Elden Ring Guide – Capital Outskirts – Dungeons, Points of Interest, and Secrets

Elden Ring contains a sub-region known as the Capital Outskirts. This page offers an overview of the region, detailing all of the dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets that can be discovered in this particular sub-region.

The Capital Outskirts are a part of the Altus Plateau and can be found just outside of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. They are considered to be one of the sub-regions of the Altus Plateau. You can get there by travelling east on the Altus Highway or by travelling southeast on the Road of Iniquity, passing the Windmill Village on the way. Both routes take you in the same general direction.

The Capital Outskirts are heavily patrolled by Leyndell soldiers who are guarding the entrances to Leyndell, a legacy dungeon of the region that is ruled by Morgott, the Omen King, one of the shardbearer demigods who was born of the golden lineage. The Capital Outskirts are appropriately named for the area that is contained within the capital’s outer wall.

Capital Outskirts Map Stele Locations

It is necessary for you to acquire three Map Fragments from the Steles that are situated in the area of the Altus Plateau proper, Mount Gelmir, and the Capital Outskirts in order to uncover the specifics and topography of the entire Altus Plateau region.

The piece of the map that corresponds to the Capital Outskirts can be found immediately after the southern capital gate, beyond the two Tree Sentinels. The Map Stele can be found on the main road that leads to Leyndell, the Royal Capital, close to where the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace is located.

Capital Outskirts Legacy Dungeon

The Inheritance of the Altus Plateau Leyndell, also known as Dungeon, is the name of a vast city that was once the home to a great number of people. Following the shattering that took place, the majority of the people who lived in Leyndell were killed, with the exception of their demigod lord Morgott, also known as the Omen King.

In order to gain access to the dungeon, you will first need to overcome the resistance of the army of Leyndell and make your way into the most northern part of the region. It is strongly advised that you postpone your journey there until you have completed additional quests on the Altus Plateau, gained additional levels, and discovered new items and rewards. You could even go to the west of Leyndell to Mount Gelmir and clear out the Volcano Manor there first, as the foes in Leyndell are more difficult than those on the mountain.

When you are ready, be sure to check out our walkthrough for Leyndell, Royal Capital so that you can learn how to vanquish the numerous foes and uncover every hidden area.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

Godfrey, First Elden LordBoc The Seamstress
Brother Corhyn,
Morgott, the Omen KingBoc The Seamstress
Brother Corhyn,

Capital Outskirts Minor Dungeons

You can find information about all of the available minor dungeons that are spread out across the Capital Outskirts subregion, as well as the bosses of those dungeons and the unique reward you earn for completing those dungeons, in this section. To read the walkthrough for navigating the dungeon and discovering all of its secrets, select a dungeon from the list below and click on it.

Dungeon NameBossNotable Loot
Sealed TunnelOnyx LordSomber Bell Bearing, Smithing Stone 5s, Stonesword Key, Rune Arc, Lightning Grease x4, Onyx Lord’s Greatsword
Auriza Hero’s GraveCrucible Knight, Crucible Knight OrdovisGolden Epitah (Imp Seal Req. 1 Stonesword Key), Crucible Knight Armor Set, Ordovis Greatsword
Auriza Side TombGrave Warden Duelist (+ Living Jars)Cracked Pot x4, Perfumer’s Cookbook 3, Soldjars of Fortune Ashes

Capital Outskirts Merchants and NPCs

You can find and talk to a variety of friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces as you travel throughout the Capital Outskirts. You can even buy and sell with these individuals to obtain one-of-a-kind wares if you choose to do so.

Hermit Merchant – This Hermit Merchant can be found inside his shack just next to the northern gate of the Capital Outskirts. He sells a variety of goods. The Prophet Set, which is the default set of armour for players who choose the Prophet as their starting class, is one of the most notable items he sells.
During the night, he will vanish, and an individual known as a Bell Bearing Hunter will take his place. In order for the Hermit Merchant to consistently appear at night, you will need to take down this boss first.

Hermit Merchant’s Wares

Rune Arc x3 (4000 Runes)Golden Sunflower x10 (300 Runes)Perfume Bottle x1 (2000 Runes)Sentry’s Torch x1 (7000 Runes)Distinguished Greatshield x1 (5500 Runes)
Prophet Blindfold x1 (1000 Runes)Prophet Robe x1 (1500 Runes)Upper-Class Robe x1 (2400 Runes)Prophet Trousers x1 (1000 Runes)Consort’s Trousers x1 (1500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)Golden Arrow (120 Runes)Great Arrow (300 Runes)Golden Great Arrow (500 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)
Golden Bolt (120 Runes)Ballista Bolt (300 Runes)

After you have purchased Rya’s Necklace and a Boiled Prawn from Blackguard in Liurnia, he will move to the capital’s outer moat and become a Blackguard Big Boggart. You can find him in the capital’s outer moat.

Blackguard’s Wares

Boiled Crabs (600 Runes)

Capital Outskirts Points of Interest

During the course of your travels, you will come across many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest in the Capital Outskirts. These can all be found in the vicinity of the Capital. Each location has something that makes it worthwhile to explore it, even though the dangers and treasures that can be found there are unique.

If you click on any of the points of interest, you will be taken to the sections below that provide a more in-depth explanation of that particular point of interest, including the foes you will face and the secrets you can find.

