God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Lost Sanctuary – Exploring The Ironwood

It is time for Atreus to resume his journeys on his own once more. On the other hand, Sindri will not be travelling with him this time around. But there’s no need to be concerned because that doesn’t mean you’ll be going at it alone. You will have a companion in the form of the giant Angrboda. You would be gravely mistaken if you believed that the previous headlining mission that Atreus completed was an isolated incident. That was merely a taste of what was to come in the future.

It is abundantly clear that God of War Ragnarok is providing everyone’s favourite archer with some room to develop. This endeavour, in contrast to his earlier one, is a lengthy one that is broken up into several subtasks. Prepare to spend some time in the Ironwoods because you won’t be leaving the area any time soon.

###Exploring The Ironwood
When Atreus awakes, he will find himself surrounded by wolves. Stay with them as they enter a clearing. After you have done so, Angrboda, who will be your new partner in crime, will be presented to you. Following the exchanging of pleasantries, you are going to make your way into the woods. Because Atreus is not quite as mobile as Angrboda, you will need to aim carefully as she hops around rubble as you try to kill her enemies. Once you have made your way through the second hollow log, there will be a chest on the left side of the room.

Proceed forward along the trail, keeping Angrboda’s example in mind as you go. After you have traversed your third log, you will engage in combat with a band of Draugr. After you have eliminated them, look to your left and you will find a chest. You are no longer directly responsible for Angrboda’s actions at this stage of the mission. You are unable to issue any commands to her. In spite of this, she continues to utterly destroy those who stand in her way.

Right after you pass the fourth log, there will be a chest smack dab in the middle of the way. It is impossible to miss, and completing it rewards you with both forged iron and y’dalir timber. Shortly after that, you will need to shoot a glowing green object in order to expose a grappling point. As soon as you have traversed the chasm using grappling hooks, a pair of Nightmares will spring an ambush on you. Because Atreus can shoot arrows at such a rapid rate (especially in contrast to Kratos’ axe throw), the Nightmares are much easier to deal with than they would otherwise be.

Once you have finished off the Nightmares, proceed to the left. The next step is to take another left and ascend to the higher level. Take a Shattered Rune by destroying the barrel with your shot. Destroy the structure that was made with planks to obtain a Lore Scroll, and then head to the left of where you are currently standing.

First, blow down the gate, and then look over in the opposite direction to find a pulsating orb. If you shoot an arrow at it, it will release a grappling point, which will allow you to move forward in the game. After you have successfully traversed the gap using your grappling hook, you will be ambushed by two additional Nightmares. After you have finished them off, be sure to loot the chest that is nearby. You will have to swing across another gap, and then you will enter a massive arena with four Nightmares.

They are going to hold their position and charge their projectiles. If you divide your attention between the two of them and shoot the one that is currently charging their attack, they won’t have much of an opportunity to fire anything off at you. After you have finished off all four enemies, open the chest to retrieve the runic attack known as the Rampaging Ibex.

Get on top of the nearby stone slab, and then jump onto the trunk of the enormous tree that is directly across from you. You will have one or two more bouts of grappling to complete before you reconnect with Angrboda. Keep up with her as she travels down the path, but when you reach the first intersection, take a right and search for the treasure chest that is buried beneath the wooden structure.

If you keep going down this path, you will eventually find yourself in a race against Angrboda (don’t worry about missing anything, as far as we could tell, there are no chests or items that have been stealthily hidden away here). After the race, you are going to find yourself in the middle of a massive jumble of Tatzelwurms. At this point, all of Angrboda’s attacks will become available to use, and you will be able to call on her for assistance. Backtracking to the point where you entered the arena is a good strategy for dealing with the Tatzelwurms because it creates a bottleneck, which makes it simple to rack up headshots and ensures that you won’t be ambushed in the process. There are a couple of buckets dangling from the ceiling in this area, each of which contains a variety of useful materials for crafting. Be sure to take them out with your weapons and get your hands on the loot!

###Helping Angraboda With Giant Stuff
After that, you should follow Angrboda to her house. Before you begin riding Jalla the yak through the marsh on your own, you will first go through a few lengthy story segments. Although controlling Jalla is not exactly the same as controlling a boat, many of the same rules still apply. Be on the lookout for treasure wherever you see water that shimmers. A shimmer will also be emanating from the mouths of the enormous clam-like creatures that you see. When you finally leave Jalla, you can shoot them to make them spit out treasures for you. Then you should go and get them.

Once you have amassed a sufficient amount of fruit, you will be directed back to the tree house. Before you go out into the world once more, you will first watch a few cutscenes. You are going to be gathering roots this time around. You are going to be rudely interrupted by some Draugr, and I’m sorry about that. You will now have access to the abilities that allow Atreus to change his appearance. After you have dealt with the Draugr, leave the arena by going through the hole that they created. Instead of going in a direct line down the path, climb the ramp that Jalla came down from. There is a chest located in this area.

You are going to make your way back to the tree house now. After that, there is one more yak run to complete after you have finished removing the roots. You will have the chance to open a chest very early on in this one. Do not miss this opportunity. Because it is on the main path, all you have to do is get off Jalla when you come to it. After that, you will have to engage in combat with a horde of Draugr once more. As soon as you have finished killing them, you will be able to get back on that yak and continue your journey through the water. You should be able to hop up onto the platform on your left and grapple your way to the treasure chest that is directly across from you. Once more, we find ourselves on Jalla.

When you come across a painting along the way, navigate to the left and dismount Jalla at that point. You can get a hold of a relic if you come here. You should get back on Jalla and continue along the path. Following a ride in an elevator, you will engage in combat with several groups of hostiles. The first group consists of only a few Tatzelwurms, while the second is a massive brawl against a variety of Draugr types and a few Nightmares for good measure.

You will have another conversation with Angraboda, collect a few marbles, and then engage in a one-on-one fight to the death against a Wulver who resembles a Wolfman. They have a lunge attack that cannot be blocked and a swipe attack that can be blocked. When you have dealt a sufficient amount of damage to them, they will begin flailing wildly as they get closer to you. It is in your best interest to maintain your distance rather than attempt any shenanigans involving parrying. The strategy that should be used here is very straightforward. Move backwards, aim for the creature’s head, and make use of your dodge roll whenever it charges at you. Utilizing this method will make getting through this encounter much simpler for you. Be careful not to get too arrogant, though, because the Wulver is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage if it lands a blow.

When you have finished dealing with the wolf creature, make your way to Angraboda and continue following her. Take a sharp left turn just before the elevator and get the fruit. After that, when you are in the corridor, there will be a platform on the left side of the corridor. You can get another piece of fruit from this location. You will now find yourself reunited with Jalla once more. Your journey with Angrboda hasn’t quite come to an end just yet, but the remaining parts will be covered in the subsequent guide.