God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Upper Wildwoods

###Survive Fimbulwinter
You will start your journey with an exhilarating run through the forest, followed by a moment that will break your heart when you return home. In a short time after that, you will embark on a mission to find your son, Atreus. First things first, seeing as how this is a God of War game, as soon as you set foot on the path, you will immediately be confronted by a band of Raiders and forced to engage in combat with them. These are your most fundamental adversaries; to defeat them, simply block their telegraphed attacks and don’t give them the opportunity to sneak up on you from behind. After you have eliminated all of them, you should continue along the trail. There will be a healthstone located close to the giant bear that has recently passed away.

You will eventually reach a gap in the terrain that requires you to use your axe to hack your way through a downed tree. But before you go ahead and do that, turn right here. This location features a treasure chest that contains some Hacksilver. Following that, there is a dead body lying next to a bag containing some Hacksilver, and just beyond them, there is a fork in the road. The main path is on the right, while another chest containing Hacksilver can be found on the left (as indicated by the trail of blood). You will have to navigate your way through a narrow cavern before emerging into a large open area populated by a variety of different raiders. Once you have emerged from the cavern, continue along the wall that is to your immediate right. You will discover some Hacksilver lying next to a dead body.

You are about to run into the first Raider Scout of the encounter. These foes are quick, agile, and vulnerable all at the same time. A direct blow from the axe to the top of their head should be enough to put an end to them. After you have dealt with all of the raiders, you will climb to the top of the building and retrieve some Forged Iron from the chest. As you make your way deeper into the cavern, you will discover additional Hacksilver in another chest and on a body nearby. You will descend by jumping and kill several Raiders below you. When you do, make it a point to investigate their final resting place. There are a few Healingstones and some Hacksilver that have been left behind.

Continue along the solitary tunnel that leads out of the cave. You will face additional raiders, some of which will have slings at their disposal. Kill them with your Axe throw in the gaps between mauling their allies who are focused on close combat. After you have scaled the wall, you will come to a chasm with a chest of gold on the opposite side. Jump over there and take the Forged Iron and Hacksilver that are contained within it.

If you continue moving forward, you will reach a clearing where your first boss, Bjorn, will be waiting for you to challenge him.

###Boss Battle: Bjorn
The most vital information that Bjorn imparts to you is the distinction between yellow attacks, which can be blocked, and red attacks, which cannot. A massive circle will appear around Bjorn as a warning sign whenever one of these attacks is about to occur. The expansion of this circle provides information regarding the timing of the attack. When the fight first begins, Bjorn’s attacks are fairly predictable and easy to anticipate. After he has taken a few swipes at you, which you can easily block, he will rear up onto his hindlegs and slam himself down onto the ground. This is an attack that cannot be stopped under any circumstances (once again, for emphasis, as denoted by the red circle).

If you successfully parry the swipes, you will have enough time to add your own light axe swing in the space that is left between each swipe. When Bjorn rears up for his unblockable attack, you should get some distance, throw the axe at him, and then immediately recall it as it ricochets off his head and into the air. This will allow you to avoid taking damage from the attack. When the invincible attack indicator appears, it means that Bjorn is about to charge you if he is kneeling or standing on all fours. Prepare yourself to sidestep to the side.

As the fight goes on, Bjorn will begin to finish his swipe attack combo with an attack that cannot be blocked. This attack will become more powerful as the fight goes on. As his health bar decreases, the combo will also continue for a longer amount of time. This won’t be a problem for you once you’ve mastered the rhythm of parrying, axe swinging, parrying, and so on. If you mistime a parry and block instead of parrying when you are confronted by Bjorn’s combo attack, there will NOT be enough time for you to parry any additional attacks that come your way. Simply defend, and get ready to roll when the final attack, which you cannot stop from happening, comes.

In his final stage, he will begin chaining together his unblockable attacks, frequently performing the ground slam multiple times before finishing with his charge attack. His charge attack is his finishing move. But Bjorn still gives away all of this information, so all you need to do is get some distance and get ready to evade the charge. After you have vanquished Bjorn, Atreus will show up to congratulate you on your victory. On the way back to your house, you will travel a path that is much more direct and a lot shorter. You only need to keep following the path, eliminate the invaders, and then you will be back at your home. It is time to reward yourself with a deserved period of rest.

I was joking, but a God of War never gets a moment’s peace. You are about to watch a new cutscene, and then you will do battle with your second boss!

###Boss Battle: Thor
Right off the bat, Thor possesses two attacks that cannot be blocked. The first one is a grab from close range, and the second one involves him charging forward to get a hold of you. Because the close-range grab can happen quite suddenly, you should make a beeline for the exit as soon as you see the colour red. We can count ourselves fortunate that its range is not very far. Because the charging grab can usually be seen coming, it is significantly simpler to avoid it. After that, Thor will begin to strike you with his fists. Simply parry their attacks and punish them as appropriate.

You have two options available to you if he winds up for a giant swing: either roll to the side or parry it. If you miss your timing and block the punch instead of the punch, the massive blow will stagger you, and he will land a giant kick immediately afterward. However, if you parry the giant swing, you will get the opportunity to punish Thor with a big attack of your own; however, if you miss your timing and block the punch instead of the punch, you will block the punch instead (this is unavoidable). Therefore, if you aren’t feeling particularly confident in the timing of your parry, the dash isn’t a terrible option to consider.

Thor has the ability to generate a massive shockwave simply by bringing his hands together and slamming them together. It is best to sidestep his thunderclap. When he uses that move, simply strafe around him to avoid it; rolling away will not save you.

The Second Stage of Thor: It Is Time to Slash Questions
After you have inflicted a sufficient amount of damage, the axe will be given to you. However, despite the fact that you have your axe, it is not advisable to throw it very often (or at all) during this phase because Thor possesses a number of attacks that can quickly close the distance, and he is also quite skilled at avoiding your axe throw. This second phase is very similar to the first in most respects, with the exception that Thor now possesses a strong ground slam attack. Thor is getting ready for this assault when he raises both of his arms above his head in a combat stance. You have to sidestep away from him as quickly as possible, or else you will be eliminated. You need to respond quickly to this attack because of how startlingly fast it is.

The third phase of Thor, known as Hammer Time
In the third and final phase of the battle, Thor finally obtains his hammer. Now, at the end of his regular combo, he will finish with an unblockable hammer swing, and you will have to sidestep to avoid getting hit by it. His close-range grab attack, which could not be blocked, has been replaced with a similar unblockable hammer strike. Additionally, he possesses multiple projectile attacks, but they all function in the same manner: he will reel back, and then fire them at you in a line.

You need to time your dodging so that it occurs just before he unleashes the projectile; if you do it too early, he will readjust and hit you. You can throw your own axe at him in the lulls that occur between his projectile attacks, which typically come in pairs.

The fourth incarnation of Thor, known as the God of Lightning
The final phase of this battle is the same as the previous one, but now he has an attack in which he will slam his hammer into the ground multiple times, causing lightning to erupt from multiple places in the stage. However, all of the locations in which lightning will strike are clearly indicated, and this move locks Thor into place. Therefore, this presents an excellent opportunity for you to cause harm to the other party. Because he relies so heavily on this attack, the fourth phase is actually a more straightforward version of the third phase as a result of this. Simply repeat what you did in the third phase, and make sure to avoid any areas on the ground where there is evidence that lightning will strike.

After you have completed the final phase of Thor’s quest, your actual journey will start in earnest. Good luck!