God of War – The Magic Chisel, The Mason’s Channel and Northern Dock

###The Magic Chisel – The Mason’s Channel
The first location on your search for the Magic Chisel, which is one of two MacGuffins you’ll need to get to Jotunheim (the other being the Jotunheim travel rune), is a location known as The Mason’s Channel, which is visible from where you are currently standing in the Lake of Nine. This location is the first stop on your search for the Magic Chisel.

Go down to your boat and paddle in a northerly direction until you reach the two enormous oars that are crossed and being held by a couple of giant statues.

After passing through the other entrance, you will see a large gate that is locked on your left. Directly in front of you will be a place to dock, but the land itself is very limited.

On solid ground, you will see a peculiar apparition of a floating ghost hovering over a dead body. If you speak with this guy, he’ll give you a favour related to a side quest called “The Anatomy of Hope,” but you can worry about that when the time comes. Right now, your mission is to get that chisel, which requires you to first unlock the gate.

Proceed to the nearby large wheel and spin it in the same manner as before in order to unlock the gate; however, as you do so, be ready for a fight!

A number of foes, most of which are Dark Elves, for some strange reason, will attack, along with an Ogre. This foe can be vanquished in the usual way, which is to first beat it down and then, when prompted, hop on its back to attack the other foes nearby and eventually vanquish it from its perch.

After all of them have left, you should make your way back to the boat and then paddle through the newly opened gate.

As you make your way further into the caves, you will notice that they are beginning to become rather icy. Before you know it, you will find yourself in a genuine winter wonderland as the temperature suddenly drops.

At the opposite end, you will quickly reach a dock, and beyond that, there will be additional foes.

###The Northern Dock
You have arrived at The Northern Dock once you have berthed your vessel and made your way onto dry land.

Two new foes are standing right in front of you. These Wulvers, which are essentially werewolves but have more vicious attacks, are known as the Wulvers.

Investigate the Giant that has passed away.

After you have finished them off – keeping an eye out for the red rings that indicate unblockable attacks and dodging accordingly, countering where you can, and using Atreus to stun them when necessary – make your way to the large glowing ring that was once on the finger of the enormous giant who has since fallen. Thamur’s finger.

Your current objective is to get around this large finger, but there is another Hidden Chamber to the north; however, you should save that concern for later. First things first, shoot it with a shock arrow; that fiery gem is actually another fiery crystal that explodes.

This will cause it to fall to the ground, and you will now need to turn it to the side in order to bring it into contact with the ice so that it can be broken. To begin, you should rotate it to the right.

If you use another Shock Arrow to shoot the ring, the ice that is located to the right of it will break, allowing you to access the coffin chest that is located just inside.

After that, rotate it all the way to the left and continue in the same manner; the way forward is now visible.

After entering, you will find a cavern with a couple of Wulvers up ahead on the upper level, and another door to a Hidden Chamber at the bottom. As of right now, the Wulvers are in a frozen state; therefore, eliminate them using some ranged attacks before they come back to life, and then descend to the lower level.

Keep to the left and you will find a small ledge that is marked that you can climb up to find a walkway that will take you to the next level. Continue following it up and around until you find a gold chain, but don’t climb it just yet. Instead, continue just past it to another coffin chest, which contains some very useful armour.

Now, climb up that golden chain, and exit into the next area, which is The Frozen Lake around Thamur’s Corpse. Be prepared for more puzzles and battles to come after you enter this new area.