God of War Ragnarök Guide – The Word Of Fate

It is now time to check in on the other protagonist of God of War Ragnarok after having spent a significant amount of time adventuring around Asgard as Atreus. And Kratos isn’t his cheerful self like he usually is. It is obvious that the recent occurrences have upset him. But he has a strategy in place. It is time to have a conversation with destiny!

This mission will have you ping-ponging around The Lake of Nine as you search a variety of different locations for the elusive and secretive Norns. The good news is that this will provide you with a number of opportunities to hunt ravens and gather treasures.

###Returning To Midgard
When you return to Midgard, the first thing that will happen is that you will talk to Freya in front of your house. Get back to your pack of wolves. You are going to get saddled up and travel to The Lake of Nine as soon as possible. You will arrive at The Lake of Nine after a brief period of slogging through the snow. Following the leads provided by your pack’s senses will make up a significant portion of this quest chain. They will tell you in which direction you need to go by pointing their nose in that particular direction. You could also simply follow this guide, as an alternative.

###The King’s Grave
If you follow the path shown to you by your pack of wolves, you will end up in the top-left corner of the map. When Mimir tells you that “The wolves seemed to have led us here,” then you will know that you have arrived at the correct location. You will now have to make your way up a snowy trail after hopping over a low ledge. There will, at some point in time, be a place to drop off passengers. When you descend into the clearing below, you’ll find a number of Hel-Raiders, Raider Scouts, and a Troll waiting for you there.

You should move around the arena while maintaining a safe distance from the Ogre and use your axe throw to eliminate the Raiders. When you kill a Raider, that individual will resurrect as a Hel-Raider after some time has passed. When this occurs, their health bar will turn blue, and you will need to deal fire damage with your Blades of Chaos in order to clear the first health bar.

Because Hel-Raiders are both too quick and too dangerous, we recommend taking them out one at a time in order to avoid overwhelming the arena with too many of them at once. If you can, maintain as much mobility as possible; otherwise, you risk being ambushed. Keep your distance at all times from the Ogre, as it should go without saying.

After you have eliminated all of the Hel-Raiders that accompanied the Raider Scouts and the Raider Scouts themselves, you can engage in direct combat with the Ogre. All of the Ogre’s attacks are predictable, despite the fact that they deal significant damage. You can either block most of their attacks by parrying, or you can just keep your distance and hit them in the head with axe throws. In either case, they will do so with sufficient speed. After you have eliminated all of the enemies in the arena, go to the centre of the arena and retrieve the sword hilt. Then continue along the path until you come to a chest that is coloured red. You are about to discover a previously hidden area that consists of… empty space. It leads to nowhere else. First, you need to kick down the barrier that is protecting the nearby ledge, and then you can hop down. You will eventually return to your pack of wolves.

###The Derelict Outpost
Your next destination will be located on the opposite side of the map, more specifically in the bottom right-hand corner of the paper. There will be a chest waiting for you once you arrive at the location. In addition, there is a raven off to your left. Take it out of there. You will come across a second seemingly solid wall, but just like the first one, there will be nothing hidden behind this one either. You are about to come under attack from a Frost Gradungr.

In order to defeat the initial incarnation of the Gradungr, you will need to make use of your Blades of Chaos. After you have depleted the first health bar of the Gradungr, additional Raiders will begin to enter the fray to assist the Gradungr. Maintain your concentration on the Gradungr, and try to get into a position where none of the Raiders can approach you from behind. The majority of the Gradungr’s attacks are able to be blocked; therefore, whenever you are unsure, raise your shield. You will, however, need to defend yourself against the lunges it makes (these always come in twos).

If you keep using your Blades of Chaos to attack the Gradungr, you will end up killing a good number of the Raiders without intending to. The Gradungr will succumb in due time, and when it does, it will be time to proceed.

###Well Of Urd
The next stop on our itinerary is the Well of Urd. On the map, you can find this location in the upper-right hand corner. As soon as you make it to this spot, you will have reached your destination for good.

The far back corner of the room will have a Nornir Chest tucked into it. In order for the runes to become active, you will first need to light the brazier. The first one is located in the vicinity. Now, if you climb up, you will see that the second is perched on a ledge just beneath the platform that is at the very top. Finally, when you reach the top of the area, the final Nornir rune will be on your right if you are facing away from the door leading into the next area.

When you have finished lighting all of the torches, you can descend from the top ledge to reach a chest. You only need to hop down one more time to access the Nornir Chest and retrieve the Horn of Blood Mead there. Now that you’ve returned to the top, begin hacking away at the wall. You are about to enter a region that contains a few Raiders for you to engage in combat with. You can hit the Raiders with your heavy axe throw as they jump down from the ledge above. This will cause them to collide with the wall behind them, which will result in their instantaneous deaths.