Point of InterestEnemiesNotable Loot or NPCs
Outer Wall Phantom TreeLone Wolves, Alpha Wolf, Foot Soldiers, Ulcerated Tree Spirit (South Camp)Golden Seed x2, Golden Seed (Ulcerated Tree Spirit), Giant Crusher, Holy Grease x2
Minor Erdtree ChurchTree GuardiansGolden Order Seal, Missionary’s Cookbook 4
Southern MoatLand Squirts, SlugsAsh of War – Prayerful Strike
Sealed Capital GateValiant Gargoyle, Noble UndeadGolden Seed x2, Ash of War – Golden Parry, Gargoyle’s Axe, Lost Ashes of War
Outer Wall BattlegroundNoble Undead, Trolls, Margit the Fell OmenArteria Leaf x3, Viridian Amber Medallion +1
Hermit Merchant’s ShackSkeletons, Bell Bearing Hunter (Nighttime), Deathbird (Nighttime)Drawstring Holy Grease x2, Smithing Stone 6, Winged Crystal Tear
Minor ErdtreeOmen, CommonersTwiggy Cracked Tear, Crimson Crystal Tear
Northern MoatCrabs, Giant Crab, Bear, RunebearSmithing Stone 6 x2

Outer Wall Phantom Tree

If you enter the Capital Outskirts from the southernmost entrance, the one that is guarded by the pair of [[Tree Sentinel]], you should not be able to miss the Outer Wall Phantom Tree.

You can find the map fragment for the sub-region nearby after you have visited the Site of Grace and obtained the Golden Seed x2 from underneath the tree there. Keep heading south from the Site of Grace until you find the soldier camp that isn’t marked. Killing the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit, which is guarding the area, will result in the drop of an additional Golden Seed. Be sure to pull out the colossal weapon known as the Giant Crusher from its hiding place inside the chest of the waggon.

Minor Erdtree Church

Returning to the main road after exploring the unmarked soldier camp, continue riding in a southerly direction until you reach the Minor Erdtree Church. You can get the fourth edition of the Missionary’s Cookbook from inside the church at the Site of Grace. You should be able to find the Golden Order Seal at the base of the Minor Erdtree if you go outside and look on the southeast side of the church.

Southern Moat

Ride in a direction that is directly east of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace until you come to the broken rock bridge that divides the moat below. If you jump down, you should be able to see the footsteps of the invisible Teardrop Scarab running around the water immediately afterward.

The most effective method for approaching the scarab is to wait for it by the tunnel while you are standing there. It is possible for those with the ability to use melee combat to strike the scarab without it being able to flee the tunnel.

Sealed Capital Gate

If you start at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace and head north on the main road that leads to the capital, you will eventually come to the Sealed Capital Gate. Once you reach the second set of stairs, a gargoyle will appear and guard the first set of lengthy stairs. It will appear as soon as you reach the second set of stairs. Because of the uneven ground, it is strongly advised that you do not engage in combat with this mini-boss while mounted on a horse. After being vanquished, the Gargoyle will leave behind its axe.

You need to keep moving to the north until you find another Phantom Tree; once you do, look underneath it to find two more Golden Seeds. Proceed past the Finger Reader Crone and up the stairs to the gate. In the immediate area, there are two Ashes of War that you can loot. The first one is the Ash of War – Golden Parry, which can be obtained by killing a Teardrop Scarab that is located on a ledge to the left of the stairs. The second item is a Lost Ashes of War that can be found at the foot of the gate that has been sealed. It is protected by Leyndell Knights and Soldiers.

Outer Wall Battleground

The Outer Wall Battleground can be accessed either by travelling south from the northern outskirt entrance or by heading north to the second Phantom Tree. Outside of Margit, the mini-boss of The Fell Omen, there is not much to comment on regarding this unmarked location. After he is defeated, he will not reappear anywhere else in the game and has the same moveset as the one found in Stormveil Castle. When he is killed, he leaves behind the Viridian Amber Medallion +1.

Hermit Merchant’s Shack

Assuming you entered the Capital Outskirts through the northern gate, you should immediately turn left and climb the main path in the direction of the upper plateau. At this point, you should be able to spot the Hermit Merchant’s Shack on the western side of the path.

As was stated earlier, the Hermit Merchant calls the shack in which he lives his home. In addition to a variety of other items, he is known for peddling the Sentry’s Torch and the Prophet set. The Hermit Merchant will vanish during the night, and his place will be taken by the Bell Bearing Hunter. Until you have vanquished this field boss, the Hermit Merchant will not spawn during the night.

Take some time to relax at the Site of Grace and occupy your time until nightfall. Proceed up the road to the left of the Hermit Merchant’s Shack and get ready for another boss fight in the field; the Deathbird will fight you, and when it is defeated, it will drop the Twinbird Kite Shield. Additionally, the boss is watching over the Winged Crystal Tear that is located on an altar nearby that is surrounded by skeletons.

Minor Erdtree

There is neither an Erdtree Avatar nor any other bosses to be found in the Minor Erdtree located in Capital Outskirts. Instead, it is protected by a group of Commoners who are led by an Omen. On the bottom of the tree, you will discover the Twiggy Cracked Tear as well as the Crimson Crystal Tear.

Northern Moat

To get to the Northern Moat, you can either ride down the main path or descend the Spiritspring to the south. Both of these options are available. The moat is home to a number of Crabs, including a Runebear, as well as Giant Crabs and Bears. Even though this is Blackguard’s second location, failing to complete the quests in his storyline will not cause him to relocate from Liurnia to this new location.

In addition, once you have explored the Legacy Dungeon and discovered the Dung Eater hiding beneath Leyndell, you will find that he has resurfaced as an NPC Invader right here in the Northern Moat. When he is defeated, the Sword of Milos will fall from his grasp.