God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Runaway

In God of War: Ragnarok, following a brief period of miscommunication, the player will once again assume the role of Atreus, who will go out into the world in an effort to stop something that is unavoidable. In the course of completing the Runaway quest line, Atreus will travel all the way from the frozen wasteland that is Midgard to the beautiful setting of Asgard.

During your travels, you will have to scale a massive wall, as well as seek shelter beneath a gargantuan turtle. In addition to this, you will have to fight your fair share of the undead, including a brand new enemy type, while simultaneously looting a healthy number of treasure chests. This guide will make solving any puzzles you come across much easier for you, and it will ensure that you get your hands on every last treasure.

###Back In Midgard
Following a series of unfortunate exchanges with your father, you will find yourself stumbling through a gate and finding yourself in the frozen wilderness of Midgard. In this area, you will face off against a sizeable army of Hel-Raiders as well as a few of these Legion-style foes. In spite of the fact that there are a great deal of them, Atreus is not his father, and he is able to easily put some distance between them. In addition, the arena in which you engage in combat with these foes is very spacious, giving you a great deal of room in which to manoeuvre. Simply take out the Hel-Raiders’ legs by shooting them, and while you’re running away, keep an eye out for their heads. After you have finished cleaning up this area, you should search for a log that is blocking a pathway. You will be transported to a new arena if you interact with the log, and this time you will be facing off against a Wight.

The Wight is a horrifying new variety of foe that has been added. You won’t be able to use your runic arrows because this apparition is immune to being hurt by magical attacks like the ones you normally use. Instead, you are going to concentrate on hitting it with the arrows you normally use and your close combat strikes. The Wight will rely primarily on projectiles in its attacks. Each and every one of these can be avoided. There is a chance that the Wight will charge forward at you and slam into you as part of its attack. This can also be parried, but the timing has to be just right. To our great relief, this attack does not deal a significant amount of damage.

Another one of the Wight’s attacks has blue borders, and it can be stopped with a shield bash if you time it right. It is sufficient to strike the spectre with melee attacks, shoot it with arrows while simultaneously parrying its attacks, and it will be defeated in a short amount of time. When you have successfully killed the Wight, it will disintegrate into three Wisps. Runic arrows can be used to take out the Wisps. After that, when they are immobile, use a close-range attack on them to knock them down and send them flying. They will blow up not long after that.

You must now look for another log, lower it, and engage in combat with the final group of foes. Most notably, you will engage in combat with a gigantic Hel-Raider that wields an axe. This guy has a powerful punch, and he cannot be rendered immobile by having his legs kicked out from under him; however, he is VERY SLOW. Therefore, you should simply aim for headshots while moving away. It is unlikely that he will be successful in pursuing Atreus. Therefore, eliminating him shouldn’t present much of a challenge for you. After you have finished clearing out this area, you will be able to shimmy across a ledge and enter the Sanctuary Grove. Which once served as Freya’s regular hangout spot. There isn’t all that much to keep you occupied around here. You can get to Asgard if you investigate Freya’s dwelling, light the fire, and call upon the ravens for assistance.

###The Path To Hrimthur’s Wall
After you have arrived in Asgard, you will have to make your way through an environment that is very rocky. You will face off against your long-time allies, the Grims, in this arena. In light of this, you should brace yourself to be sprayed with acid and to face a barrage of flailing claws. Just keep your attention focused on taking out the acid-spitting Grims who are clinging to the walls and kicking the legs out from under their counterparts who are more focused on melee combat. You shouldn’t leave this arena until you’ve opened the chest that’s located in the far left corner of the room.

You will find a cave and a treasure chest if you move along the left side of the arena as you move around the arena. You will also come across a few more Grims for you to battle. After you have eliminated all of them, go inside the cave, and when you emerge from the other side, you will find yourself facing a glowing tablet from which Wisps are emerging. It should go without saying that you have to destroy that tablet and eliminate those Wisps. After you have accomplished this, you will have to engage in combat with a few more Grims, and then you will search for a squat cave.

As soon as you emerge from the opposite end of that cave, you will find yourself up against some Gulons. These Gulons are a little bit different from the others because they will destroy themselves as soon as you set them down. When you see something like this happening, you should simply get some distance from them. The next step is to look for a place where you can ascend. After you have located it, you will have to travel along a winding path in order to reach a Legendary Treasure Chest that is covered in vines. On the other hand, we have only recently discovered a solution to this issue in the previous world. Make use of your Sigil Arrows, which are the purple arrows, to create a path of Hexes that leads up to the brazier that is located on the higher level. After that, shoot the brazier to set off a chain reaction of explosions, which will remove the vines from the chest by burning them. You will approach the barricade that is located higher up in the same manner.

###Climbing Hrimthur’s Wall
Following a pleasant exchange with Skjoldr, the next step in your journey is to scale the towering heights of Hrimthur’s Wall. However, before you begin climbing, there is a chest to your left that contains a treasure. So you should start by gathering that. Just follow the indicators that are painted on the wall. The climbing challenges are virtually impossible to botch. At some point, you will reach a ledge where you will engage in combat with a Wight as well as some Wisps. The best strategy for you would be to use a runic arrow to shoot a wisp, and then immediately use it to attack the other spectres. After you have dealt with all of the spectres, look up into the sky. There is a chain that must be destroyed using your sonic arrows in order to proceed. To reach the cave, you will need to free the chain, climb it, and then do a little more rock climbing until you reach the ledge.

This cavern is teeming with nefarious characters. Wisps, on the other hand, can be found among some of the antagonists. To accomplish this, first bring down a Wisp, then kick it, and finally blow everything up. You should make your way deeper into the cave. This location actually has one of those tablets that creates wisps. Obliterate it. After that, eliminate the rest of the adversaries that are still standing. There is a chest inside this area, as well as a pouch containing Hacksilver close to the entrance. After gathering everything, proceed to the cave’s exit located at the opposite end.

When you emerge from the cave, you will see two enormous boxes that are held in the air by ropes. It is necessary for you to rip out the two pieces of metal that are fastening the box to the mountain. You just need to use your sonic arrow to remove the green metal fastener that is located on the right side of the box. After that, hop down to the left, jump across the gap, and then you will be able to see the other fastener; remove it as well. Once you’ve done that, return to the first box. You have the option to cut the rope, which will speed up your ascent. And once you get to the top, what can you expect to find there? Naturally, there should be more Wisps! First, pierce them with a runic arrow, and then proceed to attack them with close combat techniques. That is the simplest way to put it. Climb to the top and retrieve the chest in red.

You have some more climbing to do, and then you will finally come face to face with Heimdall. The fact that Heimdall is a jerk is neither here nor there; the point is irrelevant. You are going to follow him from now on. The majority of this information will consist solely of narrative, but along the way, you will have the opportunity to acquire a bag of Hacksilver. As soon as you take the lift down, Heimdall will get your ride ready. However, there is a chest to your right that you should open before you get on. Open it. At long last, he’ll take you inside a ring or arena. You will have no choice but to engage in combat with a small number of Einherjar in this area. At this point, you are familiar with the procedure, which is to maintain your distance, attempt to disable your opponents’ legs in order to slow them down, and then aim for the head. After that, you will engage in a skirmish with Heimdall himself, which you cannot hope to win.

After all of that action, the game will now consist solely of following the characters around. You will walk in Odin’s footsteps. When he is finished showing you around the location, he will tell you to clean out the dresser in your room. There are some good things to be found in there! There is nothing left to collect after this point onward. You just need to stick close to people and engage in conversation with them, and you will eventually find yourself in a different world that is marginally less enjoyable.