Wild Adventures – Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D USA 3DS Cheat Codes

Get ready for a journey on the Nintendo 3DS that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This is hunting in the style of arcade games at its most action-packed. Hunting in the wild offers the opportunity to pursue over 20 different species of game and fowl, including the majestic elk, blacktail deer, grouse, and ducks. Protect yourself from dangerous predators such as wolves, wolverines, and the mighty grizzly bear! You can even use a bow to fish for salmon that are jumping upstream in rivers that are very clear.

Cheat Codes here:
[Infinite Ammo-Enable AFTER Hunt Starts]
D3000000 10000000
04B6CC1C 00000007

[Always have Slow-Mo(Tap to Reload it]
D3000000 10000000
04564B04 00000064

[Infinite Health]
D3000000 10000000
04564B0C 00000064