God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Lost Sanctuary – Freeing The Wolf From Gryla

This walkthrough walks you through the remaining content of God of War: Ragnarok’s The Lost Sanctuary section. Who would have thought that the world of Jotunheim would take up such a significant portion of the overall experience? It goes without saying that your time spent in the Ironwood will not soon be coming to an end. Both Atreus and Angrboda have now figured out their respective destinies, with Angrboda having just finished hers.

However, the Ironwood continues to hold many secrets and perils, and Atreus is getting to the point where he is ready to wrap up his time spent here. As a result, you will have to travel through the underground pit, jump over a few stones, and possibly engage in combat with a monster that truly lives up to their moniker. There is a great deal to discover in this location, and an even greater amount to pass up. We will, thankfully, lead you through the dark labyrinthine depths of the sinkhole, as well as the enormous, dingy cellar, and we will ensure that you do not miss any treasures along the way.

###Clear The Wretches From The Sinkhole
You will now be fighting Wretches while trapped in a sinkhole. Just how we had envisioned ourselves spending our time off. Destroying all four of the Wretch Nests is the objective of this mission. Down here, you won’t just have to battle Wretches; there are also a good number of Draugr to contend with as well. Even though it is very dark down here, Angrboda will light candles for you as you proceed, which will make the situation a lot more bearable.

###First Wretch Nest
Because you cannot enter the main chamber until you have successfully destroyed the first nest, it is impossible to avoid it. There isn’t much to this encounter, but you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you focus on the nest rather than the Wretches, as that will save you from having to fight a couple of dozen of them.

###Second Wretch Nest
In the main room, if you keep going along the wall to the left, you will eventually come across a chest. If you continue to follow that wall, you will eventually come upon a room that contains a Wretch nest, a few Draugrs, and another chest that is glowing red (with some pretty valuable crafting ingredients inside). You need to return to the main room. You will have to engage in combat with several Skjalfa.

###Third Wretch Nest
After you have eliminated all of the Skjalfa, proceed to the right this time (if your back is facing the entrance, that is). You are going to have to hop over a low ledge that has a torch to the right of it. Simply stay on the right side of the road at all times. You will proceed down a dim corridor, climb a few ledges, and engage in combat with at least one Draugr. Just continue moving to the right until you reach a room with a large, green obstruction and a chest. At this point, as is customary, you should use your sonic arrows to shoot the glowing green obstruction. This clears the way to the main room in the dungeon. Until you eliminate the Wretch nest located above, you won’t be able to access the chest’s contents. If you are facing the treasure chest, climb the nearby ledges to the left, and the nest will be right there for you to discover. Destroy the nest, then look to your left and take out the bucket using your firearm. After this, descend by jumping, turn left, and grab the treasure chest that was there before.

###Fourth Wretch Nest
After you have destroyed the third nest, you will be able to descend to the level below, where you will find yourself confronted by a bridge. You will proceed forward and cross this bridge. After jumping over a short distance, you will arrive at a room that contains a torch that has not yet been lit. Another obstruction made of greenery can be found to your left, while the main path can be found to your right. First, head to your right to clear a path to the main chamber using your sonic arrow, and then proceed to shoot the obstruction directly in front of you. You are going to light a second torch. You have to make a left at the next fork in the road. This is the path you should take.

If you take the path on the left, you will reach a legendary chest, and if you open it, you will be given the “Runic Potency” accessory. You should make your way back up, and engage in combat with a Draugr that is waiting for you there. Remove them, then stay on the main path by following the wall on your left. This will bring you back to where you started. You will now enter a small room that has a hole in the wall. If you look through the hole, you will see another green obstacle that needs to be shot. This will cause a hole to be blown in the wall of the room that you have just emerged from (the one that followed the bridge). Return to that location and remove the remaining nest.

After you have eliminated all of the nests, you should return to the point in the sinkhole where you initially entered it to face off against a Bergsra Mother. Because you lack attacks that can clear out groups of enemies quite as effectively as Kratos can, the Wretches that she spawns are more annoying. You should be fine as long as you continue to keep your distance while shooting the Bergsra in the head and rack up the kills. If you make it back to the surface, there will be a nice break waiting for you in the form of a linear narrative section. Climb back up! However, as soon as one of the wolves is captured, you will immediately be thrown back into the fray.

