God of War walkthrough – Guide for PC and PS4

Our walkthrough is the main tale in sequence, assuming you don’t branch off. We’ll mention anything you can pick up along the road – a chest, collectable, or Shrine, perhaps – but we won’t guide you down lengthy, meandering dead ends. You may explore them on a whim, or we’ll cover them after the main story tour.

In other words, for a story-specific walkthrough that covers all the important stuff you encounter from start to finish, start here:



Back to Midheim and the Mountain:

Thamur’s Corpse:


Return to Midgard again:

Return to Helheim:

The final missions:

God of War tips

God of War is a straightforward video game in which the objective is to strike enemies in the face. But even directly hitting things in the face can present challenges at times, so here is a selection of information that will be helpful to you on your journey.

Don’t forget to stop attacking; yes, dodging and blocking can be more effective in some situations. In point of fact, you should be doing this the vast majority of the time: you are going to be attacked quite frequently by groups of enemies or by large enemies whose attacks you need to avoid at all costs. Because a full-on, button-mashing attack isn’t really an option, staying mobile is really the most important thing to do. When executed at the right moment, a dodge is the ideal way to set up some counterattacks.
Change up your tactics when you go in for the kill. Relying solely on your axe or your fists won’t get you very far. Some foes can’t be hurt by certain attacks, while others will fall much more quickly if you switch up your strategy rather than continuing to hit them over and over again. Make the most of everything that is at your disposal and use it all.

You should take the time to properly configure your runic abilities. Although the abilities in God of War don’t have a huge amount of differentiation from one another, you can configure them to cover a wide range of scenarios. Having an ability that paralyses or slows down enemies is helpful for buying yourself some breathing room. Another that deals significant damage with an area of effect is helpful in clearing them out. We equipped one that grants a burst of health, which proved to be the deciding factor in some of the fights where it was used. Changing them out before boss fights is also a good strategy.

Pay attention to the Beastiary book. It is normally the kind of thing that you can easily gloss over, but it actually contains some useful tips for tackling certain enemies, such as freezing flying enemies so that they can’t recover when you knock them up in the air for a combo. Pay attention to this book.
It’s a great feeling when you smash things into other things. However, it is recommended that you do so because it has the potential to kill enemies with a single hit when it would normally take several. It is possible to shatter an enemy’s frozen state by using a kick (a heavy attack while bare-fisted) to knock them into a wall. To make matters even better, slam them into another foe.
Kick enemies off of ledges is another useful strategy for getting rid of them. In a manner similar to the one described above, you can eliminate enemies by kicking them off of ledges. Even those that are airborne can be taken care of if you first freeze them with a powerful throw from your axe.
The majority of the puzzles can be solved with your axe. You can solve puzzles by throwing your axe at something, throwing it at something while you are doing something else, throwing it at multiple things in one hit, or throwing it at one thing and then moving somewhere else to recall it so that it hits another thing. It seems straightforward and clumsy, and to some extent, it is; however, it can actually produce some solutions that are surprisingly intricate!
Although most of your interactions with Atreus will consist of you yelling “Boy!” at him, he will come in very handy when it comes to distracting, stunning, or otherwise causing trouble for challenging foes. Utilize his presence to your advantage!

You should destroy everything you come across. There are pots strewn about the environment that, when broken, will award you with a handful of Hacksilver, which is your primary resource. However, other smashable items may occasionally conceal better treasure, healing orbs, or secrets.
Spartan Rage can be the difference between victory and defeat; however, waiting to use it until the very end of a battle may mean that you can only use it that one time, rather than multiple times as it builds up during the fight. Use it frequently, but do so wisely. It is usually in your best interest to pop it if there are more than a couple of enemies present and you are aware that more will follow. You’ll have built up that rage bar again by the time the fight is over, so you can use it for something else anyway. After all, he is a God-man with a very short fuse!