God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Lower Wildwoods

###Survive Fimbulwinter
As soon as you leave the convenience of your home and give a friendly pat on the head to your pack of wolves, you will quickly find yourself on the path that leads to the temple that Atreus is so eager to show you. Continue to follow the path until you reach a tall wall that Kratos will have to scale using his Blades of Chaos. After you have climbed up, there will be a chest to your left that contains Hacksilver inside of it. When you have successfully destroyed the door using your blades, there will be a ledge to your left from which you can descend. There is some quicksilver buried in that area. You should now be back on the main path. You will come across a raider who is standing in a cave; however, before you are able to approach them, you will see a chain pull them away from the cave. This is not a good omen.

If you move in the direction that the chain was coming from, which should be to your left, you will come across a chest that is covered in brambles. Use your blades to torch the brambles in order to obtain some additional Hacksilver. Now, go back to the place where you saw the Raider get taken and take the path that leads in the opposite direction. You are going to have to take out a few Hel-Raiders, but don’t worry; they aren’t that much more difficult than the average Raider. After you have eliminated the Hel-Raiders, continue along the path, pass through the opening in the stone wall, and then follow the main trail until it brings you to a confined cave. One of Odin’s wells will be located to your right as you proceed. This simply indicates that there is a bucket located in the air above a very large hole.

If you hit the target above the bucket, it will fall to the ground. After that, descend to a lower level and seize the Shattered Rune. In this area, you will also find a chest containing Hacksilver. Climb to the top of the cliff and then crawl into the cave. You should expect to take out a few more Raiders in this area. As soon as you emerge from the cave, you will see a massive pillar standing in your way. You can move the pillar by utilising your Blades of Chaos. You will head upward as you follow the primary path, but before you climb up to the surface above you, you must first descend and retrieve the Hacksilver from the dead body that is located below you. When you have climbed to the upper level, you will need to grab the pillar that you just shifted with your blades and move it back to its original position (creating a platform to jump on).

To pull the rope to your right to its full length, there will be a chain that needs to be yanked and it will be located up here. You won’t be able to move it until you destroy the ring that is tethered to the rocks below it by the rope. Pull on the chain once you have finished destroying the ring with your axe. You are now able to descend the rope using the slide.

As soon as you make your way down, a large number of Raiders will ambush you. This is going to be the largest group of them that you have faced off against so far. You can use the dead trees that are nearby to perform a giant attack on your opponents. There are also Raiders on the other side of the chasm armed with slings and ready to fire projectiles at you, so get ready to dodge.

There are additional brambles to burn in the area close to where you dropped down. As you make your way through the tight crevice, continue to engage in combat with the Hel-Raiders. Here you will face off against your very first Hel-Raider Scout. You won’t have much trouble dodging her projectile, which is based on screams, but she does have one.

You will find your very first piece of Lore Text scribbled on the wall at this point (it is glowing, so it is pretty hard to miss). Jump to the lower level, defeat the other Hel-Raider Scout there, and open the chest to retrieve the Hacksilver. Climb the ice wall and then make your way back up to Atreus. As soon as you reach the summit, you will engage in combat with additional Hel-Raiders. The Huntress will rudely interrupt you as you attempt to scale the subsequent ice wall when you try to climb it.

###The Huntress
The Huntress is a boss that acts more like a mid-boss. During this battle, you will not be able to use your shield, and as a result, you will not be able to stop or deflect any of her arrows. Your primary objective is to attack her horns while they are illuminated, and once you have done so, you can deal more damage to her while she is helpless. The Huntress is equipped with four primary attacks.

If you get too close to her, she will kick you with her front legs. She will do this if you get too close to her. She will shoot a barrage of arrows at you when you are at a safe distance, and when they hit the ground, an explosion will occur. It is a bad idea to roll in the direction of the arrows; you should roll away from them instead. Her other attack consists of scattering arrows that detonate when they hit the ground. This is not one of her more powerful moves because there will be plenty of time to move away from them, so she is using it. Last but not least, she has a four-shot combo with her bow, and each shot follows a very specific rhythm. If you continue to repeatedly press the dodge button, you will eventually take damage from one or more arrows. Make every effort to avoid the arrow the moment you hear her let it go.

You should prepare yourself for a barrage of arrows from her because that is the attack that is most likely going to make things difficult for you. Hold your breath until she lets go of the arrows, then start rolling away from the danger. The majority of this battle will consist of playing a game of keep away as you wait for those horns to begin glowing and then attempt to hit her horns with an axe throw. Bear in mind that if you are successful in freezing her, her movement speed will be drastically reduced, and she will become a lot less dangerous as a result. You have the option of taking a more aggressive stance with your Blades of Chaos; however, you are going to want to be extremely mindful of your attack range, as if you get too close, you risk receiving a hoof to the face, and you do not have a shield to protect you in this situation.

###Entering The Temple
After you have defeated The Huntress, retrieve the materials needed for crafting, and then adorn your Axe with runes. Climb up the wall, go to the left, and grab the lore scroll when you get there. At this point, you should follow Atreus into the temple. This location is home to yet another of Odin’s wells. After you have successfully hit the target above the bucket, you must then jump down to retrieve the Hacksilver. After entering the courtyard, immediately turn to the right and look for a small opening in the wall. Crawl through here and loot the chest for some Forged Iron and Hacksilver.

A second chest can be found in the courtyard, this one situated on a raised platform above. Climb up and get more Hacksilver. You will initially be unable to pull the pillar to the side once you reach the bridge; however, this is a requirement that must be met in order to proceed. It is necessary for you to remove the pillar by sawing the tree that is supporting you in half using your axe (it is pinning the pillar down). When you have finished doing so, you will be able to use your Blades of Chaos to pull the pillar to the side of the room.

Make sure to open the chest and raise the gate on the way back to your house so you can get the materials you need for crafting. You will come across a massive stone slab that is cracked all over. You will be able to break through it and access another chest if you ascend to the level above it, look down on it, and then crash down through it.

After that, you should make your way back up, kick the chain down, and kill the Raiders. You will engage in combat with the Raider Chief; however, in spite of his incredible toughness, he is, in equal measure, very slow. Therefore, you should simply back away while whipping him with your blades, and you will be finished with him in a relatively short amount of time. The only thing left to do is make your way back to your house. There will be a long-lost companion there!