###Free The Wolf From Gryla’s Clutches
You are going to continue forward along the path in a direct line until you come across a group of Skjalfa. When you have finished removing them, you will be confronted with a massive log. Don’t enter it yet. Instead, make a vertical leap to the left and shoot your sonic arrows at the obstacle that is green in colour. After that, go inside the log, move through the hole you just carved out of the log, climb to the top, look through another hole, and fire another green stone. You will soon be able to navigate through the log without any problems.

You will find a Wulver waiting for you there. This fight may prove to be more challenging than your first encounter with Wulver due to the presence of additional acid-spitting Skjalfa that will accompany them. It is a good idea to use your wolf form to eliminate the Skjalfa when they appear. This will make it simpler for you to maintain your distance from the Wulver without running the risk of being ambushed.

From this point on, simply continue along the main path. While you are following Angrboda, you will come across a chest that is red (it is hard to miss). When you have reached the region surrounding Gryla’s home, you will have to climb up and then go around it. You will see a huge cage hanging from the ceiling with a hole in it somewhere in the middle. Shoot an arrow through the opening in the wall and make sure it lands on the green stone on the opposite side. This will cause the cage to fall, allowing Angrboda to rise to her feet. Once she is standing, she will clear the way for you to leap to the surface above.

Take a right turn when you reach the next area instead of continuing to follow Angrboda to the left. This location contains a chest filled with treasure. Now, proceed in the same direction that Angrboda did, and you will arrive in Gryla’s enormous kitchen. Even though you have a natural inclination to look around, there is nothing of interest to be discovered in this area. Just stick close to Angrboda as you make your way to the cellar’s entrance.

As soon as you enter the cellar, you need to first shoot the barrel that is located to your right, and then you need to swing across the gap in order to obtain some Hacksilver. Move in the direction of Angrboda. Within this room, there is more Hacksilver concealed to the right of the entrance. In addition, there are a lot of breakable vases strewn about the cellar that you can shoot in order to earn a few extra bucks when you get home. You will be taken through a brief cutscene after you approach the lifeless snake, and then you will be brought back up to the main floor. Following a valiant effort to save the wolf, you will now have to engage in combat with Gryla herself.

###Boss Battle: Gryla
You are going to have to quickly take cover behind the walls as the battle begins. Simply follow Angrboda, sneak into the kitchen, and stab the bowl to complete the quest. There are no treasures to collect. You are going to get hit in the face, and then the fight will begin. Your objective in this game is to shoot the bowl at a time when it is weak. When the bowl is open to attack, you will be able to see the glowing rune that is located on the front of the bowl. After that, all you need to do is avoid her attacks.

Gryla is equipped with a few different damaging abilities. The first of her attacks is a stomping motion. You ought to be able to avoid getting hit by her as long as you roll away whenever she gets close to you. In addition to that, she can fire an unblockable projectile, but it moves very slowly. Additionally, she possesses a projectile that can be blocked, in addition to being moderately slow. After a certain amount of damage has been done to her bowl, she will collapse to the ground. At this point, the bowl is at its most susceptible to breaking.

After you have dealt a sufficient amount of damage to Gryla, she will begin to cast a spell that will cause the ground to pulsate in a red colour. This is a warning that you need to move up a level as soon as possible. If you are currently standing on the ground, hop up, and if you were previously standing on the counter, jump down. She will now have access to a new projectile that moves slowly but will lock on to you and follow you wherever you go. It is in your best interest to take out the projectiles before they arrive at your location. You have the ability to deflect these fireballs, but if you try to block them, you will be stunned. She will also continue to use her unblockable attack, which is much more difficult to avoid due to the fact that it is faster. Additionally, she will use it multiple times in a short amount of time.

You can now have Angrboda light candles, which, if Gryla comes near them, will cause her to become stunned. In order to have much success in this conflict, you are going to need to attract her attention to those candles. However, she will occasionally shuffle with her back to you. When this occurs, you should not give Angrboda the instruction to hit the candle until you have a better vantage point and can see what she is doing. At some point, she will cause the ground that you are standing on to begin pulsating red, indicating that it is time to move up a level. At this point, she ought to be very close to passing away, so simply continue luring her toward the candles and shooting the bowl at her.

You must now issue one final challenge to Angrboda in the form of a rematch and then race her back to her home. After you have viewed the cutscenes, you will be brought back to an environment that is more familiar to you. Although not necessarily one that is more warm and inviting…