God of War Ragnarök Guide – Temple Of Light

In God of War: Ragnarok, it is finally time to investigate the changes that have taken place in the realm of the elves. If you are planning on travelling to a region that is currently experiencing peace, we might have some discouraging news for you. It would appear that the Light Elves’ ascendancy to power did not immediately usher in an era characterised by love, harmony, and positive energy.

As you make your way through the twisting corridors of the Tower of Light, you will come face to face with a wide variety of Elf enemies. In addition to that, it is only natural that you will come across a never-ending supply of riddles and treasures. We will assist you in resolving some pretty challenging puzzles and guiding you to that deliciously delicious loot.

###The Strond
You are going to begin your journey in the Strond, which is Alfheim’s version of a desert. Before we get started with anything else, make sure that you read the Lore Text that is written on the statue. Continue climbing the rocky ledges while following Atreus and Tyr. When you reach a clearing that looks out over the desert below, you should immediately hop down to the ledge that is directly under you. This location contains a treasure chest, and if you open it, you can retrieve some slag. In addition to that, there is a Lore Marker that needs to be read. Now that you are back on the main path, crawl through the crevice and you will be reunited with your travelling companions.

When Atreus mentions that he can make out the sound of an animal in the distance, you will notice that there is another ledge just below him that you can hop down to. A Nornir Chest can be found on this ledge. The first rune is located to the left of the chest; in order to light the brazier with your Blades of Chaos, you will need to first destroy the rubble that surrounds it. Now, at the opposite end of the cave, concealed high up in the rocky overhang is another brazier. The last brazier can be found just beyond the ledge on the far right side of the screen. Upon cracking open the chest, you will find a Horn of Blood Mead inside.

Carry on along the path until you reach a gap that you have to jump over and find a huge tree. A raven can be seen perched on one of the branches of that tree. Take it out of there. At this point, you will come upon a fence that is encircled by Twilight Stones. If you point your axe at these rocks, a sliver of light will shoot off in that direction. This reveals the path that your axe will take after it ricochets off of the stone. It is safe to assume that you have successfully aligned yourself with the target of your shot when the beam of light changes colour to blue. Take aim with your axe at the Twilight Stone that can be seen through the hole in the fence on the opposite end of the arena. Using this method, you will be able to get through the fence and open the gate. Get ready to engage in some combat with some Wretches. Indeed, they are also present.

When you have finished off the Wretches, there will be another ledge for you to descend to using the rope ladder. Below you, there is a second chest that contains a Runic Attack accessory and a Kvasir poem. Both of these items are waiting for you. Now make your way back up, and proceed along the primary path. You won’t have to wait long before you run into your first elf that carries a katana in each hand (nice). These foes will focus most of their attacks on slashing you repeatedly with their swords. You have the ability to parry each of these. They will also occasionally flee the area while leaving an explosive behind; however, you will have plenty of time to get some distance between you and them. In addition to that, they have the ability to guard. You need only block their sword thrusts and then hack them to pieces with your axe.

Proceed further only after you have finished off all of the elves. You will discover an artefact close to a second Nornir Chest when you search the area. You have reached a point in the game where you are unable to open this chest because you do not possess the key or other item required to do so. You will eventually come across a door that requires some wheel turning in order to open it. Just pay attention to what Atreus has to say and do as he says. You will run into a wall of light at some point. In order to break the crystal that is hanging above the entrance, you will need to ricochet your axe off of the nearby Twilight Stone.

###The Temple Of Light
If you stay on the main path, you will eventually come across a chest that is just waiting to be opened and looted. At the subsequent light wall, position yourself to the left of the Twilight Stone and shoot for the middle of the screen. Continue moving forward, eliminate some of the elves in the area, and then swing to the large stones hanging from the ceiling in order to traverse the gap. After you have traversed the gap, look to your left to locate a chest that has been concealed. Once you make your way back to the main path, you’ll find yet another chest out in the open.

