God of War Ragnarök Guide – Unleashing Hel

The narrative of God of War: Ragnarok is told from a variety of different points of view. Throughout the entirety of the game, we have been able to assume control of Atreus, who has been participating in a journey of his own. One of Atreus’ most significant story arcs comes to a conclusion of sorts with the chapter “Unleashing Hel.” In it, Atreus will be accompanied by Thrud as he travels through the realm of Helheim, which is known for being unsettling at all times.

This chapter focuses primarily on two aspects: fighting and solving puzzles based on different perspectives. You will notice, as is typical for the Atreus chapters, that there are fewer treasures to discover and that the path is generally more linear. However, despite this fact, we will not only direct you to all of the treasures that are available but also provide solutions to all of the puzzles that you encounter.

###Unleashing Hel
The first part of this chapter will involve a conversation between you and Odin in his study. You will be whisked away to Helheim with Thrud not long after your conversation with the allfather has concluded. Follow the main path, and you will come across a chest on the right side of the path. Almost immediately after that, you are going to run into a group of Hel-Walkers. After you have dealt with these enemies, proceed to the nearby fallen soldier and take the coin sack from his body.

You will encounter another group of Hel-Walkers if you continue to move along the path just a little bit further. This group will be accompanied by a few Nightmares and a few other troops, some of which will be equipped with shields. When dealing with units that have shields, the standard procedure is to remove their legs. Proceed through the gate by rotating the wheel to the left of the entrance.

###Docks Of Vadgelmir
When you first enter the docks and after you have opened the gate, you will be directed down a dock. The way will lead you to a gate that is locked. When you reach the final gate, take off your mask; this should cause the next conversation with Thrud to begin. You’ll notice Hel-Walkers descending from the area above as you make your way back to the docks. Eliminate them, and then have Thrud move the massive block that is close by. You will now be able to ascend to the higher level. After you have successfully climbed over the ledge, proceed to the left. This is the location of a Legendary Treasure Chest that has been hidden away.

You should quickly get to the opposite side of this area. You will soon reach a region that contains several gates that can easily be opened and closed using your sonic arrows. You will now have the ability to shoot the chain that is holding a large block, causing it to fall to the ground. You must go back to the point where you removed the mask and then climb up the block. You will now engage in combat with a number of Hel-Walkers as well as a Revenant.

Thankfully for Atreus, the fact that the Revenant is unable to avoid arrows means that they are not nearly as much of a nuisance for him to deal with. After you have vanquished them, search for a metal grate that has a barrel on top of it. First, destroy them with your sonic arrows, and then descend using the ladder. Below you will find a crimson chest that has been reserved specifically for you.

You are about to be surprised by a large group of Nightmares as well as Legion Troops. Once you have eliminated all of them, you should search for a chest that is concealed behind the nearby boxes. In the opposite back corner is a small pouch that contains coins. Once you have finished gathering the goodies, head up the stairs and remove your mask before continuing. While Thrud keeps the doors open, you should shoot the chain that is supporting a box off in the distance.

Turn around and make your way back down. Climb up the box, and you will find yourself engaged in combat with some fairly tough Hel-Walkers in a cramped room. Maintain a safe distance from the beefy one who is holding the enormous axe. After a few waves of Hel-Walkers have passed through, some Hel-Walkers that can throw projectiles will appear high above. Eliminate them as soon as they appear to avoid having to worry about being shot in the back by them. After you have eliminated all of the foes in a given area, you can spin the wheel to progress to the next level. In the far back corner of the room is a floor grate that can be destroyed. After you have successfully destroyed it, descend into the area below.

In the far back corner of the room is a chest. Proceed to the enormous crate that is blocking the entrance to the room. If you remove your mask, this will cause Thrud to act, and he will attempt to move the block, but it is being held back by a chain. While she is pushing, you should make a circle around the area and shoot the chain. Now, in the following room, you need to shoot the grate that is located in the ceiling, hop up, hook around, and grab the chest that is red.

Proceed at this time to the enormous stone gate. While she is firing her gun at the chain that is located in the upper right hand corner of this room, Thrud will open the door. When you have completed the task, the gate will open. Next, make your way toward the bridge in the area. You will engage in combat with a number of Hel-Walkers armed with shields. Simply make a sweeping motion with your hand across the leg.

When you have finished dealing with them, the following room will have a treasure chest waiting for you in there. Now, remove your mask and put it on while you are in the area around the closed gate that is not being blocked by anything. Because of this, Thrud will clean up the mess inside the enormous crate. Now, ascend to the top. There is a coin purse located on the left side. You can access a Legendary Chest that is waiting for you at the end of a dock from this location. You will be able to see a massive chain off in the distance when you are standing on the dock. You’ll need to shoot the chain in order to free up some space.

###Gnipahellir Landing
As you make your way back to Thrud, you will now run the risk of being ambushed by two Reavers. You won’t have Thrud’s help here. Just maintain your distance and shoot them with arrows to take them out. Make use of Ingrid as a distraction for them. The only thing that you are going to have to worry about is dealing with their projectile attacks, but you should have no trouble parrying those. After you have dealt with them, you should return to Thrud. You will now have made the way clear to proceed to the following section. Pass through the opening in the door, descend, and then open the chest. You have arrived at Gnipahellir Landing at this time. Now, continue along the main path, and you will be able to set a massive dog free. Simply engage in conversation with the tethers that are holding their chains. You are going to watch a few cutscenes once you reach this point.

You will find yourself back in the bowels of Odin’s study at this point. You will now be free to make your way back to the room you were staying in. You will be given the opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation that Thor and Sif are currently having with one another. After you’ve settled in, please let Odin in and then open the door for him. After the next scene finishes playing, you will find yourself back in your house in Midgard. It is necessary for you to eliminate an additional band of Hel-Walkers. Proceed through the gate to reach Sindri’s residence when you are ready. You will now engage in combat with an even greater number of Hel-Walkers. Just get rid of the Walkers, and when Freya calls for assistance in closing the gate, you should go help her. After that, you will enter a cutscene, at which point you will switch characters.