As soon as you reach the top, you’ll have to contend with another band of Raiders. This time, a Raider Chief will be one of those who are participating. These guys pack a serious punch, but they move at a snail’s pace and are very predictable. Maintain your distance from them and attack them with attacks that cover a wide range of their defences. After you’ve gotten rid of all of them, you should target the raven that’s sitting off in the distance with your axe. Alongside the wall, there is also a chest that is coloured red. You will need to scale the nearby wall in order to get into the cave. If you keep going along the left wall of the cave, you will eventually reach a chest. Now, you’ll need to torch some brambles, scale a wall, and hop your way up to the bridge that’s higher up.

A massive Traveller armed with a sword will stand in your way at this point. If this guy punches you twice, you might as well just end up dead. The Traveller, on the other hand, moves at such a glacial pace that it makes the Raider Chief look like a sprinting champion. Simply block his slow attacks, sidestep his overhead swings, and shield bash him when he attempts to block your blows with his sword. After you have finished him off, open the regular chest and the nearby red chest, and then proceed further into the cave to reach the next area.

The next group of foes that you will contend with consists of a pair of Dark Elves. You need only swing your axe at them while they are in the air, aim to sweep their legs, and stay out of the way of the fireballs that they fire at the ground (they will explode soon after they land). As you continue forward, you will encounter some Reavers who are armed with shields. The best way to get past their defence is to sweep their legs and shield bash them. After you have dealt with this group, another Dark Elf who is accompanied by some wolves will appear before you. After you have dealt with them, take the nearby chest that is coloured red. You will now face the extremely cunning Revenant, who will try to outwit you at every turn.

The Revenant defies categorization in many ways. She will be able to avoid any and all of your regular attacks. However, she has a lot of trouble avoiding the attacks that your partner is throwing at her. First, have Freya rain arrows down on the Revenant, and then proceed to launch your own powerful assaults. After you have defeated her, search the area for the treasure chest.

###Frost Phantom
This quest’s most challenging foe is called the Frost Phantom. It is a massive, amorphous clump of ice that has the face of a gigantic rune carved into it. Your target is the rune, which makes perfect sense. The Frost Phantom is equipped with a few different attacks. They fire a projectile, but you can easily avoid it by rolling to the side of the screen. They also have an attack that cannot be blocked in which they huddle together before descending upon you with all their might. Rolling off to the side is a solution that achieves the same effect.

Additionally, the Frost Phantom possesses a melee combo that can be used. They will begin by rotating horizontally, and then they will dive downward in an upward direction. This has a very broad application. In spite of this, you should never get too close to the Frost Phantom while you’re engaging in combat with it. Your objective is to take a step back and aim your axe at the rune that the Frost Phantom is guarding.

After you have brought the Frost Phantom’s stun to its maximum level, its obelisks will be defenceless, so you should go and destroy one of them. This will usher it into the second phase of its development. In this area, the Frost Phantom will have increased speed, in addition to two brand new attacks.

A single one of these brand-new attacks will result in the appearance of enormous ice crystals all over the arena. Get as far away from them as you can because in a minute or two, they will blow up. The shockwave attack is the other one that the Frost Phantom has at its disposal. Either you will need to move far enough away so that it disappears, or you will need to move through it. Neither option is ideal.

The strategy for the game will not change, despite the fact that the Frost Phantom will have more moves in the second phase. Hold your ground and swing your axe at the rune from a safe distance. After you have stunned it for the second time, you will be able to take out the second obelisk, at which point the battle will essentially be over. Be sure to retrieve whatever is in the nearby Red Chest.

You will now make your way through a murky and dark cave before emerging into an open area that has a door. As soon as you walk through the door, you will be ambushed by a sizable horde of Legion-class foes. You need only make use of your Blades of Chaos in order to keep these things at bay. After making the transition, you’ll find yourself in Mimir’s vision, where you’ll have to battle an endless horde of Nightmares, Reavers, and Revenants. You simply need to defeat foes for a period of time sufficient to hear everything the vision has to say.

After that, Kratos will have a clear view of you. It will be necessary for you to engage in combat with a significant number of Einherjar. In contrast to the other encounters, this one requires you to finish off each and every one of the enemies. The only real strategy involved in this one is to try to keep all of them in view at all times, despite the fact that you will inevitably be surprised by one of them at some point because they can appear from anywhere.

Now that you have reached this point, you will be freed from the visions, and you will be able to ride a Kelpie. Fun! Following the completion of a series of cutscenes, you will eventually find yourself back in the caves. A chest in the colour red will be found to your right. You’ll find a chest containing Hacksilver if you continue moving down the path and climbing up. Now is the time to venture into the nearby cave, where you will find the final Red Chest. In the room just prior to the one containing the chest, there is a slab on the ceiling that is cracked. Simply break through it, and you will find yourself relatively close to where everything began.

You will have the opportunity to acquire one more chest before you are brought back to your sled if you slide down the rope that is nearby. The questline for The Word of Fate will now be considered finished for you.