You are going to make your way up a massive stone staircase. When you reach the peak, there will be a place on your left for you to hop down to the next level. Do so. Down here, you will engage in combat with a few Wretches before coming face to face with one of Odin’s ravens that is hiding behind a fence. Instead of aiming for the Twilight Crystal that is located in the same room as it, you should aim for the Twilight Crystal that is located to your left. The raven will be dispatched with lightning speed as a result of this. In this general area, one can also find a Lore Scroll. Finally, descend one more level, and you will come across a chest that contains a Runic Attack inside of it. After you have collected your enormous haul, you should ascend again and return to the primary path.

You will need to climb up to the area behind the Twilight stone, travel to the right side of the area and pick up a poem that is lying on the ground, and then aim at the stone from where you are in order to lower the next light wall. After this, you will come across a different variety of Light Elf known as the Light Elf Mystic.

This foe will shoot projectiles at you that move at a snail’s pace. If you want to get rid of this slow ball of light, throw your axe at it. It is a poor decision to try to avoid it. In addition, the Mystic has an attack that consists of a quick retreat followed by the launch of a light ball that moves in an erratic pattern. Just put a stop to these. Due to the Mystic’s high mobility, the most effective strategy for eliminating them is to first immobilise them with your axe and then whale on them to kill them. As the fight continues, more Light Elves—this time armed with swords—will make a beeline for you. Simply ensure that you focus your attention and resources on the Mystics first and foremost, as they are the more lethal of the two groups.

After you have eliminated that group, be sure to claim the treasure chest that was located nearby. Keep going forward along the main path until you come to another illuminated wall. You can descend by jumping down on the left, where there is also a large wheel to spin. But before you do that, you should first open the door that is nearby. After you have raised the Twilight Stone by pulling the chain, you must throw your axe at it while still holding the chain. If you are successful, the stone will become embedded in the wall of the room where it is located. Now, let go of the chain, and bring your axe back to your hand. This will allow you to cut the chain that is holding the platform in place. Get down on your knees and get your treasure. You are going to get a brand new hilt!

Once you are back on the main path, turn that wheel, and when the Twilight Stone reaches the bottom of the screen, hit the targets that are above it to make it spin around. When the purple side has been positioned so that it is on the right, you can let go of the wheel and ricochet your axe off of it to break down the light wall. After dispatching a few Nightmares, proceed to the room on the left side of the room to retrieve another poem. You will now proceed into the next room where you will engage in combat with two Light Elf Warriors.

The Light Elf Warrior wields a colossal Katana and prefers to lunge forward while delivering a sword blow. These assaults are in the realm of possibility. An additional projectile attack available to the Elf Warrior is one in which it sends a wave of energy in your direction. When the blue indicator appears, it means that they are about to launch an attack that deals a significant amount of damage. You can stun them by pressing the guard button twice in quick succession. You should be able to take care of them if you can avoid their attacks, stun them when the blue circle appears, and parry any other attacks they attempt to make.

After you have dealt with the Warriors, move to the far back corner of the room and descend to the level below using the stepping stones. You will find a chest that has been waiting for you down here. Get back on your feet and head to the spot where Tyr crossed the gap. You are going to cross by using those stones that are suspended in the air. However, before you talk to Tyr, you should take the left fork and retrieve the chest. You will first need to ascend to the platform, and then you will need to pull on the Twilight Stone in order to make it rock back and forth. Then, while the crystal is swinging to the right, aim your shot to destroy the light wall, and fire when the time is right. This is a little bit challenging, so you might need to give it a few tries. You will, however, be rewarded with a brand new accessory for your efforts!

If you keep moving forward, you will eventually reach a room with several Twilight Stones after climbing up some stairs. Here, you will engage in combat with a number of Light Elves. It is important to keep in mind that you will inflict a significant amount of damage on an elf if you manage to ricochet your axe off of one of those stones and strike them with it. After you have finished eliminating them, you will proceed across a light bridge and enter a room that contains a Nornir Chest, a spiralling staircase, and a hallway off to the side. First, make your way down the hallway.

Proceed to the end of this hallway, make the jump, and retrieve the chest that is located here. Proceed to ascend once more. Something peculiar will be brought to your attention by Atreus. In one of the nooks there is a glowing green spot that looks like a spot of algae. You can destroy it with a sonic arrow, which will then expose one of the runes needed for the Nornir chest. Proceed now by going back to the location of the chest. In order to open this chest, you must ring the bells three times in rapid succession. There is a line formed by two of the bells. One near the upper part of the chest, and another one quite far behind it. The third one was the one that you disclosed in that corridor just now. You should aim for the Twilight Stone in the hallway beside that bell if you are standing next to the chest. As soon as you have it, ring the bell that is above the chest, and then after that, the one that is far away behind it. You will be given an Idunn Apple as a reward for your efforts.

