God of War – The Black Rune, Tyr’s Vault Water Puzzle solution, Grendels boss fight

###The Black Rune and Tyr’s Vault puzzle solutions
Now that you have successfully cured Atreus of his illness and have also finally told him the truth about your (and his) status as a God, it is time for you to resume your journey to Jotunheim so that you can continue on with your mission.

You need to go back to Tyr’s Bridge and the room on it that was once locked up that now serves as the entrance to Tyr’s Vault so that you can search for the Black Rune that you need to continue your quest.

To begin, use the relatively easy sand bowl that is located here. All that is required of you is to give the command to Atreus that he write the word that is displayed on the wall in front of him into the sand.

As soon as you enter the vault, Atreus will find the rune that you’re looking for, but it won’t be there for long before it’s encased in three protective rings that come together to form a massive floating orb in the middle of the room.

Your mission now is to break open those three protective rings, and the way to do that is by resolving the puzzles that are contained within the three rooms that are connected to this main room.

Stop the defences of the Vault from working.

First, you need to enter another room through the door that was previously closed but is now open. You’ll find a wind trap over there; in order to use it, you’ll need to collect the green wind from the spinning ring that’s located in the main room and then put it in the trap.

Because of this, the wheel will pop up and take the place of the wind trap. Turning it will open up two corridors leading from this first chamber: one will lead to a coffin chest, and the other will lead to the next side chamber that you need to reach in order to bring those defences down. Both of the passageways have mines and other hazards in them.

The route that leads to the coffin can be found to the north-east and is relatively straightforward to navigate. If you use your axe to hit the small disc targets that are located on either side of the large spinning blade disc, and then repeat the process for the target that is located behind it, you will be able to proceed through the final section of the corridor and reach the coffin.

The passage to the next chamber can be found to the north-west, and it is a more difficult one. Your first task is to time a sprint through the first two blades just after they separate from each other.

The next two blades will be spinning together, and you will need to hit a glowing cog on one of them so that it will stop spinning while the other blade continues to rotate around. When the two begin to align, call back your axe to unfreeze it, and you will have opened up a path for yourself to take around them.

As you explore the second side chamber, you will be able to bring up a cutscene in which Kratos will provide Atreus with some additional information regarding the gods.

An R Rune can be found on the north-easternmost corner of that wall, which is to your immediate right and behind you as you enter this room from the first side chamber. Use your axe to break it open; this is the first of three Nornir rune chests that are located in the area.

After exiting through the door to the south and returning to the main central chamber, collect some wind from the rotating rings, and then return to this room to place it in the trap. There are some foes that need to be vanquished first, but nothing overly challenging.

This causes another wheel to appear in the middle in place of the wind trap, and pulling it opens a door to the south-west, which leads to the third side chamber after passing through another set of traps, as well as a door to the north, which leads to the Nornir chest at the far end of the room.

The Nornir rune chest needs to be moved, so let’s get that out of the way. You are already in possession of the R. The letter N can be found on the pathway that leads to the following chamber in the south-west. In that passageway that was full of hazards, there was a section that contained some large rectangular blocks of stone that moved up and down. If you look up and to the right, you should be able to spot the N rune up in the top right above the stone that has been dropped down.

Now make a sharp left turn and head toward the corridor that leads to the chest. It is located to the north of where you are. This one contains masher blocks that move in a horizontal direction. When the first masher slams to the right, position yourself to the left so that you can aim for the cog on the second masher.

Now, as soon as the first one pulls back to the left, quickly and safely pass through on the right side.

You will find the rune on the first masher that is still moving if you turn around so that you are facing the direction from which you came. Bring back your axe and throw it at the second masher, which is the one that is now closer to you. This will cause it to become stuck in the open position, allowing you to run forward, punch the rune to obtain it, and then run back to the chest.

You can now open the Nornir rune chest to obtain another Idunn Apple and escape the same way you entered the room by stopping the masher that is closest to you from moving and running through it when the other masher opens.

Proceed now to the tunnel in the south-western part of the map, which leads to the third and final room.

After you have frozen the first vertical masher at the top of the screen by hitting the cog on the left side of it, stand underneath it and hang right.

When the second one goes up, you need to run to the right and into a small nook where you will be safe.

Move forwards inside as far as you are able to, and once the third masher begins to rise, you will be able to quickly escape to safety by running out from under it.

You have entered the third and last side room, and in this room there is a puzzle for you to solve.

###Tyr’s Vault Water Puzzle solution
If you read the runes that are on the wall in front of you with Atreus, he will share some lore with you about the two wolves that chase the sun and moon through the sky.

Repeat the process of activating the door to the East to enter the middle chamber, obtaining the wind from the trap, and bringing it back to the wheel to turn it; however, this time you won’t be able to get the wind right away. Instead, you will need to climb up the side wall of this central chamber using the gold markings and defeat the enemies that are located on the side balcony before you will be in a position to obtain a good angle to grab the wind from there.

You will be caught in a trap if you do not go back to the side chamber when you have the wind and turn the wheel that pops up.

This one is time-sensitive; you are basically drowing, and you will perish if you are unable to command Boy to get the symbols on the wall in the correct order in the allotted amount of time.

If you want Boy to move the symbols, you must first look in the direction of the lever you want him to pull and then press Square when prompted to do so. The following are the steps to take in order to solve the problem:

The answer to the puzzle of Tyr’s Vault Water

Middle lever
Left lever
Middle lever
Lever on the right
Left lever
Middle lever Right lever
It should turn out to look like this when it’s all said and done: the moon should be on the left, the disc should be in the middle, and the sun should be on the right.

You must be prepared to press Square when prompted during the cutscene in order to exit the game. Return to the main chamber where you started to retrieve the Black Rune and complete the task.

###Grendels boss fight – how to beat the Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost
Oh, if only it were that simple, right?

In light of the fact that you just recently defeated the Bridge Keeper, the double boss fight that awaits you as a reward for overcoming all of those dreadful puzzles and securing the rune is thankfully not the most challenging one you’ve ever faced.

Two distinct types of elemental trolls are known as the Grendels. Both the Grendel of the Ashes and the Grendel of the Frost are vulnerable to your Leviathan Axe, but the Grendel of the Frost is especially susceptible to your chains. To defeat either of them, you need only switch how you deal damage between them in order to do so. Simple! In a sense.

The most important thing to do in this situation is to concentrate on defeating one Grendel at a time. You can attack the appropriate Grendel with either of the two weapons at your disposal, so if you’d rather use chains, go after the Grendel of the Frost. If you’d rather use a sword, go after the Grendel of the Fire.

There are a few primary attacks that you need to watch out for, including a spinning attack in which they whirl their pillar at you a couple of times, which can be blocked; a sprint forward and slam attack; and the trickiest attack, in which they slam their pillar into the ground to bring up mini pillars from beneath you, which blind you if they connect with you.

Keep an eye on both Grendels at all times (normally one of them is doing this on the edge of the vision when you think it’s safe to attack the other), and just keep constantly moving and dodging, and you’ll be fine. The first two are easy to deal with, but the third, with the mini pillars, can be a real pain.

Life is a lot simpler when one of the two is down, so simply burst down the second at this point – but don’t get cocky – and when you’re done, you’ll earn another Chaos Flame for upgrading your chains. Life is a lot easier when one of the two is down.

With the Magic Chisel and the Jotunheim Black Rune in your possession, it is finally safe for you to depart. Your next destination will bring you back to the peak of the mountain.