, follow the path until you reach the Wishing Well, and there you will find the Stag of Spring standing in front of you.

###Summer Stag
In order to acquire this Stag, you will need to finish the Favorite Quest “Return of the River.” This will allow you to explore more of Vanaheim, as additional areas, such as The Jungle, will become accessible to you. After passing through the Mystic Gateway at the entrance to the Jungle, make your way to the boat and sail east of where you are, past the Ogres.

You will soon come across another Boat Dock; proceed forward while climbing the ramp and going through the crack. You are going to come across a location where you can make use of your Blades of Chaos. As you make your way across the massive roots, you will eventually catch sight of the Stag off in the distance. The Stag of Summer can be found right here.

###Autumn Stag
To obtain this Stag, travel to the Mystic Gateway at the entrance to the Crater, then proceed directly to the grapple up location. If you turn to the east, you will eventually come across the circular ruins of a building off in the distance. Pass through it, then make use of the zipline that is located at the end. At the conclusion of the zipline ride, turn around to look for an entrance where you will be required to make use of your Leviathan Axe. As long as you keep moving forward, you will soon come across a Mystic Gateway that leads to the Sinkholes as well as the Stag of Autumn.

You will be awarded the Pure of Hart trophy once you have located all of the Stags. Find your way to Ratatoskr, and he will reward you with 75 Whispering Slabs and a Rond of Disruption if you visit him (Shield Attachment).