Proceed up the stairs, and get ready for a fight that’s going to be rough as nails. There will be a large number of elves present, and all of them will be here. The most effective strategy for dealing with this situation is to make use of the Twilight Stones that have been strategically placed around the room whenever you get the chance, and to retreat down the stairs and create a bottleneck whenever things start to get a little hairy. You will emerge victorious if you are willing to put in a little extra effort. Take care of the raven that is perched on the ledge in the distance before you leave the room.

In the following room, you will need to rotate the statues in order to adjust the position of the Twilight stone. You just need to pull the statues apart and shoot the green stones with Atreus’ sonic arrows until he tells you that the arrangement looks good. Next, ascend the stairs to the balcony on your right, and while standing there, hurl your axe at the Twilight Stone that is embedded in the statue’s shield. Before you leave, it is imperative that you open the treasure chest that is located on the second floor. Tyr will be waiting for you in the next room with the stone of twilight, which will make it much simpler for you to destroy the wall of light. On the other hand, there is a mystery surrounding this. You will find a statue to your right that has a growing green spot near their hand. If you fire a sonic arrow at the statue, you will be able to release a stone that has a grapple point in it. After that, you can hop across to the other side and open a chest in addition to reading the Lore Text.

Next, you are going to ride up in an elevator, greet Sindri, and have a look at one of those prophecies about the giants. Obtain whatever is in the chest before you leave this area. After all of that, you and the Light Elves are going to get into a tonne of little skirmishes with each other. The way forward is very straightforward from this point forward. There is nothing that you will need to worry about missing because there is nothing that you will miss. This will ultimately lead you to the boss of this world, who goes by the name Alva.

###Boss Battle: Alva
Alva is hiding a few secrets up her sleeve at all times. She has the appearance of being a cross between a Light Elf and a Light Elf Warrior in some ways. Her extremely rapid combos are comparable to an improved version of the Light Elf unit, and the feel of her glaive projectile is not dissimilar to that of the projectile attack used by the Light Elf Warriors. Additionally, much like the other two, she possesses an attack that is susceptible to being halted by your shield bash (pressing the block button twice in quick succession). If you do not successfully stun her when the blue indicator appears, you will be subjected to a particularly powerful attack and lose the fight.

The trajectory of Alva’s projectile is fairly obvious because she raises the glaive high above her head just before she launches it at you. You should be able to parry most of her standard combo, but she will occasionally finish it off with an unblockable attack that will require you to roll away from it. You should have more than sufficient time to retreat if you keep an eye out for that red circle. As the fight continues, she will also begin to employ an unblockable projectile attack in which she will send a wave of energy in the shape of a cross in your direction. Quite frequently, these projectiles will be packaged in pairs. On the other hand, dodging this attack shouldn’t be too difficult.

Your primary objective in this situation is going to be to parry her standard attacks, after which you will hit her with a punishing combo, and then you will break her guard when that blue indicator appears, which will provide you with yet another opportunity to deal significant damage. If you keep up this level of aggression, you will most likely be able to knock her out once or twice.

Once you have Alva down to her last few health points, she will begin the process of recovering. You need only strike her with your shield to put an end to her. Because she takes a significant amount of damage if you use your shield bash on her while she is healing, she should be on the verge of passing away at this point.

After you have finished off Alva, a chain of unfortunate events will take place that will eventually bring you back to The Strond. At the very moment that you are about to leave the temple, there will be one final treasure chest located on your right. You will have to engage in combat with waves upon waves of Dark Elves from this point forward. You won’t find any treasure or other valuable items here; just slash your way through the enemies. In general, the Dark Elves give off the impression of being weaker versions of the Light Elves that are nonetheless more mobile. They are able to fly away, but your axe will have no trouble pulling them down from the sky. You just need to make it to the finish line after putting up some resistance, and then you’ll be free to leave this area.