God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Weight Of Chains

The Weight of Chains is one of the earliest Favors you will find in God of War: Ragnarok, and it is also one of the most important. You will travel from island to island, searching for a cryptic key, and finally boarding a massive whale in order to set it free from its captivity before the end of the mission.

This is a dynamic quest that presents a number of different puzzles, as well as a large number of different encounters with enemies. During the course of this quest, you will have the chance to claim a number of treasures, clean out a Draugr Hole, and kill a couple of Odin’s Ravens. The most important thing is that you will be able to assist in the release of a magnificent creature from its dungeon.

###The Watchtower
You will want to make your way to Radsvinn’s Rig, which is the mining rig located on the right side of the Bay of Bounty. This is where you will want to go in the Bay of Bounty. You can find Sindri’s popup shop in the area close to the base of the rig. A tower can be found to the right of this rig, and the base of the tower is surrounded by rocks. You can get rid of these stones if you aim your fire at the explosive jars that are located nearby. Climb up, and the Weight of Chains questline will be available to you to begin. There are a few things that need to be taken care of before you leave, so make sure you do those before you go. First, let’s take care of the most dangerous one so we can move on. There is a hole made by Draugr up here, and it needs to be covered up.

###Boss Fight: The Hateful
There is a chance that The Hateful will appear in each and every one of the draughr holes. The majority of the time, these foes present an insurmountable challenge. The iteration of The Hateful that you face off against at The Watchtower is, on the other hand, by far the easiest of the three. This iteration of The Hateful possesses a ranged attack in the form of a projectile that moves in a linear fashion along the ground. As soon as The Hateful raises both of its hands above its head and the telltale red indicator appears around it, you will know that this attack is about to be launched against you. You should be able to avoid getting hit by this projectile attack if you simply roll to the side as soon as they slam their axes down on the ground.

After that, The Hateful will swing their axes at you in an attempt to kill you. The Hateful in this iteration seems to move more slowly than their more powerful brethren, which means that it is typically not too difficult to successfully parry their attacks. If you want to avoid getting hit by one of their unblockable attacks, you need to keep an eye out for the red indicator and sidestep whenever it appears. When we talk about attacks that can’t be blocked, we should mention that The Hateful has a fast-moving, unblockable, sprinting double-uppercut axe swing in all of its versions. This is without a doubt the move that poses the greatest threat. Therefore, in the event that you observe The Hateful slamming its foot on the ground, you should get ready for an attack that is surprisingly swift.

After you have vanquished The Hateful, return to the Draugr Hole and retrieve all of its treasures. Then, using your axe, take out the raven that is flying around this platform, which is the same one as the Draugr Hole. You can also retrieve the contents of a chest that is coloured red from this location. Now is the time to get out of The Watchtower and into your boat. You are going to paddle to the mining operation that is the farthest to the north, and its name is Althjof’s Rig.

###The Island Near Althjof’s Rig
When you get close to Althjof’s Rig, you will notice a small dock that has a blue flag flying above it. Bring your boat ashore, and then go exploring on this island. Your path will be blocked by a pile of stones; to get around this obstacle, simply throw your axe at the explosive jar that is located nearby. Proceed up the path, eliminate the Wretch nest, and then detonate the explosive device on the next pile of stones to the right of the gate. You’ll need to wriggle along the outside edge, climb up, and remove another Wretch nest.

There is a massive wheel in this area; turn it so that it faces Kratos, then throw your axe at the gear in the ceiling in order to stop it from moving. Now, crawl along the outside edge of the platform once more, but this time move to the right. Step into the elevator, and bring to mind where you put your axe. After being transported to the highest level by the lift, you will need to break through the cracked stone tablet that is located on the ground in order to enter the room containing the Bergsra Mother and the chest of red treasure. After you have defeated the Bergsra Mother, you will be able to access the chest and take the key with you when you leave this island.

#Repair Yourself To The Guard Tower
You will now head back to The Watchtower once you have the key from the island in your possession. Place the key into the lock on the door, and proceed into the room that contains the large drum. Raise the level of the drum so that Atreus can shoot. Because of this, the mighty Lyngbakr will emerge from its hiding place at the bottom of the lake. You will now have access to Lyngbakr Island, which was previously unavailable to you. Come crashing down from The Watchtower, get in your boat, and start paddling in the direction of the enormous whale.

###Lyngbakr Island
#Cutting the First Link in the Chain
You will need to climb up the whale after you dock your boat at its base. You will face off against a number of Draugr in this encounter. After you have finished off the Draugr, make your way towards the back gate. You won’t be able to pick it up, but there is a pile of rubble to your right that has an explosive jar nearby. Take a swing at the jar, and break up the rubble. Now, cut the pillar down, which will result in Lyngbakr raising one of his flippers. If you are able to sever the chain that is holding said flipper, then you will be one step closer to releasing the magnificent beast.

#Cutting the Second Link in the Chain
Come back to the spot where you fought the Draugrs after climbing up there. There is going to be a space to the right of the ledge that you climbed up on. You will have to fight a Draugr and two Nightmares once you get on the other side of this gap. Next, ascend the chain to your right, where there is a rune tablet, and read it. To the left of the Rune Tablet is where you will find the grapple point. Make use of that to get to the other side of the river.

When you finally make it to the other side of the chasm, there will be a chest waiting for you there. You will engage in combat with a new Draugr as well as several additional Nightmares. Now, bring the nearby chain to the ground by kicking it. After descending to the lower platform, cut the second of Lyngbakr’s chains with your sword.

#Cutting the Third Link in the Chain
The colossal whale will uncover a Wretch nest after moving its flipper, which will cause some debris to become dislodged and fall to the ground. If you are successful in destroying the Wretch nest, you will gain access to a device that generates explosives. Get a hold of the explosive and toss it at the debris that is nearby. This will open a chest that is red in colour.

Go and get yourself another explosive, then make your way to the edge of the platform you uncovered a few moments ago by destroying that pile of rubble. In the distance, you will see a massive pile of rubble covering what appears to be a dock. To remove the rubble from the area, throw the explosive at it. Raise the nearby gate at this time.

Grab one more explosive, and when you get to that pile of debris that’s close to the chain that you climbed earlier, head in that direction (the one that led to the Rune Tablet). You will now be able to swing across the gap and claim the next red chest if you use the explosive weapon on the rubble. There is a cave not far away from this location as well. If you crawl through it, you will find another chest on the other side. In this area, there is also a raven that you can use as a target for your axe.

You are going to get into your boat right now, and paddle to the dock that you just pointed out. As soon as you reach the top, a band of Draugr and Nightmares will be waiting for you there. After you have finished off that group, you will go up against a squad of Grims. After you have eliminated all of them, grapple across the gap and loot the chest that’s on the other side. When you raise the nearby gate, you will be brought back to the section of the rig that contains the device that generates explosives. Grasp it, and then make your way back to the area where you were just fighting the Grims. If you clear away the pile of rubble, you’ll find another chest of the same colour.

Now that you’ve reached the bottom of the rope, open the Legendary Chest. You will now have the ability to break the last chain and set Lyngbakr free. However, once the chain is severed, he does not begin to move. Therefore, you must drop down, grab the chest, and paddle your boat up to Lyngbakr’s eye so that Mimir can attempt to communicate with him. Following a brief conversation, the favour known as The Weight of Chains will be finished for you.